Later that afternoon when Fin and John were both at the station.

"When Helena was in here did you run her thru the system?"

"Yes, but you said you didn't want to know, unless she told you herself."

Munch reminded him.

"She did tell me. What I want to know is, did they catch the perps and are

they doing hard time?" Fin asked.

"Yes, and no. They charged three men, two are still in jail, one is dead.

The fourth one got a deal in exchange for testimony. The victim didn't

remember him being part of the attack."

"Is he still in the city?" Fin asked.

"No, he finished out his probation and move to Florida." Munch told him.

"What race where these assholes?" Fin still couldn't understand why he was

the one that she reached out to.

"Kind of a mix, two Hispanic, one Asian, one black."

"Which one was the deal maker?"

"The Asian kid, they were nineteen and twenty at the time. Not that, that excuses

anything. There were only three semen samples. He could have only been there

and not ..." John didn't finish his statement.

"Okay, thanks. I think I'm going to have another talk with Wong." Fin sighed.

Fin called her from work about half way thru his shift.

John over heard a little of the conversation. His partner seemed less tense

in one sense and yet he was worried for her.

"You okay?" Munch asked once he'd hung up the phone.

"I will be, thanks." Fin nodded.

It was late when the shift ended, Fin went home, he'd talked to Helena again

about eight, to warn her he wouldn't be stopping by after work. He did promise

to see her the following evening.

Helena worried all day if he really would keep seeing her. She'd lost so many

friends to her past.

Fin wasn't bothered by her past, at least not the fact of it, just that it was

terrible she'd have to live through it. What he was worried about was how

he was feeling when he was with her. He'd never experienced so much

desire. But even that wasn't all, he needed to hold her. To know that she

was safe. He wanted to fall asleep with her in his arms. He couldn't seem

to get enough of her.

Fin needed to gain control again he'd allowed her in to his life and his heart.

But his thought were always on her now. He wouldn't be able to do his job

if he couldn't get a handle on his attraction.

He brought her flowers on Thursday night. The official beginning of his courtship.

He didn't want her to think he'd finally made it into her bed and now that was

all it would be about.

"Helena, these are for you." He offered her the bouquet.

"Thank you, come in. They are beautiful." She put them on the kitchen

counter. Then turned to look at him. He was freshly showered and dressed

in black jeans, black shirt and leather jacket.

Fin drank in her beautiful smile. Stepped in close and kissed her on the cheek.

"I'm so glad you came tonight." She blurted out.

"I'd like to take you out to dinner." He started then noticed the table was set.

He fought down the urge to kiss her on the mouth. Not just yet.

Helena was puzzled, was he trying to let her down easy? What had changed

since they had made love other than her confession?

"Fin are you are trying to break off with me..." She stammered.

"Lena, baby. No. I just didn't want to come here and behave like it was time

to jump in bed. I care about you. I want to spend time with you." He lifted a

hand to her chin so she'd look at him.

"If you mean that kiss me. " Helena tested him.

Fin almost smiled, she was going to fight to get what she wanted.

He stepped in closer and kissed her, starting gentle and shifting into more


Helena sighed, welcoming him into her arms.

"I need you, we can't not be together after what happened the other night."

"Baby I was just trying to treat you with respect" Fin explained.

"I know, but I've gone with out love in my life for so long. Now that I found

out what it's like. I don't want to not have you." She held on to him tightly.

"I'm here for you baby." He heard the words love, he even was sure that he

felt love for her. He just wasn't ready to say the words.

"Fin, please take me to bed." She pleaded.

"What ever the lady wants, the lady gets." He wrapped his arm around her

waist and escorted her to the bedroom.

"This was your idea how in control do you want to be?" Fin asked

willing to give her total control.

Helena paused not expecting him to say for her to lead.

Then she had an idea. She lit the candles she kept on her dresser and beside

the bed then moved to help him off with his jacket. He just waited and watched

as he moved to hang it up in the closet.

Then she was back beside him, smoothing a hand across his shoulders, down

his arm. Looking into his eyes as she reached up to kiss him on the corner of

his mouth. Fin was hanging on, giving her choices about what happened.

"I think you need to lose some of these clothes." She whispered, reaching to

unbutton his collar. He helped by undoing the buttons on the cuffs of his shirt

but then let her take it from there. Helena licked her lips and placed a kiss on

the hollow of his throat as soon as she undid the top button on his dark shirt.

Fin exhaled, she was really making him turned on quickly. She unbuttoned

the next button and slipped a hand inside his shirt to caress his chest.

But she didn't stop for more than a second to admire his build. She wanted

to see all of him. He helped her with his belt not sure if she was going to

be bold enough to finish what she'd started.

"You let me know when to take over Baby." Fin watched as she stalled

at his waist. When he saw that her hands were trembling he pulled her into

his arms. "We can stop anytime, I told you it's not about that."

"I don't want to stop, I think you should take over." She was hiding her

face in his shoulder.

"You're sure?" He didn't want her to being doing this just to please him.

'Yes, I want you." She reached to kiss his mouth. Fin cradled her against

his chest for several minutes as they kissed. Then he guided her to the bed

the kissed more sitting on the edge of the bed. He slipped the zipper down

at the back of her dress and caressed her bare back. One of her hands

was gripping his arm, the other was braced against his thigh.

She seemed more nervous now than she had the first time. But she wasn't

pulling away, she was just unsure. Fin decided getting them both naked in

the bed fast would be the best plan. He stood up bringing her with him,

her dress slipped to the floor, he dropped his pants and shorts. Then

they were both under the covers. If that made her less nervous he was

fine with it.

"Lena, you have the most luscious body. You feel so good pressed against

me." He was trying to praise her, help her to loosen up.

"I like how hard you are...I mean everywhere, all muscle ..." She stammered.

Fin liked hearing that, a man never tired of hearing his lady found him desirable.

He'd let her explore his build later, all she wanted, but right now he eased over

her and tested if she was at all ready for him. As tense as she was he was

surprised to find her wet already. He stroked her for a little bit just to be sure

and then slipped inside.

Helena, relaxed as soon as he began to move. Reached both arms around his

broad shoulders so she could hold on. Once he was in place, she melted.

Giving her a orgasm took only a minute, he still couldn't believe how responsive

she was. It took him a little longer, and he managed to take her along with him

for a second climax when he finished.

"Lena, you are so fine." He breathed just before he tensed and exploded.

Her hands were stoking over his back, her eyes were closed still from the


Fin moved to lay beside her, breathing a little fast still. He was going to figure

out how to get past her nervousness and help her to enjoy all of the experience.

Helena felt wonderful, she was never tense about being with him afterwards.

Now she wanted to look at him, wanted to see his body again.

"Fin may I look at you?" She asked leaning on her side and watching him.

He opened his eyes, "You are."

"I mean all of you." Her eyes were bright with interest.

"You're curious?" He knew she just wanted to stroke him a little.

He pushed the sheet down, so she could do as she pleased.

Her hand smoothed over his biceps, then skimmed over his chest. Her touch

so light sometimes he could hardly feel her finger tips. He closed his eyes.

Being admired was a new experience for him. At least like this, she was


"May I ask something?"

"Yeah, what do you need to know?" He wasn't sure what to expect.

"You are living up to what they always say about black men."

"Sorry?" He had no idea where this was going.

"It's not just that I'm small?" She asked.

Fin opened his eyes at that comment, but he guessed it was a fair question

what frame of reference did she have? The sheet was still covering him from

the waist down. He figured if she wanted to explore that much she'd ask.

"Ah, yeah I guess you could put it that way. I'm packing large, representin'."

"I guessed so." She nodded, her hand still on his chest, making lazy

circles over his right pec.

He thought she might want to ask more questions, but was hesitating.

"Was there more you wanted to ask me?" He flexed the muscle under her

hand. That startled her, she pulling her hand off him.

Her eyes were locked on his chest like she'd never seen a muscle flex

before. Let alone felt it. He needed to remember he was her first lover.

Everything about being with a man was new to her.

"Did I hurt you?" She asked not understanding what had made his pec

jump under her hand.

"No, Baby don't freak out. I did that, I keep forgetting I'm your first man."

He moved up to lean on the pillows more.

"I know I'm inexperienced, do you want me to stop ..."

"Shh, I didn't say that." He struggled to find the right way of saying what he

needed to with out it sounding like he was all that.

"I like that you want to touch me. I go to the gym to keep in shape, stay strong.

Ladies usually are attracted to a man that's got some muscle."

He shook his head, he sounded like he was all boastful of his build.

"You don't mind me looking and touching?" She asked, lifting her had towards

his arm.

"I don't mind, I was flexing for you, showing off."

He flexed his biceps for her, she was impressed, smoothing her hand over

the muscle again and again.

Fin felt like laughing, she was thrilled with such a simple thing. Helena

was so easy to please, he'd be a fool to lose a lady like her.

Helena was enthralled by all of him, she couldn't stop staring and stroking.

Fin closed his eyes again while she explored. This relationship was going

to teach him patience one way or the other. It was sweet torture and half

the reason he worked out was to attract some female attention.

"Oh, I didn't think. You haven't eaten yet?" Lena suddenly sat up from

him, and pulled the sheet up. "There is meat keeping warm in the oven."

"Slow down, Baby we can go have a nice snack if you want ." Fin did smile

at her concern for his empty stomach.

He slipped out of the bed and pulled on his jeans. He looked around for his

shirt and saw she was holding it against her so he couldn't put it on.

"You that greedy to see me?"

She nodded.

"Do I get to see you too?"

Lena shook her head and ducked into the bathroom with his shirt. She came

out in a minute wearing a frilly little night gown that just did show off her figure.

"So fine, Baby. You sure we need to go to the kitchen?" Fin was starting to

think it was time for another go between the sheets.

"You need to eat."She smiled, "To keep your strength up." She giggled and

rushed out of the bedroom with him chasing her.

Fin caught her before she even reached the kitchen, wrapping an arm

around her waist and lifting her off her feet, her back against his front.

That position jolted him, as she wiggled in his embrace, her sweet ass rubbing

against his crotch. He'd been primed back in the bedroom a second ago and

now he was growing swiftly into cocked and ready.

"You're to fast for me." Lena giggled, still wiggling in his grasp.

Fin groaned, with another lady he'd suggest putting his hardness to good use.

But with Lena, he wasn't sure. Damn. He let her go so if she hadn't noticed

she wouldn't. But the way his jeans were bulging from his throbbing organ

it would be a miracle if she didn't notice.

"Do you want a sandwich or maybe something else?" Lena asked thinking the

little game of chase was over. Then she turned to look at him.

Fin was so masculine when he was dressed for work. But stripped to the waist

with all his strength on display... her mouth went dry.

"Anything, what ever is easy." He answered, trying to keep his voice normal.

"You want me again?" She asked staring at him.

"Baby I always want you." He spoke softly, he knew he couldn't be aggressive.

"But yeah, this big bulge is from you rubbin' against me."

"I didn't mean to ..." She promised.

"I know, you aren't a tease. We don't have to take care of it now." He could

shake it off, it wasn't like they hadn't just done it.

Lena was breathing shallow, but she closed the distance between them and

slipped her arms around his neck, pressing her body against him. Fin held her

close, hoping for some sign from her that she wanted to wait or keep going.

"Take me back to bed." She curled around his shoulders as he lifted her in

his arms and walked back up the hall.

Fin lay her gently on the bed following her down so that he was laying above her

with none of his weight was on her. He began kissing her mouth, she responded

her hands gripping his back. Fin hoped he could draw things out this time.

Long and slow had to be the best way for her to not flash on the rape.

Lena was eager for him, she never would have dreamed that she could feel so

much passion for a man. Any man. Let alone one as virile as Fin was. Of course

that wasn't how their relationship had developed. It was his underlying compassion

his intelligence and when he was around her his gentle manner.

Her hands drifted down his back stroking him as they kissed. She found that

he was still wearing his jeans.

"Fin don't hold back because of my past." She freed her mouth from his so she

could tell him it was alright.

"I'm not Baby." He promised.

"Then what's this?" She tugged at the waist of his jeans.

"Just, taking my time, making things last." He lied.

Helena pulled his hips down so she could feel his hard arousal, he was throbbing

he was so ready. "I need you inside me."

She tried to undo his zipper, but failed. Fin had to moved off of her and yank

his jeans off then cover her again. His large erection pressed into position, he

locked gazes with her as he slipped inside.

"Oh Baby, relax for me." He kissed her mouth, her throat and eased forward.

Again once she adjusted, it only took a short time and she was flying.

He didn't prolong things, taking only a dozen strokes and finishing himself.

He groaned, then sighed.

He rolled so that she was laying on top of him. He wasn't even breathing fast

the effort required was so small.

"I still think you're wonderful." She sighed laying on him.

"I thing you're wonderful too." He stroked her back, wondering what was next.

"Do you have any nick names you haven't told me?" Lena asked.

"Umm, none I'd want you to use." He confessed. "Why?"

"You don't like your full name, but Fin is so short it's hard to say it and put

any feeling into it. You call my baby more than anything." She explained.

"So give me a pet name."

"I can't seem to think of a good one." She sighed stroking a hand over his

hard chest.

"They way I've been acting you could just call me horny." He joked.

"I hope you'll always want me." She confessed unsure.

"Helena, sweetheart I will always want you. I care about you so much."

He lifted his head to kiss her deeply, while both hands smoothed up her

back pressing her body tightly into his.

"I want to believe that." She returned the strong feeling in the kiss. Fin was

just so good for her, he was so understanding and good. And he was still

a man any woman would want.