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13 years later.

Goku stared into the twin faces of his challengers. He kept his eyes firmly locked onto theirs and they did the same to him. The boy glanced at his sister and then back at Goku. Goku tensed as he and the girl continued the stare down. The boy's eyes quickly darted from Goku to his sister and then the target before locking on Goku's again. Goku frowned lightly. He knew that the boy was losing patience.

The boy unexpectedly launched forward across the table, the girl and Goku following mere seconds after the boy but they were too late. The boy grabbed the target.

"Oh yea! I'm way too fast for you guys! Who's the- hey!" the boy cried before his twin sister slammed the hotdog out of his hands and bit into it.

"You're also way too cocky." She told her brother through a full mouth and Goku sat back in his seat laughing.

The twins sitting opposite him were the children of Son Goten. They were Son Goro and Chico, twelve-year-old twins that each bore a strong resemblance to both Goten and Goku.

Goro had the traditional wild black hair of the Son men that was in the same style as his grandfather, although slightly neater. Goro also had grey eyes opposed to the traditional onyx of the Son family. He wore a 'Satan City Devils' football shirt and jeans, which his tail was poking out of.

Chico had both the onyx eyes and wild raven hair of the son family. She had a spiky fringe that was identical to her brother's and even managed to stick up in places to simulate her brother and grandfather's hairstyle. The rest of her hair went down to her shoulders and split off into many spikes. She looked a lot like a female version of her grandfather. She wore a t-shirt with her name over it over a long sleeved shirt and some jeans.

Goku himself hadn't changed at all over the years and still wore his old orange gi. Only Vegeta and himself stayed the same over the years.

The twins were having their own little 'discussion' over the plate of food the three saiyans had acquired when the kitchen door slid open and a 71-year-old Chichi stepped into the frame with an autumn breeze following her. Her hair was in a loose bun and had been dyed grey by time and she wore a red kimono with a golden dragon across it that had once been dubbed the Shenron dress by Pan. Chichi had aged the most over time, even though she was one of the youngest of the original gang.

"Come on you three, everyone's starting to arrive. It's been twelve years since we've all been properly gathered together in one place and we might not get another chance like this in a good while." Chichi told them. Goku quickly got up from his chair with the twins following.

"Well let's not keep everyone waiting then." Goku replied, grinning his famous grin.

The Son's back garden was full of the old gang. Piccolo and Dende were standing with an aged Yamcha and Roshi, talking about old times. Uub was with Tien, Chiaotzu and their students, talking about their training up in the mountains. Pan and Hercule were talking with another little boy that looked a lot like a teenaged, blue-eyed version of Gohan. Goku and the twins headed for those three first.

"Hey Pan, Hey Herc! What's going on?" Goku called.

"Hey, don't forget about me, grandpa!" the boy cried and Goku grinned.

"Hi Fry, how could I forget about you?" Goku asked as he ruffled the 13-year-old's hair. Fry quickly ducked out of his grandfather's reach grinning. Pan and Hercule both laughed before turning to Goku.

"Hey grandpa, we were just talking about this years budokai. I can't believe the media are still covering it!" Pan said to her grandfather, smiling. She was now a 27-year-old woman that had progressed a lot since her teenage years. Her hair had now grown out to under her shoulders and she had a tail wrapped firmly across the top of her jeans.

"Of course they are! That final match was the best yet! You and Uub should go all out like that every year! You wouldn't believe all of the endorsements we've been getting because of that win!" Hercule exclaimed.

Hercule was now in his early seventies himself. He now wore a hat over his head and a suit complete with an expensive looking cane.

He had long since retired his role of world champion and had persuaded Pan to take it. She had been reluctant at first but soon she was eager to keep the title as every year she and Uub would meet in the finals and give each other their all. Those matches were always something Pan looked forward to, especially after both she and Uub broke super saiyan four (even if Uub wasn't a saiyan, he managed to get just as strong thanks to Buu). Pan only hated the time between the budokais when the media tried to bother her but luckily for her, Hercule had become her manager and kept most of them at bay with the tricks he had learned during his time in the spotlight.

"I probably have a small idea about it." Goku said to Hercule. Fry frowned up at his grandparents.

"I still don't get what the big deal is about it. Yours and Vegeta's spars are always more intense then Pan's and Uub's." he muttered and Goku sweat dropped slightly as he answered.

"Yea, well most people don't see those. Besides, Pan and Uub are getting pretty strong. I think even your dad is going to have to watch out soon."

Fry frowned lightly at this before Goro pulled on his shirt.

"Come on, we got to get ready for Eli." He whispered, Chico nodding behind him. Fry grinned and the three teenagers took off. The three adults watched them go. Goku shrugged and turned to Hercule, noticing the retired champ's hat.

"Hey, since when do you wear hats like that?" Goku asked and Hercule blushed whilst Pan laughed.

"Oh yea, I forgot that you two haven't seen each other in a good few years." She said.

"It's not funny, Pan. Most guys my age get it." Hercule muttered.

"Get what?" Goku asked and Pan laughed again before swiping her grandpa's hat off. Goku starred at Hercule before laughing as well whilst Hercule took his hat back.

"Thanks Pan, does everyone have to know that I'm now completely bald?" he asked, slightly harshly. Pan giggled and flashed him the cutest look she could muster.

"Sorry, grandpa Hercule, that's the last time, I swear." She muttered, and Goku laughed.

"It's not that bad, Herc. Bald is beautiful!" Goku told the older man, only to get a playful swipe with Hercule's cane. Goku laughed and backed up.

"I better go see the others, nice seeing you again!" he said as he walked away, only Pan's laughter following.

At the bottom of the garden were Goten, Marron, 18, Krillen, Bra, Bulma and Vegeta. They were all standing round the long buffet table that Marron was setting up.

"Wow, that spread looks great!" Krillen commented as he looked over everything laid out on the tables. Marron grinned at her father as Goten peered over her shoulder.

"I'll say! You really didn't get that chef job for nothing." He added, quickly taking a mini quiche. Marron frowned at him lightly.

"Goten! I gave your dad and the kids a plate of snacks to spare this stuff." She cried as she watched her husband pop the snack into his mouth.

"And you'd have me compete with those three for food? Think I would prefer to risk the pan." Goten joked, reaching for something else, but stopped when Marron glared at him.

Goten had cut his hair shorter in recent years and now his hair spiked up in every direction instead of just to the side. In the past 13 years he had put himself through a police academy and was now one of the top officers in Satan city, a job that fit his family name very nicely.

Marron had grown out her hair and now plaited it as well as keeping it in the normal pigtails. She had eventually left her job in the café to start work in a restaurant as a chef. With the help of Chichi, she had gotten herself several unique recipes that kept her saiyan family happy.

Both Goten and Marron had gone through with the date 13 years ago and had eventually become quite the couple. A year afterwards they had gotten married and not long after that, Marron had given birth to the twins. Goten had named them in honour of the grandparents on both sides: Chico Juichi Son and Goro Cacahue Son.

Krillen and 18 smiled as they watched their daughter and son-in-law and then turned to look at the other end of the table where part of the Briefs family stood. Bulma, her hair now streaked with silver, was talking to her daughter about work despite the fact that they were at a reunion. The two women were workaholics, plain and simple.

Bra, now sporting a brand name business suit with her hair in a tight bun, had long since taken over Capsule Corp from her brother. After watching Pan go super saiyan two, then three, whilst she stayed at the same old basic super saiyan level had left Bra to believe that she was just a little too human. She had her father's strategic mind and the saiyan thirst for power but fighting wasn't her talent. She decided that it was unfair on Trunks to leave him rotting in a job he hated with no time to train or to see his kid whilst she took on the life of the warrior so she swapped with him and found her calling in the process. Trunks was the saiyan, she was the human. She managed to revolutionise Capsule Corp and her saiyan side got a kick out of being the most powerful businesswoman on the planet. It had been the perfect arrangement and she still sometimes trained just in case.

Vegeta frowned at the two women beside him as they continued to talk about Bra's work on Plant. It was bad enough that they had dragged him over to the buffet table before feeding time but did they have to insist on such a boring topic?

"Onna, girl, would you stop for a moment? You haven't seized your work drabble since we got here." He said, interrupting the two women. Bra and Bulma exchanged a crafty look before facing Vegeta.

"Come on daddy, its interesting. We're setting up business towns up there with C.C's top technology. It'll do a lot of good and mum just wants to know how it's going." Bra told her father who huffed in annoyance before looking off to the side. Three more guests had just arrived via teleportation.

Trunks stood next to Zara with his 13-year-old son in front of them. Trunks's hair had grown out slightly over the years and he now sported a goatee that he had a tendency to grow in the autumn and winter months. Zara had grown her hair out as well and was now in a low and loose ponytail that ended at the middle of her back. Their son looked like his father with a few aspects of his grandfather, namely the hair. His face looked almost exactly like his father's with a blue version of his mother's eyes that were equally as expressive only instead of yellows, gold's and reds streaking through them, he had blues, greens and purples.

His hair was the same colour as Zara's but it was in a style very similar to Vegeta's. A few spikes fell across his forehead and the rest of his hair spiked up and curled forward slightly.

The others round the buffet table all turned round to see the small family and smiled over at them, waving them over.

"It's about time you got here, what was the hold up?" Goten asked when they were close enough.

"Eli here was putting up a fuss." Zara explained. Bulma looked down at her grandson with a brow raised.

"And why was that?" she asked, smiling.

"They wouldn't let me bring my Game Guy." The mixed breed replied. Bra laughed as she looked at her nephew.

"That's probably a good idea. He'd be dead to the world if he had that thing with him." She pointed out. Vegeta scoffed.

"Not that it made that much of a difference." He muttered. Eli blinked at his grandfather and then slowly turned his head to the right before a blur of a person sped into him, tackling him to the ground.

"Ow." Eli muttered as he looked blankly up at a grinning Chico.

"What happened to keen senses?" she asked.

"Must have left them in my gi. Could you get off my chest? It's getting hard to breath." He replied and Chico blushed as she scrambled off. Eli jumped back onto his feet and spotted Fry and Goro sporting matching Son grins further off.

"Howdy, 'bout time you got here. We found a great clearing where we can spar whilst the grownups chat." Fry called to the younger boy. Eli raised a brow.

"Did you just say 'howdy'?" he asked before Chico started pushing him forward.

"Come on, you know Fry won't spar with us on his own. We need you 'Tri-boy'" she told him, using one of his nicknames. Eli smiled as he let Chico push him. He knew how well the twins worked together; they did everything together, including fighting. They were always great for a challenge. Eli just had to work out how to work well with Fry…

The adults watched the kids go smiling. Marron shook her head, grinning.

"Saiyans. They always have to fight, even on their day off." She muttered before setting back to work on sorting out the plates of food. Vegeta smirked at the human woman.

"What do you expect? We're a warrior species and there is no way that my grandson and his generation are going to break that." He told her.

"Who'd want to break saiyan tradition? We'd soon run out of embarrassing, prideful stories." 18 interjected, earning a scowl from Vegeta and a curious glance from the other two saiyans. The others laughed and Zara sighed.

"The saiyan tradition isn't going to end any time soon, Vegeta. Sometimes I think Eli is a little too saiyan. I don't see me in there that often, only you and his father." Zara pointed out. Trunks smiled at her and squeezed her hand.

"That's not true, he's a lot like the both of us." He told his wife.

"Yea, I always thought he had your temper." Goten added as he attempted to take some more food. Zara glared at him.

"I do not have a temper." She yelled at him, a little too loud and earning a laugh from everyone else. Krillen wiped his eye as he calmed down and looked up to spot Goku and Gohan heading towards the clearing where the kids had gone. Krillen smiled and quickly excused himself before following.

When Krillen reached the clearing he found the two Son men. On the other side of the clearing sat Chico and Goro looking up at something.

"Where is the other two?" Krillen asked as he stopped next to Goku. Gohan was the one to answer.

"They decided to have their own warm up spar first."

Krillen nodded as he looked at Gohan. The half-breed had also cut his hair shorter with only a few spikes at the front that made him look more like Goku.

Krillen himself had aged and changed over the years as well. He now was nearly completely bald with only a ring of grey hair going round the back of his head so his six dot scars were once again visible. But he did still have the moustache.

"They're really going all out up there." Goku commented as he continued to watch the two boys. Gohan smiled as he returned to watching.

"Well you know how competitive they are." He replied and Krillen was inclined to agree as he looked up at the battling super saiyans.

Eli was on the attack, driving his friend backwards. Fry frowned as he tried his best to avoid the onslaught of attacks being thrown at him. He gritted his teeth together and then fell for Eli's feinted punch, just to be hit by a hard kick. Eli smirked as he continued the combination with a left punch and a blow to the older boys gut. He was about to finish the attack with another blow to the back when Fry powered up, flinging Eli backwards. Fry let out a mighty roar as his hair spiked further up, becoming as sharp as knives, and his body began to have ki-bolts pulsing down it.

Eli was just begging to recover when Fry attacked. The younger saiyan received two painful blows to the jaw before Fry slammed his fist into his chest and planted his knee into his gut before finishing with a blow that sent Eli toppling into the ground. The young saiyan growled as he pulled himself up and glared at the older boy, flaring out his super saiyan aura.

"Hey! That's cheating Fry! You know that you're the only one that can go to level two!" Eli yelled up at his friend. Fry folded his arms across his chest as he stared down at his friend.

"Since when is powering up cheating?" he asked.

"Since you're the only one that can go that far! This is only a warm up, not a battle."

"So? I'm oldest and I say it's acceptable."

"Gah! You're only older then me by seven lousy months!" Eli cried and Fry shrugged it off. The adults decided to intervene at this point.

"I think that's enough you two, why don't you let Chico and Goro join in? I'm sure they want to." Gohan called up.

"Only if Fry powers down," Goro called from the sideline, "it'll be cheating if he stays at that level."

Eli shared a grin with the other two part-saiyans while Fry muttered something under his breath and powered back down to a basic super saiyan. The twins took this as sign to start and quickly jumped to their feet, each going super saiyan at the exact same moment. It was surprising how identical they looked when they did this. The only real difference between them, besides gender, was that Chico had two extra thick spikes at the base of her neck.

Eli and Fry both exchanged a glance before Fry floated down to meet Eli and they both sunk into their own stances. Goro and Chico looked at each other and nodded before they both side stepped so that one was exactly in front of the other. The twins then both shot forward and each split to fight a different saiyan at the last moment, each twin hitting Eli and Fry away from each other. The two 13-year-olds each rebounded and flew back to the twins who had already swapped to their infamous defence. The twins knew each other's moves perfectly and could read each other equally as well. It was because of this that their defence was airtight. They would cover each other to make sure that their opponents would never have an opportunity to attack and could easily send out signals for when to attack the badly organised Eli and Fry. It didn't take long to work out who was winning. Although Fry and Eli were strongest on their own, the twins were a great team.

The adults watched the four teenagers battle it out, smiles on their faces. Krillen watched his grandchildren with pride before he glanced at the two saiyan men beside him.

"This kind of brings back memories, you know? They're all like their ancestors." Krillen commented, earning a glance from the other two.

"What do you mean, Krillen?" Gohan asked.

"I mean each of those kids are like their parents and grandparents. Eli there is a good mixture of Trunks, Vegeta and Zara, even if he can be a little sensitive but then again, Vegeta was as well when it came to his pride. Chico is a lot like Goku and Goten and can be just as care free. Goro is more like me. He's good at understanding people and can usually make them laugh. Then Fry is a lot like Gohan and his sister, as his grades and temper proves." Krillen explained.

"That's true. Even a little of the old rivalry is still there, just like it was with Trunks and Goten. Eli and Fry may be best friends but they're always in competition with each other. That's probably partly Vegeta's fault." Gohan said thoughtfully.

"Yes, that's true. Sometimes I wonder what will happen to that rivalry." Krillen replied, turning back to the fight. Gohan blinked at his old friend's response.

"What do you mean?" he asked but Krillen didn't reply. He was too busy watching the fight.

Eli was on the attack again only this time he was throwing punches at Chico. She was smiling as she gracefully weaved between them and blocked and Eli had a matching smile as he pressed for a weak spot, neither breaking eye contact all the while. That was until Goro attacked Eli, sending the older boy away from his sister, and Chico was then forced to keep Goro's back protected from Fry.

"This is probably another good sign." Goku said, taking Krillen's and Gohan's attention away from the fight and onto him.

"If they're like us then the earth will be in good hands. They're going to be able to fight and they'll have plenty of people around to watch their backs if they ever get in trouble." He finished.

"Yea, but it looks like Eli and Fry still need a few more lessons in team work before they'll be any good at watching each other's backs." Krillen pointed out.

"Yea, but that's something we can focus and teach them by having more group training sessions." Gohan replied.

"Its definitely something to think about." Goku replied, flashing his famous Son grin.

The earth now had four potential heroes at its disposal and Goku had a good feeling that these four would easily be able to look after the planet if the rest of the Z gang weren't around. They had all broken the super saiyan barrier and it looked like it wouldn't be long until they could all go beyond that, just like every other saiyan – except Bra – and that made Goku happy.

Goku knew that it was highly probable that another threat would come and endanger the earth, after all, it never ended, so he knew that he had to make sure that their would always be strong warriors around to help protect it. Apart of Goku just hoped that the next enemy, if there would be any, would come years from now but there was rarely ever a choice. He just had to make sure everyone was ready.

And they would be as long as he was around to watch out for the earth. He may not be Earth's protector anymore but he would always help ensure its safety.

The end

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