Nicky smiled proudly at her son, not at all embarrassed by Robin's nudity. "What a sweet picture, it makes me teary eyed baby, trusting you like this was one giant step, you know. Almost as big a step for her as the one Buffy took off that tower. Slayers aren't big on love and trust; we're more about the hunt. Death, we all want it. It's our gift.

Without a word Robin freed Faith, carefully loosening the silk ties that bound her hands, with the gentle deliberation he had used to tie them. It was exactly the same care he used earlier in making love to her. Kissing her wrist he remembered persuading Faith to allow this, to accept it as his gift to her. He had done his best to adore every part of her, without letting Faith to do so much as kiss him in return. His only wish was to touch her heart, the part that she ... that all slayers guard so fiercely.

The bindings weren't about control. Robin laughed; they were about trust, about the gift of faith, mere silk would never have kept a Slayer from defending herself anyway.

He remembered how beautiful she been on the edge of orgasm. With her soft brown eyes and her heart wide open she'd cried out "I love you." That was the moment he got his wish, just as he'd slid the knife into her.

Weeping over the memory, the man barely noticed when the smooth steel of his mother's voice rusted into Faith's. "Don't worry babe. You sharpened that blade up wicked good. Didn't feel a thing - honest." Faith smirked, "Well, nothing bad anyway. You don't believe me? Give it a try, start at the crease in your elbow and work down to your wrist."