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A change of winds: the GT remake


It has been ten long years since the last time that the Earth was in danger and the blue planet had lived in peace ever since but now a battle raged high above the planet in the floating palace of Earth's Kami.

The saiyan Goku, a tall man with black hair that stuck out at all angles, was flying backwards with his arms crossed firmly across his chest whilst the human boy and good reincarnation of the monstrous kid Buu, Uub, chased him with his arm raised.

Uub was a tanned boy with a black Mohawk and he was now catching up to Goku at a rapid pace. He was able to deliver his blow that was blocked. Uub frowned and aimed two more punches that soon became part of a much larger combination of attacks that were all thrown at his sensei.

Goku dodged the first two blows but had to block the rest just to end up being hit squarely across the jaw by a stray punch. Uub grinned at this and followed up with a kick to the chest that sent the saiyan flying backwards. Goku disappeared from view just to come back beside his pupil and execute a perfect spinning kick that sent the boy to the ground below.

The saiyan smiled to himself and floated down to Uub, grinning his signature grin.

"That was great Uub, I think that's a pass." He said and helped the boy up who grinned and allowed himself to be led out to the top of the lookout.

Dende and Mr Popo were waiting for them there. The namekian and kami of the earth quickly set to work on healing them both while the dark skinned genie watched.

"So how did he do?" Mr Popo asked, not looking forward to cleaning up the mess the two warriors had no doubt caused.

"He did great. I should probably have tested him sooner but I was having too much fun challenging myself against him." Goku answered with a scratch of the back of his head. Dende stepped away from Uub who was now completely healed and had all of his energy back.

"It's a good thing that we let you do it up here. Earth probably wouldn't have survived the damage." Dende commented with a joke.

"Your probably right about that one." Goku said with a chuckle. Uub nodded and smiled.

"True. Well I better be going, mum is waiting for me at home. Thanks for the training Goku!" the boy said and with a quick goodbye from the others he dived off the edge of the lookout. Goku watched then turned to the others as he sensed Uub start to fly towards his village.

"I should probably go as well. Where's Piccolo? I should probably say something to him." The saiyan asked. It was Mr Popo that answered.

"He's down on earth meditating. I guess your little battle got to loud for him." He explained and got another chuckle out of Goku.

"Guess it did then. That's Piccolo for you. Well I better be off." He said and started walking towards the edge of the lookout when a familiar ki-signature caught his attention.

Inside one of the dome like structures of the lookout walked three people in cybernetic suits. They walked purposefully towards a storeroom.

"Shu, are we in the right place?" came an annoyed voice from the leader.

"I think so emperor." A nervous voice replied.

"Good!" the first replied and the suit opened up to reveal an incredibly small blue man that looked aged. He jumped out of his suit and walked to a pulpit in the middle of the dark room. He smiled gleefully and pulled off a sheet that was covering it.

"At last! After all the long years of research I have finally found them!" the little man yelled. The other two suits opened out and a middle aged woman and a dog in a ninja suit jumped out. Both walked toward the pulpit.

"Are those Dragonballs?" the woman asked as she looked at the dusty balls that were resting in the pit. The emperor glared at the woman who cringed.

"Of course they are Mai." He snapped and picked one up. He rubbed off the dust and showed her the one star ball. Mai and Shu both gasped.

"But emperor, why is the star black in stead of red?" Mai asked as she looked over the orange ball. The small man groaned in frustration.

"That's because these are the black star Dragonballs!" he explained as though he were talking to a child.

"Black star Dragonballs?" Shu asked. The emperor nodded and snatched the ball away from Mai.

"Yes. These were made before the original Piccolo split into Kami and Piccolo Damio. They are far more powerful then the regular balls. They are supposed to be able to grant any wish, including killing people." He explained and then commanded the other two to gather them.

They took the balls to a gazebo like room and spread them out. The little emperor grinned and summoned the dragon. The sky darkened as usual and lightening flashed over the sky and took the form of the largest dragon yet to be seen by any of the Z Shensi. It looked just like Shenlong only it was red.

"You have summoned me and now I shall grant you one wish." It said and the little blue man grinned. Shu gulped as he stared at the giant dragon that was peering in at them.

"You know normally when we get this close something happens that stops it." He said and stumbled backwards. Mai shushed him and their emperor got ready to make his wish.

That is until Goku strolled in as if on cue.

"What's going on in here?" he asked and looked round before noticing the horrified/surprised looks on everyone's faces.

"Pilaf? Is that you?" he asked as he noticed the little man in the middle of the room. Pilaf didn't recognise him.

"Who's this?" he asked in an annoyed tone. Shu looked over at his emperor as if he were crazy.

"That's Goku! He's the one that always ruined are plans right at the last minute!" the aged dog exclaimed. Pilaf blinked and stared at Goku.

"That's him? But he used to be shorter then me!" he said, making Goku laugh.

"I don't think I've ever been shorter then you." he told him.

"What? You were! And I would wipe the floor with you!" he added the last part as an after thought but still got a laugh.

"That's not how I remember it either."

At this Pilaf growled.

"Why you…! I wish you were a kid again! Then I'd show you!" he yelled but before Goku could reply the deep, rumbling voice of the dragon answered.

"As you wish." it boomed. Its eyes glowed a bright red and Goku was enveloped in a bright light. The others in the room could just make out Goku's form shrinking and when it finally faded a twelve-year-old version of Goku was standing with a clueless look on his face.

"What happened?" he asked then stared in shock as his voice reached his ears. Dende came rushing in and froze at the scene just as Pilaf and his followers jumped back into their armour and ran off of the edge of the lookout. Dende watched them and noticed that the dragon that had been peering into the small room had gone, the Dragonballs had scattered and the sky was returning to normal. He then walked over to Goku and knelt down to his level.

"Goku, why are you a chibi again?" he asked.

After a brief explanation and some of Mr Popo's home cooking the young guardian was filled in.

"This is terrible. Earth's hero can't be a child! We have to go out and find the balls straight away!" Dende exclaimed, jumping to his feet. Goku shook his head.

"It not that bad, Dende, I actually feel pretty good. I can't remember the last time I had this much energy!" he explained and jumped down from the table.

"I can wait a year to turn back. Besides, I really should go home. I've left my family waiting for long enough!" Goku added and left despite Dende's protests.

On the planets surface everything seemed calmed. A certain 27 year-old demi-saiyan looked out of his window.

Strange wonder who made the wish. He thought and put his attention back to the phone that was pressed against his ear.

"Hey, It's me, Goten. I was just calling to say that I've got a day off work today and wanted to know if you wanted to do anything…" he said to the receiver as the front door burst open and an angry 14 year old stormed in and fell dramatically onto the sofa followed by her father.

"My life is over!" she exclaimed dramatically, causing Goten to roll his eyes as he continued his conversation. An aging dark-haired woman stuck her head round the kitchen door to look at the guests.

"Gohan? Pan? What's wrong?" she asked. Gohan, looked at his mother with a hopeless expression.

"Boy trouble." He said glumly and sat in an armchair.

"It's the same thing as always! He found out how strong I was and freaked!" Pan complained, turning her onyx eyes to her grandmother who sighed.

"Well tell me what happened." She said, knowing it would be up to her to comfort Pan since her mother was still at work and her father was hopeless when it came to boy trouble.

"Ok grandma Chichi. We were going to a movie and on the way we saw this bank being robbed. The bad guys were holding a woman hostage and I ran in to help and when I was done he had ran off!"

Chichi sighed and started with the usual comforting speech, ignoring Goten's attempt at moving rooms. There was a knock at the door and Goten ended up answering it.

When he opened it he did a double take.

"Err…I'll call you back." He told the girl on the other end and stared at the boy who looked so much like he did as a child.

"Hey Goten! It's so good to see you again!" the chibi said happily. Goten just went pale and then:


The next series of events were a blur to Goku. Chichi had come running and then had fainted upon seeing him, Goku and Gohan had helped her to the sofa and Pan had gone to fetch a wet cloth. Goten had stood in the corner the whole time. When Chichi woke up she started yelling at Goku until her voice was horse and Gohan had to stop her.

"Just what happened dad? I mean you go off to train Uub and visit on the weekends and then every other week and eventually you never visit at all then suddenly, out of the blue, you turn up like this!" Gohan said much more eloquently then Chichi had.

"Somebody wished for it." Goku said simply. Gohan rubbed his temples.

"Somebody wished for you to be a kid?" he asked and Goku nodded.

"Well I hope you taught them a lesson!" Chichi cried, finding her voice again. Goku shrugged.

"Then ran off when Dende showed up." He said simply.

"Well you better get out there and get wished back to normal then." Chichi said, deciding that was more important. Goku just shrugged.

"There's no rush." He said. This was clearly the wrong thing to say because it set Chichi off on another tirade.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE'S NO RUSH? DON'T TELL ME YOU PLAN TO STAY THIS WAY!" she yelled, making everybody take a step back at her little explosion. The men were just glad there were no frying pans lying around in her reach.

"I'll wish myself back! I just don't see any reason why we should right away." He said defensively. Luckily for Goku a voice broke into the conversation before Chichi could explode again.

Goku, we need to talk. A very familiar and deep voice said inside all of their heads. Goku grinned happily.

"Hey Piccolo! What's up?" he chirped.

This is serious Goku. Dende told me what happened and we haven't got much time. The ex-guardian of the earth snapped.

"What's wrong Piccolo?" Gohan asked as casually as one would in a telephone conversation. It was strange how used to this type of conversation they were.

Those Dragonballs that were used to wish Goku into a child were the black stars. After being used the planet they were used on will explode after a year unless they are gathered in time. Piccolo informed the group, causing everyone but Goku to gasp.

"No problem. We'll easily get them all by then." Goku said to the ceiling.

It's not that easy! The black stars spread across the universe after a wish. Piccolo snapped. This time Goku gasped with the others.

"Let me get this straight, the planet will explode in a year unless someone gets all of those Dragonballs?" Chichi asked

And brings them back here. Yes.

Silence filled the room then chichi jumped up.

"Goku you better get out there and find those balls right away!" she yelled, making her husband jump.

"But Chichi I can't! I don't have a ship!" he said.

"I bet Bulma will have something. And I'll go with him." Gohan said, getting up.

It didn't take them long to get to Capsule Corp.'s home base. It had grown a lot more then Goku thought possible in ten years. Some of the neighbouring houses had been converted into warehouses, which had only been possible because the combination of the explosions from Vegeta's GR and Bulma's lab had scared away all neighbours.

The actual house had changed as well. The whole bottom floor had been converted into a reception desk and offices then the second floor was the living room and kitchen and the attic had been converted into a third floor where the bed rooms were. It wasn't what Goku had been expecting.

That wasn't all Goku hadn't been expecting. With a stroke of luck Bulma had been working on a new version of the space ship a few years back. It just needed to be adjusted and have a quick systems check then it would be ready to fly. As soon as Bulma showed it to them Gohan started admiring it.

"You've upgraded the engines." Gohan noted. The aging aqua haired scientist nodded.

"Yes, But I could probably do better now. I did that roughly five years ago." She explained almost sadly over the fact that she wouldn't have a chance to tinker with it.

"It will do. Look's kind of big for just the two of us though." Gohan noted as he looked over the almost squid like ship. It was round with eight legs keeping it upright.

Bulma shifted her weight and nodded.

"Yes, that's because it's built for three. And it's not just the two of you going. I've found a third and eager pilot for you," she explained. Gohan just looked confused.

"Who's that then?" he asked just before two hands landed on his shoulders making him jump.

"That'll be me," came a feminine voice that was laughing, "Kami Gohan! You're getting to easy. You need to start training again."

"Zara, I should have guessed." Gohan said and turned to face the golden-eyed halfling. She had cut her dark sandy-brown hair so it framed her face and curled at the bottom and she now wore a cheeky grin that she hadn't worn since she was a small girl.

"You should have, you didn't think that we'd put you two in a space ship with nothing but a dragon radar, did you? You'd probably get lost," she said.

"That's it, Trunks and Goten have not been a good influence on you. And in my defence it could have been Vegeta." Gohan pointed out. Bulma laughed at this.

"Oh please. If I sent him with you then not only would you get lost but you'd be blown up as well." She said and the other two laughed along with her.

"Well the ship is in working order, if it's ok with you I'm going to go wash up and find old Mr explosions-solve-everything." Zara said and ran off. Gohan stared after her.

"Did the boys really do that?" he asked no one in particular, remembering what Zara had been like just ten years before. She had been really distant and had lost most of her sense of humour except when it came to making fun of Goten. She had just been training and working all the time but eventually she had started hanging around Trunks more. Of course she sometimes just disappeared for a week but that was just Zara.

Bulma looked at him then after the retreating girl.

"Partly, but I think piloting that ship has something to do with it." Bulma said and went back to showing Gohan around.

Meanwhile a certain saiyan prince was dragging his son into the building.

"Hey! Dad would you just tell me what this is all about?" the lavender haired demi-saiyan asked, glaring at his father's flame like head.

"You've been neglecting your training for long enough! You are going to go on this little space mission thing with Kakarot!" Vegeta told his son. Trunks went wide-eyed and struggled to get out of the death grip.

"No way! Gohan needs it way more then I do!" Trunks protested but Vegeta wouldn't hear it.

"Gohan is too far gone to be saved by this. You're going to go with Goten and Kakarot." Vegeta countered just as Goten turned the corner.

"Did I hear my name?" he asked. Vegeta just grabbed him and continued his walk to the warehouse the ship was stored in.

"Good thing you showed up, I don't have to find you now." Vegeta said with a smirk.

"Hey! V-man! Have you gone insane?" Goten asked and tried to break free.

"You could say that. He thinks we're going to just drop everything to go into space!" Trunks told his friend, giving up his struggle. Goten started struggling harder.

"You can't! I've got stuff to do here! I can't just take a year off of work! And what about mum?" he asked.

"I've already talked to her and she says it will be alright. And if your brother can take a year off then so can you. And don't even think about saying you can't, Trunks. Your mother can take over the company until you get back." Vegeta explained. Goten looked around searchingly for an excuse.

"But there isn't enough room on the ship! What about Zara? She had her heart set on it…" Goten started when the voice belonging to the person in question met their ears.

"Was Trunks caught skipping work to fly again? Because I warned him that this would happen." Zara said as Vegeta turned the corner. The prince smirked.

"Ah, just the person I wanted to see," Vegeta greeted her and with a quick glance at the boys he continued, "It appears that you have a position on the ship which is a shame because the boys here need to go. It should help them with their training."

Zara face dropped for a moment then she smiled.

"Well they do need it more…" she started but was interrupted.

"What? Zara! You were supposed to save us!" Goten complained.

"But you do. You've been dating and slacking off instead of training for ages." She pointed out.

"Hey, I've been busy running a company!" Trunks pointed out and she smirked.

"True but a change of scene will be good for you. Besides, your getting rusty…" she said.

"No I'm not. I can easily take you." Trunks said and frowned.

"Yea, in your dreams." She retorted

"I'll take you right now if you want. And I will go on that mission just to show you how much of a waste of time it is for me." He announced. Zara laughed at him.

"You are so easy to wind up." She told him then looked at Goten.

"I guess if Trunks is going then I have to too, right?" He asked and in answer Vegeta started to push him down the hall. Trunks watched them go then looked at Zara.

"I thought you wanted to go on that thing, what changed your mind?" he asked and started walking to the warehouse with her.

"Vegeta was right, you needed it more. Besides it's no big loss. So I won't get that change in scenery, I wouldn't have lasted long with only Gohan and Goku for company anyway. I'll just have to stay here and try not to kill any body at work." She said and shrugged.

"You can handle that much, you've lasted this long. At least you won't be wasting your time relaxing."

"Oh yea, because that's the last thing I need." She said as the two walked out side.

Vegeta made sure that both boys went to the hanger and after much persuasion from Bulma, who didn't want him to get in the way, he left to do some training in his Gravity Room which was in a complex on the opposite side of the C.C grounds to the hanger.

When he was within meters of it he saw two teenage girls come running out.

"Bra! What were you doing in there?" Vegeta yelled at his daughter who froze and looked nervously at him.

"Oh nothing daddy," the 13-year-old clone of Bulma said, " I was just showing Pan the new modifications mum added." Then left with Pan while her father just stared after her.

The two girls ran into the house and to the large family room where both girls collapsed on the sofa.

"That was a close call." Bra said with a sigh. Pan nodded.

"Why don't you just tell him that you've been learning this stuff?" she asked.

"I want to surprise him, ok? And it's not time yet. Besides I'm his little princess and I don't know if he'll be happy that I'm taking an interest or mad because I might get myself hurt." Bra sighed. She had been getting Pan to train her in how to fight and manipulate ki for roughly a year and without any body knowing.

"You know he'll be more upset that you kept it from him. Besides this is Vegeta we're talking about. He'll be ecstatic!" Pan assured her friend who shrugged it off. The older girl watched her friend carefully.

"At least they don't under estimate you. I've been fighting since I was in nappies and they're still treating me like a beginner. They don't even think that I can go super yet!" she complained.

Bra looked at her.

"Can you go super? Cause if you can then you'll have to teach me!" but Pan ignored her.

There has to be someway that I can prove myself…that's it! She thought then jumped over the back of the sofa and ran off, leaving a confused Bra in her wake.

Half an hour later everybody was assembled out side the hanger where the ship had been kept. It had been moved out side and everybody was waiting for take off. Trunks, Goten and Goku all stood assembled out side the ship and getting ready to go when Goku noticed Vegeta for the first time since he arrived. And he kept starring.

"What is it Kakarot?" the proud prince asked after a few moments of ignoring it.

"There's something on your face." Goku said, staring at it. Vegeta raised his hands to reach a line of hair under his nose then glared at Goku.

"It's called a moustache and if you weren't such a baka then you would have known that! Now stop staring!" he snapped. Goku just laughed at him. Trunks sighed.

"Come on, we better get onboard before you get dad really made and he blows up the ship." He said and steered Goku on board.

"I would never blow up the one thing that can get him off this rock." Vegeta shot back at his son with a smirk but was ignored. Goten was about to follow when his pocket rang. He quickly brought out a phone.

"I'll be right there, I need to take this." He told them and turned round. Trunks nodded and went inside just as Videl showed up.

"I'm not to late then." She panted as Gohan walked over to greet her.

"Yea, just in time." He smiled at her. She nodded then looked round.

"Where's Pan?" she asked.

Trunks and Goku walked into the cockpit of the ship. Trunks turned the pilot's chair round and received a nasty shock.

"Hi!" Pan chirped.

"Pan? What are you doing here?" Goku asked and stared in shock.

"Getting ready to prove my worth!" she announced and turned round.

"So lets go!" she yelled and pressed a button on the control panel. Goku would have wondered how she knew what to press if he hadn't noticed the instruction manual Trunks had been reading earlier lying in one of the co-pilot chairs.

The engines roared as they fired up. Out side the force of the engines sent Goten flying into a wall. He climbed out of the mess just in time to see the ship raising off the ground and shooting off into the sky.

"Err…I think I will be able to make it after all…" he told who ever he had been talking to over the phone. Zara walked over to him to make sure he was all right.

"Well look on the bright side, at least you got what you wanted." She told him.

"Yea but now Trunks has to put up with Pan and dad for a year. That's something I wouldn't want any one to go through." He told her and they both watched as the ship disappeared from view.


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