Ginny ran to the Ravenclaw common room, confused and terrified at what had happened. One second she had been sick and in bed, and the next she was in some parallel universe or something.

In the girl's dorm, she found her chest, which thank God was the one she had used everyday for 5 years and rummaged through it, looking for something decent enough to wear to class. To her dismay, Ginny only found similar outfits to the one she was wearing. Sighing, Ginny decided that a little magic would have to do until she had the time to go to Hogsmeade and get an entirely new wardrobe.

Taking out her wand, she muttered a few spells she had learned over the years, watching as her skirt and shirt lengthened themselves to the appropriate lengths.

"Alright, that about..does it!" She flipped her hair over her shoulder, and grabbing her bookbag, she headed out of the dorm and to her first class...charms.

Ginny waved her hand impatiently, wondering why the professor wasn't calling on her.

"Professor Flitwick! I know the answer!" Ginny cried frustrated, and finally after rolling his eyes in the most revolting way, he called on her.

"Yes, Ms. Weasley?"

"Musca." Ginny waved her wand at the pillow, which immediately flew up and landed on Professor Flitwick's desk.

His eyes grew large in surprise. "Excellent job, I daresay that was an extraordinary job! Bravo, Ms. Weasley."

Ginny wondered what was so surprising about knowing a spell as easy as that.

"Pssst. Ginny, what's up with you?" Shelena leaned across the isle, whispering into her ear.

"What? Why is it such a big deal, I knew the answer, thats all." She shrugged.

"You never know the answer, Ginny dear." Shelena whispered sadly.

"Well I do now!" Ginny snapped back, causing Shelena to jump back.

"Alright! Class dismissed!" Professor Flitwick's voice squeaked as the sound of shuffling parchment and chairs filled the room.

'What the hell is happening?!' Ginny thought as she followed the rest of the class out of the door.

Ginny had been trudging up the stairs back to the Ravenclaw common room with an armload of books when suddenly her right foot fell through the vanishing step and all the books tumbled out of her arms. She screamed as she felt herself falling, afraid that she would twist her ankle, which she never did, because a strong arm had grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back up. Ginny heard a deep voice muttering a spell, and her right foot was once again on solid ground.

Ginny blushed a deep shade of red, turning to thank her rescuer.

Huge brown eyes locked with stunning gray ones. 'Draco Malfoy?!'

"Th-thank you." Ginny stuttered, pulling herself out of the young man's grip and stooping down to pick up her books.

"Here, let me help." The blonde boy knelt down by Ginny, both piling book by book into their arms until there was one book left, which they both reached for. His calloused hands brushed against Ginny's dainty fingers.

"Sorry," Ginny pulled her hand back.

"No, no, not at all." The Draco smiled, turning to face Ginny. "Never before have I seen a redhead as stunning as you, Miss-." Draco never took his gaze away from her face.

Ginny was taken aback. "What are you trying to pull here, Malfoy? I am most certainly not going to sleep with you because you handed me some of that sappy sentimental crap."

"What?" Draco was sincerely puzzled. "Sleep with me?"

"Sex??" Ginny stared at Draco if he was a retarded monkey.

"Oh no, no, I have a girlfriend." He grinned childishly. "Well, it's been nice meeting you, Miss-?" The awkward moment lapsed over immediately.

" know what? I think you've hit your head a little too hard. I'm Little Weasel, remember? W-E-A-S-E-L." Ginny sounded out the words for him.

"Weasel?" The puzzled look was upon Draco's face again.

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Never mind. I'm Ginerva Weasley, but I guess you could call me Ginny."

"Lovely name." Draco's face broke out in a huge lopsided smile. "I'd be honored to walk you back to your room." He said, reaching out his free arm for her stack of books.

"Sure, ok," Ginny gave him a tentative grin and together they headed back to her dorm.

'Now I've really seen it all.' She thought to herself.