Introduction to Terminal City

It had been three months since the siege at Terminal City began. The National Guard and the Seattle Police still patrolled the perimeter of the city, but they maintained a safe distance. It was like they were afraid they might catch something if they got too close. Inside the walls of the city, the transgenics took turns standing guard. Things had been quiet for a couple of months now, the crowds had all gotten bored and gone home, but Manticore training told them to never let down their guard.

With the exception of the guards at the gate, life was almost back to normal. normal as it could be when you lived in a society made up of X-series soldiers, lizard-people, dog-people and every other animal/human hybrid Manticore could dream up. From her perch on the roof of the tallest building, Max looked down at the people milling around the courtyard below. "It's amazing we get along so well" Max thought, "I guess having a common enemy has a way of bringing people together."

"Max, we're ready for you", a voice said. Turning she saw Mole, a lizard/human hybrid with a penchant for stinky cigars, waiting for her. Max and the other transgenic leaders, one from each of the different Manticore species had taken to meeting once a week, usually on Mondays, to plan supply runs and discuss any issues that might be plaguing the community.

"Has Alec made it back yet?" Max asked as she walked towards the door Mole was holding open for her. She had sent Alec and a few of the other X- series out on a large supply run two days ago and the supplies had returned, but Alec had not. When she questioned the rest of the team about his disappearance they all said the same thing 'there was something he had to do, so he left'.

"Nope. He's still AWOL" Mole closed and latched the door behind them.

Max was beginning to get worried, but she shrugged it off. "He's probably holed up in some seedy strip club, gettin' his drink on, and hittin' on the ladies. Typical Alec." Mole didn't say anything in response but he rolled his eyes as they entered the command center. Mole didn't understand why it was that Max disliked Alec so much, everyone else in Terminal City thought he was great.

One of the first tasks Max and her committee undertook when they organized the city was to set up a point from which they could oversee the day-to-day routines and watch for any perimeter breaches or threatening activity outside Terminal City's walls. Along one wall of the room was a bank of computers they had salvaged from abandoned offices nearby as well as a few choice pieces direct from Manticore. Equipped with all the latest technology, complements of Logan Cale and a few five finger discounts, they could monitor the city, map escape routes, plan attack strategies, and hack into any government or military database to which they might need access. Along the opposite wall were maps of Seattle's streets and sewage systems, and in the center of room was a large conference table and chairs. Everyone on the committee was ready and waiting as Max and Mole walked in and took their seats.

"Ok, let's get started. What's the first order of business for today?" Max asked, looking around.

"Supplies. Particularly medical supplies and obstetric equipment." Doc, an X-series that had excelled in Field Med and was serving as the city's physician spoke up. "We have a number of X-series and other transgenics that were successful participants of the Manticore breeding program."

Max snorted in disgust, "Participants, yeah right. Like they had any choice in the matter."

Doc ignored the interruption and continued "We are not equipped to deal with this situation at the moment, but we'd better get prepared to deal with it, and soon too. Not all the species have a nine month gestation cycle. I've made a list of the things I need to set up an adequate medical ward." With that she passed a piece of paper down the table towards Max.

Mole whistled as he saw the contents of Doc's list. "I think you're dreaming, Doc. But we'll do the best we can. Anyone else need supplies at the moment?" The rest of the committee members shook their heads.

"Well, then if there is nothing else to discuss, I guess we're done here." Max said as she stood to leave.

"Wait Little Fella! Joshua have something to say" Joshua spoke up quickly.

Max sat back down and smiled at her friend. "What is it, Big Fella?"

"Fun room, Max. People need room to have fun. People getting bored." Joshua said.

"A fun room, Joshua? You mean like a Rec Room with pools tables and sofas and stuff?" Max looked a little confused.

"And a bar" Mole chimed in.

"Yeah, a bar would be great" someone else said.

"I don't know, guys. It's sounds like a great idea and all but we need all the supplies we've got just to survive." Max shook her head sadly.

"What's the point in surviving, if you can't enjoy life? Right, guys?" a familiar voice spoke up. All heads turned to see Alec leaning against the command center doorway, his trademark grin firmly plastered on his face. Max seethed as he casually strolled across the floor and took his seat at the table.

"Welcome back, Alec" Joshua reached over and slapped Alec on the back almost knocking him over in his exuberance.

"Thanks buddy," Alec said wincing. Turning to Max, Alec got serious "What if I can get a hold of everything we need for the Rec Room? I promise you that we won't use any of the supplies that we've got stored up, and maybe I can even manage to add a little to our stockpile when I'm done...Joshua is right. People are starting to get restless and restless transgenics can be dangerous. We need this, Max!"

"Alright, if you can promise not use up any of our reserves, you can do it." A cheer rose up from the group and as Max smiled as they all rose to leave. "Oh, and Alec, I don't think I want to know where the stuff comes from, ok?"

"You got it, Maxie!" He grinned and ruffled her hair before running off.

"I told you not to call me that!" Max hollered after him. She groaned as she ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it, suddenly realizing that Alec had once again managed to distract her. She had meant to ask him about his recent disappearance. "Damn him," she cursed under her breath. "I should have named him Dick after all."