After It Rains

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.

Summary: Hermione and Draco go back in time and end up meeting Tom Riddle and a few future death eaters.


I am working very hard on the rewrite of this story, which is currently posted as Noughts and Crosses. It is so much better and closer to my intended plot that I have actually decided to discontinue this story for the time being.

As much as I really don't want to, I'll be leaving this version up. It always really irritates me when authors decide to rewrite stories and completely take down the old versions and then get like ten chapters into the rewrite and stop or something. Also, maybe, there was something you really wanted to read from the old version only you couldn't because they killed it and it's really upsetting, etc. So, this version is staying here.

HOWEVER, I am actually committed to the rewrite. Yup, you read that. Committed. I really, really would like to finish this story in the best way that I possibly can.

So, if you like the characters and you like the plot, I seriously advise that you read Noughts and Crosses which has both, but better written and generally better executed.

The rewrite seems a bit darker and more serious, but if you liked the humor of this, don't think it's gone. I've never managed to write a serious thing in my life without it sounding really awkward to me (which is why, incidentally, I have to revise and revise and revise The Raveller/Happily Ever After-- that story really isn't funny at all until at least chapter three, so getting there is...yeah, awkward). So it's in there. Trust me.

Also I AM writing The Life and Times. I know it seems like I haven't updated that story in forever, but it's actually incredibly hard to write. Because he's so evil, but I keep wanting to make him so funny and it's like evil-funny-evil-funny-evil-funny... the balance is really delicate there. I mean, you'd think it wouldn't be, but for some reason, it's hard. I'm a paragraph in to chapter four, though, and it's looking pretty good so far. If you haven't read that story, you should go and check it out while you're waiting for my slow self to update the AIR rewrite. Which by the way is good and different enough from this version to be readable (Plus, really, when's the last time you actually read the beginning of this version anyway?).

Really though. The Life and Times of Tom Riddle, Dark Lord, etc. is one of the few works of mine that I can say, without a doubt, that I actually like. Noughts and Crosses is much, much better than After it Rains-- and it's the same story.

So if you want to get to clicking and reading some (I hope, at least) fairly decent TRxHG my profile thingy is right up there. If you really, really still want to continue reading this story, there's a dropdown that can assist you with that.

But honestly, again, the other stories are way better. Like way better. Especially The Life and Times.


the second letter


I'm not sorry. I never was.


chapters following this one usually top 3000 words
- the next chapter is labeled chapter three, but it follows this one
- this fic takes some dedication to read-- it's very long and has lots of mystery and subplots
- i will finish it. as monstrously huge as it may be.