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Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else

He flung open the door to the apartment. She was whisked in his arms, holding on to his neck, kissing him as if there was no tomorrow.

With the door swung shut he had both arms to attend to her once more. He wrapped himself closer to her body. They pulled apart panting, their hot breaths upon each other. Their eyes locked, and soon their lips engaged in another futile game of love.

Her delicate feet were lifted off the ground, all she felt was her body dropping to the couch. Green/blue eyes stared into softer green eyes. Heartbeats rose quickly, rhythmic like two drums.

"I love you." She whispered, as she hungrily asked for him.

He didn't need to say it back, it didn't matter. Lush lips tasting lush lips was all that had to be said and done. Neither body had a complaint, neither soul an issue.

All that was needed was there; all that needed to be heard was said.

I drove for miles and miles
And wound up at your door
I've had you so many times but somehow
I want more

He had been sitting in the car for over an hour, she was late again. Not that it made a difference; he refused to get out of the car to get her. Knowing her, he would be up there. It's better not to have one man confront another. Especially him, he had a tendency to be over jealousy, sometimes bordering on abusive.

Not with her though, never with her. He knew she'd leave him.

"Sorry." She said, sliding into the cool, leather seats. She turned and smiled at him. Her cat like smile, entrancing him further into the game.

"It's ok." He said, starting the car up again.

She looked stunning; her pale pink dress glittered from the reflection of the streetlights. Her hair was left down in a bounty of curls and waves. Exquisite.

"Where are we going?" She asked, her soft voice, soothing like an ocean breeze.

"Captain's, I made reservations for nine." He said, his more hoarse, deep voice replied.

Her delicate hands graced the clock button on the stereo. The green numbers read eight fifty one.

"We might be a little late." She said, leaning back into the seat.

"That's ok. They'll hold my table." He said, applying more pressure to the gas.

She let out an airy laugh. "You know, he told me if I left the apartment, when I got home… he wouldn't be there."

"Then I guess you shouldn't go back to your apartment until tomorrow." He smiled, a smug grin.

"Oh… and who would I stay with?" She asked, airily.

"I don't know… I know a place that has extra room on the bed." He looked at her quickly and then back on the road.

"Can I afford such a thing?" She smiled, of course she could afford anything, but maybe the price was just too high.

"Oh, I'm sure you can." She smiled as she placed her hand on his thigh.

"Then maybe I should take the offer." She smirked.

He pulled into the restaurant, and pulled out the key, smiling at her.

"I know I would." He said, capturing his lips with her. She easily gave in, but quickly pulled away.

"We have reservations, Monsieur."

"Oui." He smiled. She took his arms as he help her out of the car and began walking to the restaurant.

"A table in the corner." She asked, her head sitting on his shoulder.

"Isn't it always?"

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
She will be loved

His long fingers traced the outline of her side.

Breathe in, out, in, out. It was the only way to keep the moan from escaping her dry lips. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her. She turned her head and saw that it was close to two in the morning. Green/blue crashed with green and dry lips crashed with dry lips.

He pulled away first, staring at her.

"It's nice not to have him residing in the back of my mind."

"I know." She smiled. Slender fingers touched his cheek, then ran through his unruly hair. "It's almost perfect."

"Stay with me." He whispered, kissing her neck.

"I want too." She said, closing her eyes.

"I'll wait for you, forever."

"I know." Her eyes fluttered but remained shut. "Shh… let's not worry about him. Concentrate on now." She opened her eyes and brought her head up enveloping his lips.

They broke apart. He inhaled her perfume as his hands wrapped around her body.

"I never knew an affair would be so fun." He chuckled as he left passionate fleeting kisses on her lips. "Are you staying?"

She opened her eyes and held on to his neck as he continued to leave her fleeting kisses.


Tap on my window knock on my door
I want to make you feel beautiful
I know I tend to get so insecure
It doesn't matter anymore

The waiter graced their tall glasses with expensive white whine. Crystal clear and smooth, a delicious adventure for their dry throats.

"To us." He toasted. Clink.

"To us." She smiled, sipping the whine, sighing happily as she placed it down.

They had ordered their food, but were in no rush to eat. He looked at her, carefully placing his hand over hers. She smiled, looking around the room, and then back on him.

"Mon Amour," He smiled, taking her delicate hand and kissing it softly. She giggled.

"I'll regret that trip to Paris for the rest of my life." She smiled contently, staring into his eyes. "Not sure if I'll regret those nights though."

He leaned in closer across the round table and kissed her softly. "You shouldn't have to."

She smiled.

They awaited their salads in silence, basking in each other's company.

As the salad came and went he smiled at her innocent pout and round eyes.

"You'll miss him." Knowingly.

"Heavens, I can't." Nervously.

"You're allowed." Understanding.

"Doesn't matter." Resistance.

He leaned in and kissed her again, this time allowing his taste to linger on her shaky lips. "You will miss him."

"I know." She said, leaning back, away from him. "But only in the beginning."

"Of course." He nodded, fixing his napkin.

"Especially with you there…" She was being flirtatious.

"Of course." He smiled. "We'll both be too caught up in the game."

"To the game." She smiled raising her glass. He nodded. Clink.

And they both took a sip.

It's not always rainbows and butterflies
It's compromise that moves us along
My heart is full and my door's always open
You can come anytime you want

She stirred in her sleep.


She shook her head and sat up. His body was tangled in the sheets, and arm hung across her thighs. She smiled as she pushed some hair off his face.

Quickly, but gently, she moved off the bed. She walked into the massive bathroom and shut the door. Hot water poured from the faucet as she plugged off the drain. She looked in the mirror and turned on the sink.

Mascara and white eye shadow dripped down her face as she tried to scrub the smudge marks from her delicate skin. Dried with the remains of a pale lip-gloss, she applied chapstick to her swollen lips.

She turned to the tub and shut the water off. Twisting up her hair, she gently stepped into the hot water, only relaxing once her entire body had been exposed to the dangerously hot liquid. She sighed in the steam from the scented bath.

Lavender and roses. Her favorite. But of course he'd leave out her favorites, in the end, it was done all for her.

"I thought, maybe you left." She looked to the door to see his tired body, his hands rubbing his eyes.

"Never." She whispered, smiling innocently.

"Never say never, my dear." He smiled, stepping into the tub behind her. She moved her body, so as to settle back over him once he was comfortable. She smiled as his arms wrapped around her waist and her head fell on his chest. "I woke when I didn't feel your body next to mine.

"I needed to be clean." She pouted.

"Yes, you are a dirty, dirty girl." He smiled as he captured her lips.

They allowed the scent of lavender to take over them as they thought in peace.

"You think he left yet?" He asked.

"No. He'll be there tomorrow morning. He's always there come morning." She sighed playing with one of his hands.

"Maybe tonight will be different." He said. She looked at him and slowly rolled over so that her elbows pressed gently on his chest.

"In more ways then one." She kissed his lips softly as she rested her head on his chest.

His hand softly smoothed over her head, comfortingly.

"Doesn't matter… you're welcomed here… anytime."

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
She will be loved

Freshly glossed lips sipped the hot coffee that sat in front of her, steaming with the scent of vanilla. Curious eyes watched from over the rim of the cup to the man sitting across from her. His own tired eyes were lost in the black void of his own coffee cup. Not blinking or wavering, intent on the black continents of the cup.

"What's wrong?" He looked up into the glassy eyes of his date.

"Hmm… nothing." He smiled, and stirred his now cool coffee.

"Liar." She smirked, looking at him more intensely. She took a sip of her coffee. "Please tell me."

Green crashed with green, and with a heavy sigh he shook his head. "Aren't you ever tired of the game?"

"What?" She asked, confused.

"I mean… I don't know if I can keep up with this… little game we have going for ourselves. You know… because of him." He looked at her. She smiled, her comforting, everything will work out, smile.

"I…I'll leave him." She smiled. "I promise. Excuse me."

She began to head for the ladies room. He watched her sway her hips and step quickly but carefully.

"No… you won't." He sighed, drinking his now cold coffee.

I know where you hide
Alone in your car
Know all of the things that make you who you are
I know that goodbye means nothing at all
Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

Steam rose from the freshly brewed cups of hazelnut coffee. The best money could buy. He was looking over the sports page of the newspaper that had been delivered to his door.

Hazelnut had filled the kitchen giving the dreary winter morning a cozy feel.

"It's so… gray." She said, holding her coffee next to the large bay windows. She was in a pair of blue flannel pajama pants and an old beat up T-shirt.

He turned and looked at her and then back to the paper.

"What do you expect for a perfect January morning?"

"Nothing really… I like gray." She giggled as she walked over to him.

Placing her cup down, she took the paper from his hands and sat on his lap.

"I forgot to say good morning." She said, leaning her forehead against his. He smiled and kissed her softly.

"Good morning." He said, hugging her closer to his body. "You're so beautiful."

"So are you." She giggled her airy giggle.

"Please… don't go." He begged.


"Please." He said, more determined.

"…I'll be back in a couple of hours." She smiled and kissed his nose. He let her go as she walked back into his bedroom. He shook his head and covered his face with his hand.

Standing up, he marched over to his bedroom and threw open the door. She turned and faced him, standing in only his T-shirt.

"Wha—" He grabbed her to him and kissed her hard on the lips. He pulled away and stared at her. "What… what's wrong?" She stuttered.

He kneeled down and placed his head on her stomach as he wrapped his arms around her legs.

"Please stay." He begged, once again. "I'm so tried of the game."

She gently stroked his head. "I'll be back soon. Let me just go get a few things from the house. He's at work by now."

"Please." He begged one last time.

She wriggled out of his hold and knelt in front of him. She kissed him passionately and smiled.

"I'll be right back."

He watched her change and apply her lip-gloss.

The same pale pink dress, her shiny lip-gloss that made her lips so much more inviting, she placed her hair up and then smiled.

"I'll take a cab. See you later." She kissed him passionately. She didn't do good-byes. "I love you."

"I love you too." He had to say it as she stood at the door, smiling. She waved to him and shut the door. "Jeez."

Tap on my window knock on my door
I want to make you feel beautiful

The road was empty, which was a welcome for the two. Silence had formed above them, making the air thick with thoughts and even regrets.

"I love night." She said, turning to look at him.

"Me too." He said roughly. She pouted a bit.

"You know… he called me a slut." She laughed bitterly. "I mean… it's not far from the truth, but to actually say it… I mean…"

"You're not a slut." He said. She looked at him, tears in her eyes.

"I am." She said. "I mean… I'm having an affair…"

"Don't worry about it." He said, never taking his eyes off the road. "I love you… he doesn't, ok?"


"It's only an affair to society. I love you, and you love me. It's a relationship." His eyes were unwavering as was his voice. "I love you."

"I love you too." She said, wiping her eyes. He placed her hand on his thigh. He took his hand off the wheel, holding on to hers. "Tomorrow… I'll… I'll file for divorce."

He parked the car in the garage under his building. He stopped the engine and sat there. He turned to her, eyes intense.

"Will you? Will you really file for divorce?" He asked, uncertainly.

Wiping away the hot tears, she smiled. "I will… so we can have a happy ending."

He leaned in and kissed her passionately. She pulled away and got out of the car. He followed her lead.

They made it to the elevator, never parting. She giggled as he tickled her and touched her.

They were almost to his door, they began to kiss, and she leaned against the door as he blindly searched for his keys. He found them, never leaving her lips.

He flung open the door to the apartment.

Please don't try so hard to say goodbye
Please don't try so hard to say goodbye

He waited in his apartment, having an inner war whether to call her or not to bother. It had been four hours, at least, since he had last saw her.

He played with the phone, switching it from hand to hand. If he called and he picked up, there would be more then one problem. The probability he would pick up were slim, he had work. However, knowing the cosmo's ongoing joke, he didn't want to chance it.


"Hello?" His hoarse voice answered quickly, worriedly.

"I'm on my way." And she hung up.

He sighed heavily, and stood up. He walked to his door and raced to the elevator. He was waiting in the garage in a matter of seconds.


Her favorite color.

She smiled as she walked towards him, her hair hanging down, and a blue dress accenting every inch of her body.

"What took you so long?" He asked, concerned.

"These." She held up divorce papers.

"You… you…"

"He was waiting for me when I got home. I told him I was unhappy, I wanted to leave. I said good bye." She smiled as he brought her closer to him. "I need a place to stay."

"Of course." He said letting her go. He picked up her suitcase and pressed the elevator button.

"I would have called… I just wanted everything done with." She looked at the floor.

Strong arms found themselves around her waist; she looked up to be met with lush lips.

"It's fine." He smiled. "Let's go home."

"Ok." She smiled, nodding her head.

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain

He woke up to the sound of rain. He looked to his left but saw only ruffled sheets and a used pillow. He shook his head and sat up.

"I'm right here." He looked to the window.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She slid back into the bed and began to kiss him.

He allowed her to play leader and kissed her back, until he found his lips roaming down her neck.

"I love you." She said as he kissed her smooth neck.

"I love you too."

"I'm sorry."

"About what?"

"Not doing this sooner."

"Doesn't matter." He said. She gently laid her head on his chest.

"Ok." She yawned. It wasn't long till rhythmic breaths took over her body.

It dawned on him that their future was at the door. There was no more game, no more him, just the two of them. He smiled.

Luckily, he didn't do goodbye either.

Try so hard to say goodbye