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Chapter 1: Date Me, French Me, and Kill Floppy

Rogue sat against a tree staring up into the sky it was lunchtime at Bayville High, and she would be sitting at a table with Kurt, Kitty, and everyone else. However she could never think clearly around them. She had to study for a test in her French class. French, she didn't know French she hated the language. It was a meaningless subject that she would have no use for in the future. Another thing that bothered her about the language was the company. One man who just happened to sit right next to her. Sure she had to admit he was attractive, with his dark auburn hair and those demonic eyes that he had to hide. But damn was he annoying as hell.

She felt an arm slip around her shoulders she turned to see none other then Remy LeBeau the annoying Cajun that sat by her in French. "Speak of the Devil." She muttered.

"What chere?" Remy asked with a charming smile.


"Were y' jus' t'inkin bout Remy? Remy knew y' wanted him all along."

"Go away Swamp Rat, an' remove yar hand."

"But Remy don't wanna. Besides chere y' still haven't said yes t' my offer t' take y' out."

"Maybe because it's a no." Rogue said as she grabbed his arm and removed it.

"Rogue if y' just let Remy take y' on dis one date. Remy will leave y' alone if y' don't have a good time. And chere Remy knows y'd like dat."

Remy was right Rogue would like that. It meant after these four months he'd finally leave her alone! "Fahne! Ah'll go with ya, an' then ya can finally be outta mah life."

Remy laughed slightly. "But Remy knows y'll enjoy it."

Rogue rolled her eyes. "Raght sure thang."

Remy grinned, he wasn't that stupid. He was an empath and he could sense from her deep down inside that she didn't quite hate him. "Need help on y'r French chere?"

"Yes, an' ya can help bah leavin."

"Come on chere. Remy's helped y' before."

Rogue sighed defeated. "Fahne."

Lunch had passed by fast, and Rogue didn't mind the company during it. Remy wasn't being an arrogant jerk, those were the times she didn't mind him. The bell rang, indicating her death.

"Time t' go t' French." Remy announced.

"Ah don't wanna." Rogue said looking at everyone heading inside. She was actually trying to get good grades for once, but now she had to face a test in French. She was going to die.

Remy stood up, extending his hand out for Rogue to take. "If y' panic, Remy will let y' copy his answers."

Rogue took Remy's hand and got up. "Sound's good ta meh."

"Aw Rogue y' such a cheater, can't y' do any of y'r own work?"

"Shut up!" Rogue snapped.

Remy grinned. "See chere Remy knew y' wanted him." Remy said as he squeezed her hand.

Rogue eye's widened. She moved her hand, shook her head and headed inside.

Remy was still grinning. "Everyting is goin Remy's way." He said to himself.

"Yar gonna be late Swamp Rat!" Remy heard Rogue yell as she disappeared into the building. He took off towards her.



Rogue stared at the question in French it was only the third one. What the hell did it say? Something about a friend… She sighed rubbing her head. It shouldn't be too hard everything was multiple choice, but it was hard. She was going to have to just fill in bubbles soon.


Rogue turned to her left there was Remy; he was showing her his answers. She looked at the teacher she was reading a book. It would be so easy just to cheat. No she would not copy him. "No," She whispered as she looked down at her paper.

"So y' gonna do it all by y'r self?"


"Rogue! No talking during the test! If I hear you say something one more time detention!"

Rogue looked down at her paper again, she could feel eyes staring at her. She turned to her left Remy was smiling at her. "Stop it!" She whispered.

"Rogue that's it!"

"It's not mah fault! He keeps starin at meh!"

"Mister LeBeau leave Rogue alone. She is trying to finish a test. I will have you sit next to Bethany, if you don't stop."

Bethany smiled at that.

Remy nodded.

Few minutes later Rogue was on the third to last problem.

"Hey Rogue y' kno-"

"Mister LeBeau! That's it! You get detention!"

Rogue laughed slightly.

"And you do too!"


"You heard me." She came to their desks and took their tests. "And you do not get to finish these." She then walked back to her desk.

Rogue glared at Remy. "Look at what ya did!" She hissed.

Remy shrugged. "All de answers y' answered y' got right so don't worry."



Rogue was walking home her arms crossed. No one could come and pick her up. Detention wasn't actually that bad though. John also had it for not shutting up. It was highly amusing to see him and Remy mess around with everyone else in the room. She laughed slightly thinking of something that happened.


"John did you light this on fire?"

"Me? No sir!"

"John? Did you light this on fire?"

"No sir, I did not."

"You're the only one who has a lighter."

"So that makes it me? It wasn't I tell you it wasn't!"

"Then John, who was it?"

"It was the bunny!" John said pointing to a cage that had a white fluffy bunny in it. There was a sing that said My names Floppy.'


"Yes Floppy!"

"Tell me how could it have been Floppy?"

"Oh no, y' jus' had t' ask dat." Remy said shaking his head.

"Well Mr. D, bunnies are evil. All of them! They have come to kill us! Every last one of us! See no one believes me. They don't believe that the bunnies are super intelligent, which is the reason for them hating us so much. However I know the truth! And the bunnies know I know the truth! So they like to get me in trouble in every possible way they can!" He stood up and walked slowly to the cage. "Floppy hopped right on out of that cage, quick and quietly like a mouse, and lit it on fire! Oh I saw him, and once he did it he looked at me square in the eyes!" John was right next to the bunny cage now. "He laughed at me and he said. nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah you are gonna be in trouble!'" John bent down looking at the bunny as it ate some lettuce, innocent and fluffy looking. "Didn't you, you sick sadistic bastard! I'LL KILL YOU!"

"JOHN! Sit down!"

"But sir! He's going to kill us all!"

"John, because I think you need to see a therapist, I will not blame you for lighting my stuff on fire."

"But it wasn't me! It was the bun-"

"Oh just shut up and sit down!"

"Yes sir." John said as he walked to his desk and sat down. He looked at Remy and smiled.

Remy shook his head.


Rogue heard a noisy motorcycle engine pull up right next to her. She looked to see Remy.

"Need a ride?"


"It's goin t' take y' forever t' get t' dat mansion of y'rs."

"So, Ah have legs. Ah can walk."

"If y' say so chere. Remy'll see y' t'night at eight den."


"De date."

"Not t'night!"

"Why not?"

"Cus, Ah have ta do stuff."

"Which is?"

"Nothin Ah jus' don't wanna have ta see more of ya taday."

Remy smiled. "Alright, see y' tomorrow night at eight." Remy then drove off.

Rogue sighed. "Gawd damn it! This is gonna be a nightmare!"

And so that is where I end you with. More to come… eventually.