Chapter 4: Remy's Girlfriend

Rogue moaned and hit her alarm clock it was time for school. She rolled out of her bed and started to get ready. She put on clothes that covered her skin and slipped on some gloves. She looked at her nightstand where the metallic necklace laid. She picked it up and decided to put it on. It was just a comforting thing, to assure her she could touch. However, she wasn't going to let on she could touch just yet.

She had made it through breakfast and the car ride to school without Kitty asking her about her date. She should have known better, Kitty would never forget something like that.

"Rogue, now tell me about your date. I need details!" Kitty told her linking he arm with Rogues.

Rogue looked at Kitty's arm and shook her head. "Alright. We went ta some bar."

"They let you in?!"

"Ah guess they thought Ah was twenty one." She shrugged. "Anyways a girl waitress hit on meh."

Kitty laughed. "Aw everyone wants you even the girls! What about me?! Lance is like so totally not into me anymore I have no one!"

"Kit ya're weird. Now do ya want meh ta continue?"

"Yes, I am mute."

"Alright so yeah a girl hit on meh. Remy obviously enjoyed that." Rogue said rolling her eyes. "The date wasn't ta bad we talked an' all. He is an interesting person. After we ate we walked an' that was when he became a pervert again." She told her, she didn't need to go on about what happened in the alley way.

"Well interesting. You are like so into him aren't you?"

Rogue removed her arm from Kitty's and pushed her in the direction of her class. "Go ta class." She told her as she left so she didn't have to answer any more questions.

As she was walking to her first period class she felt an arm wrap around her waist she turned to see Remy. She glared at him. "Aren't ya suppose ta be leavin meh alone?"

"Now why would Remy do dat, when y' enjoyed de date?"

"Ah never said Ah enjoyed it."

"Really seemed like y' did t' Remy." He told her as he touched her neck. Of course, he had noticed she was wearing his little gift that caused them to have some fun.

Rogue crossed her arms and growled.

Remy chuckled and smirked. "A deal is a deal now ain't it chere?"

"Wha do ya bother meh? Ah know Ah'm just one of yar silly challenges."

Remy sighed and let go of Rogue. "But y're not."

Rogue turned to look at him. "Excuse meh?"

"Rogue if y' were Remy would have persuade y't' give out last night." He laughed slightly. "Tis de way Remy is. When he knows he can have it he don't wait."

"So then what am Ah ta ya?"

"Honestly, Remy has dese deep feelin's for ya chere. It's new t' him so it's kinda scary. An' he can't be callin dem love now, cus he ain't sure it really is that." He laughed slightly. "Remy can't believe he jus' admitted that t' y'. Remy jus' really likes y'."

Rogue sighed, she believed he was telling the truth. His voice just seemed so sincere. "Ah lahke ya ta." She told him, she wasn't sure why she admitted that to him, but she did.

Remy smiled. "So den does that mean y' gonna be Remy's girlfriend."

"Ah suppose so."

Remy wrapped an arm around Rogue's waist and led her to her first period. "See y' at lunch chere."

"Bah." Rogue said entering her class. She found her seat and sat down. She touched the necklace, so she was actually going out with Remy. She had a boyfriend… the first boyfriend in her life. She was going out with Remy! If Scott were to find out, she would get an earful. "Gawd damn it!" She cursed. She sometimes really hated the people she lived with.

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