Chapter 46: Three's Company

Two weeks later Giselle got letters from Elrond and Arwen. Both were thrilled. Arwen was practically screaming with joy in her letter, saying that she would most definitely be there for the birth. Giselle had asked Elrond if he would deliver her child and she was relieved and pleased that he had accepted. The elven lord also included a short letter from Glorfindel and Erestor, who both congratulated her and said they could not wait to meet the new royal. After finishing the letters, she put them in her desk drawer, absurdly pleased with herself. She could not wait until the letter from the twins arrived, for it would tell her if they would be coming for the birth. She had not seen either of them for a long time and she missed them. She sighed. Because of their constant roaming it would take some time for a messenger to find them and carry their reply back. She should not be expecting their letter for at least another week or two.

She looked up as Legolas entered the room. "Hi," she said.

Legolas went over to her and gave her a kiss. "Hello." He placed his hand briefly on her stomach, as he always did when he saw her. It was his way of communicating with the baby, other than singing to it, that is.

"Where were you this morning?"

"I was at the archery fields."

Giselle nodded. "Orani should be here any moment. She's helping me with the nursery."

"You've decided what room it should be?" Legolas asked. Their apartment consisted of a main sitting room, their bed chamber, a bathing room, and two other rooms that they had previously used as storage.

Giselle nodded brightly and led him to the room closest to theirs. "Both of the rooms are a decent size, so I basically chose this one because it was the closest to our room."

Legolas looked around the room and replied. "Perfect." This particular room was rather empty. There was a chest in the corner full of old dresses Giselle no longer wore and all the fletchings for Legolas' arrows but besides that it was rather empty.

A knock sounded on the door and Giselle went to go open it. "Thats probably Orani." she said over her shoulder. After helping the women move the heavy chest to the other room he took his fletchings and sat in the sitting room making new fletchings for his arrows.

Not long before they chose the room Giselle put the assembly of the nursery on hold as she dealt with morning sickness. She ate less often than she did before the morning sickness and stayed clear of meat, saying that it made her want to throw up.

There was more than one occasion where she sat in the dining room and, when the food was brought out, had to suddenly leave at a run. It was at these times that Legolas followed with something she could get down, usually broth or bread and cheese. He would always leave it on the desk and follow Giselle to the bathroom where she sat ready for anything else to come up. She would then smile at him and insist that he go back to the dining room and finish his own meal; that he didn't have to stay by her side.

"How long is this going to go on?" she whined after one of those days, coming out of the bathroom finally.

Legolas replied carefully, "I don't know, love, but it won't continue up to the birth."

Giselle frowned. "Oh I sure hope not."

He reached into the pile of papers on his desk, pulled out an envelope, and handed it to Giselle who was reclining on the bed. Giselle grabbed it and her face lit up. "It's from Elladan!"

Legolas nodded. "It came during the meal."

Giselle scooted up into a sitting position on the bed and hugged a pillow to her as she opened the letter excitedly. "He and Elrohir are coming in a few months and will stay until after the birth!" she told him after she finished the letter. Legolas remarked that it was wonderful and he couldn't wait to see them again. Silently, he was happy that his wife could forget her nausea for at least a little time.

She walked to the desk where her tray of soup was placed and tentatively began eating.

The next month brought two things. Giselle's morning sickness had abated drastically. She still got it, but it wasn't every day anymore. And one fine morning a small group of elves appeared with two very familiar faces.

"Arwen!" Giselle screamed excitedly. She ran towards the beautiful figure who dismounted and turned to face her with open arms and a wide smile. The two women embraced tightly for a long moment.

"Oh its so good to see you!" Arwen said. She pulled back and and trained her eyes on Giselle's stomach. "I can't believe you're with child!" Arwen placed a hand gently on Giselle's belly.

Giselle laughed. "I wasn't expecting you for another few months! Not that I mind that your here so early- I'm so happy!"

"I haven't seen you in years and now that you are with child, I couldn't possibly stay away any longer." The two women hugged again. They pulled apart and Legolas stepped forward and embraced Arwen.

"I'll show you to your rooms." Arwen took Legolas' arm and said goodbye to Giselle as her husband led her into the palace.

"My lady."

Giselle turned around and smiled with her arms open. "Haldir."

Haldir stepped forward and embraced her. He kissed her cheek and pulled back. "You're glowing."

Giselle smiled again. "How is Lorien?"

"The same as always. Carthar sends his regards and well wishes." Carthar was a very old elf who had been a neighbor to Dalion and Mayvelle- before the tragic events happened. He had been very kind to Giselle.

Giselle nodded. "Don't tell me your leaving tomorrow. I haven't seen you in years!"

Haldir shook his head. "I'll be here for a few days."

She nodded again. "Good." She took his hand and led him inside the palace. "Let me show you to your room."

Dinner that day was an especially jolly affair. The recent arrival of Arwen and Haldir had the cooks preparing a superb meal and the atmosphere was filled with recounting humorous stories and old inside jokes. After dinner the group retired to the sitting room where Haldir disappeared and returned with a gift.

"You didn't have to get us anything!" Giselle remarked, looking from Legolas to Haldir with a smile on her face.

"Nonsense," Haldir said, a grin of excitement coming onto his face. "Come up and see."

Giselle looked at Legolas, who nodded at her, before standing up from the bench and going over to the large gift Haldir had brought her. She studied the light grey fabric hiding its identity for a moment before she gathered the edge of the cloth in her hand and pulled it up and off.

She gasped and looked quickly at Haldir, a wide smile on her face. "You brought me a cradle..."

She hugged him tightly before turning back and admiring the cradle. It was silver in color with Mirkwood's seal on the headboard. The bars were made up of cylinders of wood shaped like winding leaves. She fingered the engravings lightly.

"When news came to us of your pregnancy I wanted to make something of use for the baby and yet have it remind you of the time you spent in Lorien. It's made of mallorn wood." Haldir added as an afterthought.

Giselle looked up. "You made it?" She paused, surprised to find tears gathering in her eyes. "Thank you. Really- I love it."

Giselle sat back down on the bench while Legolas went up to admire the cradle. Arwen looked at her gently. Giselle sniffed and pressed the pads of her fingers to the corners of her eyes where her tears had gathered.

"It's nothing," she said with a laugh. "Just overly sensitive at the moment."

After a couple of days it was time for Haldir and the rest of the Lorien elves to depart and Giselle stood in the courtyard seeing her friend off.

"Do you have to go?"

Haldir smiled and kissed her hand. "My duty calls."

Giselle sighed. "Your too serious." Haldir laughed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. "Take care."

"I can say the same for you." He said fondly. With that he mounted his horse and with a last look and nod, he and his guards rode away.

Giselle wondered what she was going to do with her time. Arwen had teamed up with Orani and they had banished her from the nursery, saying that they wanted her to be surprised. Giselle protested that since she already started the plans with Orani, she wouldn't be that surprised and that there was no point in banishing her.

Nonetheless she found herself away from her rooms and heading towards the archery fields, looking for her husband. At the fields she saw some elves, but not her husband. She asked one elf who told her that Legolas was in the next field over.

Walking over to the next field she saw a small crowd around two sparing figures. She could tell by the golden hair that Legolas was one of them. She came towards the crowd and found Maren, so she stood by him. Legolas had taken his shirt off and he and his partner seemed to be just starting another bout for they were both in the beginning stances. She watched as her husband used his knives in graceful deadly movements. The knives weren't just objects in his hands, they were apart of him-- extensions of his body.

He was deadly and a bit intimidating- but at the same time incredibly sexy. She felt overwhelming desire rush into her and couldn't help but feel elated at the fact that he was hers. She noticed Legolas' slight falter- how he raised his blade a second too late, only just blocking the blow- and knew that he had felt her emotion.

After ten or so minutes the bout ended and Legolas made his way swiftly towards her. He laid a hand on her stomach and cupped her cheek with his other hand, looking into her eyes for a good moment before he took her hand and led her away from the fields, off the path and towards the trees.

Once they had gone a good distance from any path, building or open area where the risk of coming upon another elf was slim; Giselle placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled his face towards hers, giving him a needy kiss which he returned in earnest. Her other hand traveled over his chest.

Legolas broke the kiss and with his nimble fingers, he had her dress loosened and off in no time. Once again Giselle caught his lips with hers. After a few moments his mouth deterred to her neck where he nibbled, kissed and sucked for a time until Giselle said.


Slowly, he trailed his kisses to her mouth again as his hands bunched her shift around her hips and pulled up. Giselle broke contact with him as the shift slipped over her head and her hands strayed to the ties of his trousers. With a few pulls the ties were loosened and her fingers hooked onto the material before pushing down. Her hand caressed the rigid member before Legolas' took her hand and stopped her.

Still holding her hand in his he tugged lightly and they both slowly lowered themselves to their knees. Again their mouths met and, breaking the handhold, Giselle ran her fingers over the tips of his ears lightly before wrapping her arms around his neck. Legolas shuddered and with one hand on her waist and the other on the back of her neck he lowered her until her back rested on the forest floor.

Giselle wrapped her legs loosely around his hips while her mouth went to his right ear and whispered " Legolas," which was accompanied by by a swift bite. Legolas moaned and entered her with just the head of his arousal. He stayed there for a moment, shifting back and forth slightly, teasing her.

"Please." Giselle begged again.

With a ghost of a smile, Legolas brought his mouth to her ear and breathed "hypocrite," before shifting his hips forward and sliding in all the way. Giselle moaned and brought her hips up in time to his thrusts. It wasn't long before Giselle reached her peak, with Legolas following not long after.

They laid on the floor, wrapped in each other for a long while.

As the months went by, Giselle's stomach expanded more and more, and the temptation to see the nursery became overwhelming. It would be so easy, she told herself one day as she sat in her sitting room by the fire, one hand resting on her bump. The nursery is right there, so close to our own room. Do they honestly believe that when they leave for the day I will continue to avoid the room?

As much as she wanted to, she knew she would, in the end, refrain from seeing the room until they presented it to her. Sneaking in there would just spoil the whole surprise. And Giselle loved surprises. She could wait another few months.

Speaking of waiting Giselle couldn't help but worry about the twins. When she had gotten their letter they said they would be arriving in a few months and they should have been here already. She spoke with Arwen of this but Arwen didn't seem to be as worried about her brothers as Giselle was.

"You know them. They probably met a group of rangers who needed their help and of course Elladan and Elrohir wouldn't be able to refuse. But don't fear, Giselle. They promised they would come and they will."

Elrohir sung to himself as he let his horse travel its own speed. Behind him, Elladan's sharp eyes scanned the surrounding trees for any danger.

They were a few hours away from Thranduil's stronghold and Elladan could not wait for a bath and a cushioned bed.

"Do you think she will be angry we are late?" came his brother's voice from ahead.

"It's possible. She is carrying a child so her emotions might be..."

"unbalanced?" Elrohir finished.

"Yes." Elladan agreed. They lapsed into silence again. They stopped once to eat lembas and find some food for the horses before they made it to the great gate.

Dismounting, stable hands came to take their horses away and Arwen came down the steps and hugged each brother in turn. "Giselle will be so glad to see you!" she said.

"And your not?" Elrohir asked.

Arwen smiled. "Of course I'm glad to see you. And never think otherwise. Now come, I'm sure you would like to bathe before evening meal." Arwen led the way inside and, in the royal family's wing, they came across Legolas.

"Ah, my friends!" He greeted them. "Giselle is resting, so you will not see her until evening meal. Now, forgive me, I have matters to attend to." Legolas said when asked about the whereabouts of his wife. The twins nodded and followed Arwen into to their rooms where she left them to get bathed and changed.

After lounging in the bath, Elladan pulled himself out of the tub and dressed himself before heading next door to his brothers room. Opening the door he found Elrohir already dressed and reclining in an armchair with his long legs stretched out in front of him. Arwen was there lying on the bed, her head supported by her hand..

She saw him and sat up, patting the bed besides her. "Elrohir was just going to tell me why you have been delayed." She said, leaning back into the headboard. Elladan climbed onto the bed and rested his head on her lap.

"We came upon some rangers who were helping a town rebuild some houses. We stayed and helped and got delayed when an early spring flood came and ruined more houses." Elrohir answered.

"What about the boy? Estel? I thought he was traveling with you?"

"Estel? We left him with the rangers. And he's a young man now, Arwen." Elladan said.

"Is he now? It seems that just yesterday adar took him and his mother in."

Elladan nodded.

"It's remarkable how quickly mortals grow." Elrohir said. The topic moved to how Arwen's time with their grandmother was spent before they left for the dining room.

They met Legolas at the door and they all walked in together and took their places. The next person to enter the room was Giselle.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the twins. She opened and closed her mouth a few times before saying sharply. "How dare you! I've been worried sick! Your late."

Elladan exchanged a look with his brother as Giselle was cut short of what would have been a long tirade against them when Thranduil arrived, bringing them all to their feet.

"Ah, I had heard you arrived. Welcome!" He said to the twins, waving everyone to their seats. "Come, my dear." he said to Giselle, taking her arm lightly in his and gently guiding her away from the door and towards her own seat next to Legolas. Still standing, her husband pulled back her chair for her and waited until she had sat, rather heavily, before taking his own seat.

It was clear from the expression on Giselle's face that she still felt resentment towards her friends. Elrohir hoped that by the end of the meal, it would dissolve.

The twins told Thranduil and Legolas what they had been up to and why they had arrived later than they promised to. Looking at Giselle, Elladan couldn't tell if her anger had abated, she seemed too engrossed in her meal. She looked well, he noted. Her skin held the glow that could only be associated with pregnancy and she was obviously eating well.

Towards the end of the meal Legolas got called away to deal with some situation with the guards and the they all moved to the study. Again the polite chatter continued but the twins could tell Giselle was bidding her time. When Thranduil retired for the night and Legolas had still not returned Giselle started in on them in an angry low voice.

"I'm in my seventh month! You should have been her not long after you wrote to me, and that was months ago! I was so worried about you- do you have any idea?"

"Giselle," Elrohir began in a soothing voice, "forgive us. We did not intend to be late or to make you worry. We should of written to you and informed you."

"Yes you should have!" Giselle agreed.

"It really was awful of us to keep you worried for so many months and we will try better, in the future, to keep to our promises. We're sorry."

She sank into her armchair and said after a pause. "You both are forgiven."

"We're here now and we cannot wait to see the little one and begin to teach the child our tricks." Elladan said.

For the first time since she saw them she broke into a grin. "Oh no, if this baby learns your tricks I don't know how I will survive." The twins smiled, having successfully turned Giselle's mood.

"Do you know the sex of the child?" Elrohir asked.

Giselle shook her head. "Legolas knows but I want to be surprised. I have a feeling it will be a boy though."

"Son or daughter, the child will be loved." Giselle nodded in agreement.

As the weeks went by, Giselle found much comfort in the twins company. Arwen and Orani were busy with the last minute preparations for the nursery and Legolas could not always be free from duty. They would walk in the garden or along the paths with her and they always had an amusing story to tell. It was those moments when she realized how much she had missed them.

And there was another reason why she was so grateful for their distracting company. As she approached her eighth month of pregnancy fear and panic set in. She did not know when she would give birth, but she was certainly tired of not being able to sleep on her stomach. Humans gave birth in their ninth month but elves gave birth a year after conception. Since she was immortal and carrying a child fathered by a full blooded elf, she did not know when the child would be ready to leave her womb.

She also worried about the birth and the pain of it. When the time came, could she really birth this baby? She hoped so. But whatever might happen during labor and childbirth, in the end she would get a beautiful baby to care for, and that certainly would make up for everything.

Giselle shifted in bed and sighed. She had been awake for some time now, running these thoughts through her head. Her body ached to be up but it was too much effort to make an attempt to get out of bed and go to a chair. She needed help. After a few more minutes passed she decided she would try to get up and spent some time attempting that.

"Giselle? Go back to sleep." Came Legolas' voice from beside her. She had just woken him up- a thing she did not want, but then again it was an increasingly easy thing to do as movement became much harder.

"I can't lie down anymore. I have to get up." She didn't hear him as he got off the bed and came around to her side. He held out a hand, which Giselle gladly took, and pulled her up. Once on her feet Giselle brought both hands to the small of her back and stretched slightly, sighing as some of the ache went away. Legolas' hands circled over her stomach and stopped where a little foot inside kicked out. He grinned and leaned forward, giving Giselle a lingering kiss.

Giselle smiled slightly before walking to the bathing chamber. She emerged a few minutes later and sat herself down on the armchair. "Do you know what time it is?"

"A few hours before dawn I would say." Legolas replied.

Giselle wrinkled her nose. "Sorry I woke you up."

"No matter. I had to get up early this morning anyway."

"Can you get me some food?"

"What would you like?"

"Um... water and... and... toast with jam, please." Giselle replied. "You're so good to me. Thank you!"

Legolas smiled and placed his hand again briefly on her belly. "I know. I'll be back soon."

Giselle reached behind her and fluffed up the pillow already there before leaning back fully. One hand tapped on the armrest of the chair while the other rested on her extended belly as she studied the familiar tapestry above the mantel.

After not too long a time Legolas returned with her requested food. He put the tray in which he carried it all on a small table and carried it near Giselle's chair. "Thank you." Giselle said again as she stretched up and gave Legolas a peck on the cheek.

"Your welcome." Legolas replied as he went to change. Meanwhile Giselle busied herself with lathering the jam onto the warm bread- he had warmed it up for her; he really was good to her- and taking a large bite. Legolas finished changing and informed her that he would see her later that night.

"Where are you going?"

"There was something peculiar in a report sent to my father that I will have to investigate. It's half a days journey away so, with luck, I will be back at nightfall."

Giselle nodded. "Good luck with whatever it is and be safe!"

Legolas grinned at her. "I'm always safe!."

Giselle raised an eyebrow at that but instead of retorting she took a sip of water instead.

After she had finished her toast, Giselle decided she should change. When that bothersome task was completed (she found, lately, that she would much rather lie in her night clothes all day) she settled back into her chair.

She hadn't realized she had dozed off until she was woken up.

She started when the first thing she saw were two identical faces. "You let yourselves in? Lovely." She added a bit sarcastically.

"Come Giselle, you'll be late for morning meal." Elladan prodded.

"I just ate." Giselle replied, closing her eyes. The baby had kept her awake half the night by kicking and apparently sending out a message to her brain and other body parts to rebel when she was in a horizontal position. She had just found a nice position that satisfied the baby and now they had to ruin it. Screw food, she could get that later.

Elrohir eyed the jam jar. "Toast and jam is not breakfast. Besides, your eating for two, nana, so up you get!"

Giselle groaned and reluctantly let herself be helped out of her chair. Reaching up she retied her hair into a ponytail and went to the bathing chamber to wash her face before she took Elladan's arm as he and his twin led her away.

"We've got a surprise for you Giselle!" Arwen told her over morning meal.

"What? You've finished the nursery?" Giselle asked. When Arwen nodded Giselle grinned widely. "When can I see it?" She asked excitedly.

"Today if you want."

Giselle nodded enthusiastically and then remembered Legolas. "Can I see it at nightfall? I want to see it with Legolas." Arwen agreed and the rest of the day was spent anxiously awaiting Legolas' arrival home.

Though, thankfully, the twins were there to provide a busy day. They took a walk around the fields outside, met with Orani briefly, went into the kitchens and snacked on some foods, found Arwen and gossiped for a few hours and then left her in their rooms to nap. (A better way to avoid the temptation if she napped in a different room.

When Legolas finally came back Arwen spent a few moments lighting the fireplace and the candles before letting the couple into the nursery.

The room was gorgeous. The furniture was the same dark wood as was the furniture in the rest of their apartment. The blankets were a deep green and there were a few toys already in there on the shelves, waiting to be used. There were thick rugs covering the cold stone floor, a kiddie size chair and table next to a toy chest, and a rocking chair by the fireplace. There was also a little bed, which the baby would use when it got a little bigger.

Haldir's cradle, however, was by Giselle's bedside. With the nightly feedings, Giselle wanted her baby close by. So the nursery wouldn't be truly occupied until this little one had grown a bit.

With one hand on her belly and the other holding Legolas' hand, Giselle looked as if she might cry. Legolas squeezed her hand and told Arwen. "This is beautiful. Thank you so much." Arwen smiled and began explaining where she and Orani had gotten some of the furniture and toys.

When Elrond arrived three weeks later, Giselle started thinking of herself as a time bomb. Who knew when she would go into labor? The fact that Elrond was now here just went to show that the baby really was coming soon.

Giselle told him her concerns on when the baby would actually be delivered and Elrond had replied that they would just have to wait and see.

"You'll never leave this room, will you?" Elladan joked one day as he found her in the nursery again.

Giselle smiled. "Elladan, look at this! It's so tiny and utterly adorable!"She held up some baby clothes she found in the drawers. Elladan smiled.

"Sweet." He watched her as she folded up the clothes and put them back in their drawer. "Come for a walk?"

Giselle agreed and together they went outside to a warm summer's day. They chose the path that went around the fields.

They went slowly. "Where's Elrohir?"

"With Arwen. Where's Legolas?"

"With his father and Elrond." A few minutes of comfortable silence passed. "It's hot."

"Lets head for some shade then." Elldadan said, leading them off the path and towards the trees whose branches stretched, gratefully, up and out. Elladan helped Giselle down before sitting himself and together they leaned against the trunks, listening to the birds calling to each other and elves walking along the path.

Giselle frowned slightly and gave a deep sigh as her hand massaged her stomach. Elladan smiled. "Is the little one squirming around?"

"Oh yes, quite insistently."

Elladan watched his friend closely before asking, "May I?" His hand hovered above her extended belly and at her nod he placed his hand gently on her bump.

After a few moments he removed his hand and said, "I think we should see my father."

"Why?" Giselle said sharply. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing to be worried about," Elladan said reasuringly as he stood up. "The babe doesn't seem to be preparing to enter the world today but I think it would be a good idea if my father had a look at you all the same."

He helped Giselle up and they headed back to the palace. "Nothing feels wrong, but you've worried me Elladan."

"I'm sorry," Elladan said sincerely. "It's probably nothing to worry about, but since my dealings with pregnancy is very limited I would just like to make sure that everything is, indeed, fine."

They walked the rest of the way in silence. Despite Elladan's reassurance, Giselle couldn't help but worry. She placed a hand on her stomach as another curious sensation swept through. Could she not know that she was in labor? Nothing felt painful, but it could be early labor and this was her first child.

She was startled to hear Elladan knock on what she realized was Thranduil's study door. She was so preoccupied with her thoughts she didn't even notice where he had taken her. Hearing an answer on the other side of the door he took her hand and led her inside.

Elladan said something to his father and he and Legolas stood up and walked out the door. Legolas took her hand as he went past her and gently tugged for her to come. She obeyed, looking over her shoulder at Elladan, who stayed behind, and gave him a worried, reproachful look. He smiled sheepishly in return.

Elrond led them to the apartment she shared with Legolas and asked her to lie on the bed. She did and Elrond began prodding at her stomach a few times before placing his hands there and closing his eyes.

She felt the baby kick where Elrond's hands lay in annoyance and she smiled. Legolas bent down from where he sat at the head of the bed and kissed her forehead. After a few more minutes passed Elrond opened his eyes and removed his hands.

"Nothing to be worried about. Your body is just preparing itself for child labor."

"So its not contractions?" Giselle confirmed.

Elrond shook his head and smiled. "No, its more like practice contractions, not painful and nothing to worry about."

"I'm going to whack your son upside the head."

Elrond laughed. "I suggest you take a warm bath and rest for today."

Giselle nodded and thanked him as he left their room. She looked at Legolas and raised her eyebrows. "Not yet."

"No, I guess not."

Maybe it was because she was listening more closely to her body, but since the first false labor, Giselle had felt the odd cramping sensations twice more. Both times she followed Elrond's advice and had taken a bath or rested, and the sensations had mellowed away. Also, Giselle's sleeping was almost non-existent. It felt like she was constantly getting up and out of bed to go to the bathroom, her legs occasionally cramped, not to mention that the baby seemed to be having fun poking her all the time. Plus, due to lack of sleep, she was constantly moody- especially to Legolas.

Half the time Giselle felt bad about waking him up so often and the other half of her wanted to strangle him simply because- in all his elven glory- he did not really need to sleep. For that simple fact alone, she envied him deeply.

Indeed, she was quite ready to have this baby out. So she was very happy when, three weeks later, she found herself in labor.

It had been noon, she remembered, and for the past few hours there had been a consistent ache that did not disappear when she used the usual techniques. She waited a few more hours before sending for Elrond, who pronounced her in labor. Since then things had gotten hectic. Since the pains weren't quite painful yet she had changed into a loose nightgown and eaten her meal at the desk while the bed was prepared for the birth.

Thranduil and the twins stopped by when they first heard and stayed with her for a little before wishing her luck and leaving the room. Arwen, who came with her brothers, stayed longer but left when the contractions began to get painful. Elrond popped in every so often to check her progress, but for the most part, it was just her and Legolas.

"I don't think I can do this." Giselle said, biting her lip. She and Legolas had been walking around the room when some of the more painful contractions started.

Legolas kissed her templed and placed his hand on her stomach. "Yes, you can."

"I don't know about that." She attempted a laugh. "It's starting to hurt and I know the pain will only get worse." She paused and gripped Legolas' arm tightly as a contraction rippled through her body. She looked up at him after it passed. "My pain tolerance isn't that high, Legolas. I don't know if I can do this."

"You don't know because you've never been through this before. But you can do it; you just don't know it yet."


It was the early hours of the morning when Giselle retired to the bed. The contractions were definitely closer and much more painful than they were before. She was hot, tired, and in a lot of pain. Who in their right mind would ever want to go through this? The pain was incredible and she begged Elrond for any kind of relief.

He gave her a tea and she gladly drank it. It certainly wasn't an epidural, but it did help with the pain. It wasn't long after this that Elrond checked her progress again and stated that she was nearly there.

"The babe is almost here!" Legolas murmured excitedly in her ear as he massaged Giselle's back.

"It's always keeping me up at night." Giselle grunted.

Legolas bit back a smile. "I feel it will keep doing so for some time yet."

Giselle closed her eyes and didn't say anything. For a long while neither spoke. When the silence was finally broken it was for Giselle to open her eyes and say "I think it's time."

A slight panicked look came into Legolas' eyes as he left, swiftly, to fetch Elrond.

They both came back to the room at once, Elrond going straight to Giselle and checking her progress before looking at her and Legolas and saying with a smile. "It is time." Elrond helped Giselle into a sitting position before going about bringing more towels to place underneath her hips and for the baby when it made its arrival while Legolas clasped Giselle's hand with both of his and studied her as another intense contraction hit.

When Elrond was ready and situated between Giselle's legs; Legolas moved more pillows behind his wife's back. Giselle whimpered and secured her grip on Legolas' hand.

"Giselle, when you feel the next contraction, bear down." She nodded and when the next contraction rolled in she did as she was told. She squeezed Legolas' hand tightly and kept pushing until Elrond told her to stop.

She panted and gritted her teeth against the pain. "Bear down!" She heard Elrond tell her again and she let out a yell as she did so, going mad from the pain and wishing it to all go away. Distantly she heard Elrond say hold and she had half a mind to ignore him. She could tell that the babe's head was out and she was very eager to have the rest of the body out too. She groaned at the pain and was relieved when Elrond told her to push again. Two more pushes later and the pained lessened so much it seemed that it disappeared altogether.

She closed her eyes and collapsed against the pillows. Legolas leaned close and kissed her sweaty head repeatedly. At her child's wail she opened her eyes and smiled broadly when she saw Elrond holding the baby that had been inside her not even ten minutes before.

He placed the child in her arms and told her this was her son. She weeped and kissed the little head as the child softened its cries and buried himself deeper into her arms. Giselle peeled back the blanket and studied the small body. After a moment she wrapped the blanket about the boy's body and turned a happy face to Legolas. "He's all here."

Legolas laughed and ran his finger lightly over the baby's cheek. "Beautiful," he murmured. He could not take his eyes off his newborn son and he wondered how he could feel so much joy. Soon his little son was passed to him as Giselle delivered the afterbirth and Elrond started to clean things up. Reluctantly Legolas placed the now sleeping baby into the cradle and helped his wife out of the bed and towards the bath. When Giselle emerged from the bath she made her way to the bed and, with helpful instructions from Elrond, nursed the baby who didn't seem that eager at first. Elrond left and promised to return every now and then to make sure everything was alright.

"I kind of don't know what to do." Giselle said sleepily as Legolas brought the cradle closer to the bedside.

"I know what you mean." Legolas said as he sat next to her watching their son. "Lynden is a suiting name."

"Mmmm," Giselle replied, barely conscious. All the energy that she had during the birth had faded dramatically and she was going to plunge into sleep at any moment.

"Goodnight." Legolas whispered as he kissed his now sleeping wife. She had been amazing and now they had a beautiful baby boy to nurture. He had not known that his life was incomplete until he held the little body in his arms. He bent and placed a gentle kiss on the sleeping baby's head before preparing for bed himself.

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