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Summary: Giselle was a girl who had a rough upbringing and her father hires someone to kill her. When she finds herself in Middle-Earth she learns to accept her past and deal with the future. Yeah, its one of those girl falls into middle-earth stories.

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Shadows of Twilight

Chapter 1: Bye-bye life

Giselle sat huddled on the park bench. It was winter and terribly cold. But she did not go back to the hell hole she called 'home', instead she just sipped on her hot coffee and watched the squirrel's collecting the last acorns before the snow came. She was 21 years old and in college. When she was younger she always waited for when she went to college, for then she could leave. But her damned father would not give her the money for her dorm, and she herself had not enough money to pay for it, so she was stuck, again, living with him. Her mother left her husband when she was six, not even bothering to tell her daughter how much she loved her, not bothering to write a letter to her, not bothering to take her along.

Tears started to blur her vision and she willed them not to fall. 15 years ago her mother left her, but the pain had only faded a little. Why am I still dwelling on this? For fuck's sake its done and over with. Get a grip El! Giselle heaved a sigh while closing her eyes and tilting her head back. Once she was sure that she would not cry she opened her eyes and took another sip. Crap, its getting cold.

" Giselle, your still out here? Its seventeen degree's outside and your still out here!" Her best guy friend Jason said. He and her best friend Kelly were the only ones who knew what her father did to her. They were the only ones who understood.

" Yes." Giselle replied calmly.

" Your coming to my dorm tonight. You don't have to go back to your father's but your not staying out here any longer. Are you insane?" Jason asked as he went to take Giselle's arm.

A frightened look entered her eyes and she pulled out of Jason's arms. " No! Don't you understand? He's already angry at me, and if I don't show up tonight I'm really gonna get it!" she cried.

Jason hugged her. I don't want to see her like this anymore. " OK, OK. You don't have to come to my room but promise me if things get out of control you'll come to Kelly or me? Promise?" Giselle nodded against his chest.

" Okay... take care of yourself El, you DO have people in this world that care about you, even if you don't realize it." When Giselle nodded and smiled up at him he kissed her brow and walked down the road to the dorms.

A few minutes later Giselle got up and threw away her cup of coffee in the thrash bin. She saw a McDonald's french fry container on the floor and she went to pick it up. Damn people. Is it so hard to take your trash and put it in a trash bin? And if there isn't a thrash bin in sight, is it so hard to hold on to it till you find one? I mean, its not going to kill you... damn people. She slowly started heading in the opposite direction Jason went. As she walked she prepared herself for what probably would happen again tonight. He beats you up El, sometimes lightly, sometimes you end up in the hospital, but your still alive. YOUR STILL ALIVE! You can handle this El.

Before she knew it she was standing in front of the house. This house held so many memories of pain and sadness and barely any joy. Giselle looked in the reflection of herself on the glass. Tired, green eyes stared back at her. She had fair skin and black curly hair. She was around 5'10". She would consider herself pretty if she didn't have a bruises all over her body. She took a deep breath. I can go through with this... she inwardly told herself as she took out her keys and opened the door. She stepped inside and placed her purse on the table near by. As soon as she turned around she was rammed into the door, having the air leave her lungs. As she struggled for breath her captor put a plastic garbage bag over her head and tied it down. Giselle started to panic. I cant breath. I cant breath!

Then her captor pushed her to the ground and got on top of her. He tied her hands together and then moved to sit on her legs. He started punching her in the abdomen and ribs so hard that she was sure her ribs were cracked, if not bruised. He then took hold of her hair from outside the bag and started to bang it on the wooden floor beneath her. She started to cry. Never before had anybody done this to her. Then she heard footsteps coming and someone kneeling down next to her head.

" You know, Giselle, I have waited so long to do this. Ever since the day you were born I knew you would do nothing but spend my money and be a worthless whore!" Her father was speaking to her.

" That's not true." She whispered, barely audible even if she didn't have a bag over her head. But her father heard her.

" Oh it is. It is." He snarled. " I've been counting on the days till you would finally die, and well... Now you are. I hope you suffer a long terrible death. Finish her off." With that he got up and walked away.

She heard her captor, who was still on her legs, laugh mercilessly. She then heard him unsheathe a knife. Oh dear god, I am going to die... She felt the knife break through her skin and pierce her abdomen. She couldn't contain the screams. She kept on screaming as she felt it pierce her heart and then again and again multiple placed on her upper body.

She soon stopped screaming. She couldn't breathe, and it took so much effort to scream that she didn't even try anymore. She felt the pain numbing down into a sharp throb and she let darkness claim her. Never again to open her eyes. As her last moments in life passed away she heard some one laughing and sirens waling outside the house. But she did not open her eyes.


Legolas Greenleaf was walking through the surrounding forest with his friends Elladan and Elrohir. He was visiting them in their father's dwelling, named Imladris. They all heard a thump and when each had drawn their bows the walked around the shrubbery to find what had caused the thump.

" By the gods..." Elrohir said. Their in the middle of a small clearing was a maiden. With their keen eyesight they could see multiple stab wounds on her upper body and some sort of bag tied over her head.

" She still breathes..." His twin brother, Elladan, said noticing the faint rise and fall of her chest.

Legolas put his bow on his back and slowly knelt by the head. He gently began to remove the bag from her head. When it was off he noticed fading bruises on her face and at the back of her head their was blood. " She is gravely injured, if we do not get her to your father soon she will die." He announced. They all nodded and as Legolas gently brought the maiden into his arms they all went to the direction of Lord Elrond's home with all haste.


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