Epilogue: Mr. Lucky

"Say 'kittens' everyone!" Clem shouted cheerfully before snapping the picture.

Giles had the odd sensation of seeing himself from outside for a moment. This was the scene from his vision. At the time it had been just a glimmer of hope. He'd had no idea how complete and happy he was going to be. How happy they all were.

Buffy and Spike copied he and Anya's pose, hands joined protectively over their unborn children, even though Buffy was only a few weeks along and her tummy was still flat. Wesley on the other hand was very deliberately not placing his hands on that part of Faith's anatomy. Xander was standing behind Dawn and Willow making rabbit ears behind their heads. Andrew and the younger Slayer were crowded together on Giles right most of them already buzzing with caffeine and sugar. Giles would never admit it but he relished the chaos.

This would be the last time they would all be together until the winter holidays. Buffy, Spike, Dawn and Violet were moving to London. Wesley, Faith and Ahn Cho would be watching over the Hellmouth in Cleveland. Willow was headed to Africa with Andrew to confirm some unusual demon activity. Amanda was living with her parents in Sunnydale.

Xander was sticking around to play uncle after all. Two days after the high school collapsed into a crater a half mile deep Xander met Iris and fell head over heels. Iris was curvy, short and extremely shy. She was the first woman Xander had actually pursued in years or perhaps ever. Her nervous habit of twisting her hair seemed at odds with the color. Then it was revealed that the lavender was natural. She had been certain of rejection. Xander didn't even ask if she planned to eat his heart or end the world. He just declared her even more perfect for him. Willow approved of her, she wasn't his usual type at all and Iris' presence meant the Hellmouth was truly closed even if she wasn't one hundred percent fairy.