H P Boy who lived Year 7- Summer


Looking back

This is prologue leading into part one of Harry Potter Seventh year fic...

Harry Potter Boy Who Lives a seventh year fic featuring Harry & Hermione as a couple and Ginny & Draco as a couple. In this very original fic that I came up with in July of 2004. Long before HBP the farce came out in July 2005 or when DH the WTHWST seventh year finale of a masterpiece gone sour after coming up with those brilliant five books previous came out summer of 2007.

The war is over Voldemort has been vanquished. Harry has to learn to live with the fall out of that. He gets several surprises along the way, like slowly getting who he lost back into his life after acting out against his elders, and after Lupin pleas to the powers that be.

He deals with his love for Hermione. Discovers there is more to her than meets the eye, since he has never asked her a personal question since he has known her. So her family history comes as a shock to him. He learns more about his father's side of the family and his mother's. What he learns shocks him. Ginny has done the impossible. She has managed to break through the ice in Draco's heart and will eventually bring about the ultimate truce between two mortal enemies. To put this in easier terms Harry is no longer going to be alone anymore and for once he gets everything that has been denied him. Where as Draco loses everything…family, wealth, power. Get the picture?

Oh and I tend to throw the whole CANON thing out the window. It's just not my thing to go all carbon copy with any of my writing. This is Harry and the gang real time in real situations. So yeah the timeline is different, but then the story flows better that way and everything is explained as the story goes along. So happy reading. I believe in rewarding a character for a job well done unlike others who seem to get off on Harry's suffering by taking away everything and everyone one by one. I for one don't believe in that line of thinking and that's the way this story is going to go.

Harry Potter was now seventeen and finally free of He who must not be named, but at what cost. Luna Lovegood and Ron Weasley, two of his best friends had both died, Luna by the hands of a Deatheaters' Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange, Ron by the hands of Lord Voldemort. Neville was still in St. Mungo's because he had taken a curse that was meant Harry, but he was going to make a full recovery. Not to mention that half the DA and he had just recently been released from there as well.

He closed his eyes to ward off some of the pain of losing Ron his best friend and thought back to that final day of sixth year when the end of the year feast had gotten uninvited guests.

In the end it had come down to Voldemort and himself, only the Dark Lord was not playing fair and had Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange take Ron and Hermione hostage.

He had been helpless to do nothing but endure curse after dark curse from the Dark Lord. His scar had hurt so badly that pain hadn't been a factor anymore. He had just about given up when he caught sight of Bellatrix using Crucio on Hermione and it was as if something had snapped inside him.

He turned his focus on Bella and sent Avada Kedavra on her, so fast that she didn't even see it coming, and had no chance of blocking it. Hermione to his horror had crumpled like a broken rag doll and fallen down two flights of steps.

The final battle was being waged in and around the Grand Staircase.

There weren't many innocents at risk. When the feast was over Dumbledore had ordered the Prefects, in this case for Gryffindor fifth year Ginny Weasley, to take the students, except for the senior DA members, back to their common rooms. He then locked them all down for their own safety.

That was one less family member that he had to worry about.

Although, Harry, Ron, and Hermione where both Prefects they were also senior members of the DA, so they were not closed in with the others. Ginny even though a member of the DA was a Prefect and one or two were needed there to keep some kind of order.

Ron was still being held hostage by Lucius Malfoy. The Dark Lord was not pleased at all, at what Harry had done to Bellatrix. But by this point, any searing pain coming from his scar was just an afterthought for him. He had to focus on somehow getting Ron away from Malfoy.

If only he had been thinking clearer then what was to come might have turned out differently. He remembered each in every detail of the events that followed because they were burned forever in his mind.

When both Lucius and Voldemort turned to look at the fallen Bella, Harry sprang into action. He sent Stupefy at Lucius Malfoy the second he turned away from glaring at him. He had put everything that he had into that spell, so he would let go of Ron. The stunning spell hit him so hard that he let go of Ron and went flying over the banister of the Sixth floor landing onto the cold unforgiving marble floor bellow.

Lucius had hit Ron with a powerful curse and he was half out of it, so he was unable to run for cover. This was unfortunate for him and to Harry's horror Voldemort sent Avada Kedavra straight at Ron. Harry shouted at him to get out-of-the-way, but it was no use it hit him square in the middle of his chest killing him instantly. Ron was now slumped over the sixth floor banister.

Fury like nothing Harry had ever felt now flowed through his veins.

He wasted no time using Expelliarmus to send Voldemort's wand flying out of his hand then without pausing he shouted "Accio wand!" And caught Voldemort's wand with his left hand.

By this time most of the battle was over it was down to just him, the Dark Lord, and their date with destiny.

Voldemort seemed to be in complete denial when he could not call his wand back into his hands. "ACCIO WAND, ACCIO WAND, ACCIO WAND!!" He roared but the wand did not return to him.

Harry could hear the words of the prophecy echoing in his head…Neither may live as long as the other survives…

"ACCIO WAND!!" Voldemort snarled still nothing happened. "You can't kill me boy! You don't have that kind of power in you and no matter what Dumbledore has told you I will win in the end!" He started to taunt Harry.


Voldemort still thinking that he was going to win had no idea what was to come…

It was as if he were running on pure instinct now…

He had a clear picture about what he had to do…

What he had been born to do.

Pictures flashed in his mind of when he was eleven and had touched Professor Quirrell. He knew what his touch had done to him, but Voldemort was immune to that wasn't he? He remembered when Dumbledore had told him everything after Sirius had died; there was something mysterious the Dark Lord was repelled by flowing thru his veins, but was that and his mothers love enough?

He narrowed his eyes at Voldemort, "I haven't touched you since my first year at Hogwarts. Do you remember what happened then Tom Riddle? Do you remember what happened to Professor Quirrell? Do you really believe that you are immune?" He held up his bleeding hands to show the Dark Lord what was to come. "Ever wonder why the Avada Kedavra curse has no effect on me? Why even to this day I can still survive it? It's because I was brought into this world to take you out and by damn I will fulfill that prophecy even if it means my death!" He was ready now and sprang into action. "Petrificus Totalus!"

Voldemort was now bound unable to move.

"No!! Not the master!!" Wormtail transformed from his rat form to his human form in front of everyone to defend his master. He was bleeding badly from the wounds caused by Crookshanks.

"Stupefy!" Harry shouted stunning Wormtail with Voldemort's wand never once taking his eyes off the Dark Lord.

Still Peter persisted to crawl towards his master.

"Petrificus Totalus!" Dumbledore now able to give Harry a hand, made it so Wormtail could no longer move. "Mobilicorpus!" He brought Peter to where Kinsley Shacklebolt was standing. "Finish it Harry!" Were the last words that he remembered Dumbledore saying to him.

Minerva McGonagall gasped at the sound of those words as did others around her.

Harry snapped Voldemort's wand in half and tossed the pieces onto the ground.

"Evanesco," Dumbledore used the spell to get rid of the pieces of wand.

"NO!! I AM THE DARK LORD I CANNOT BE BEATEN!!" Voldemort roared trying to break free of his bonds.

"Silencio," Harry was sick of hearing his voice. He ignored the voice snarling in his mind and walked up to Voldemort. "Avada Kedavra!" Harry placed his wand against Voldemort's chest and cast the curse. Then after tossing his wand to Dumbledore, he placed his bleeding hands onto Voldemort's face.

It was if this man, no this thing were eons old, his body crumbled away until there was nothing left but dust, and Harry didn't stop until even that dust was no more. This time Voldemort was dead there was no way that he could ever return.

He remembered looking up at Ron's lifeless form hanging over the banister of the sixth floor and then at Hermione's lifeless form lying there on the second floor landing...after that blackness had claimed him.

He woke up in St. Mungo's nearly four weeks later July 23rd.

Hermione was very much alive and holding his hand while keeping vigil at his bedside. His heart had soared! Love that he had never known he could possess flowed thru him. When she saw him open his eyes, she let out a cry of relief and delight, and threw herself into his arms. She had held him for what seemed like forever, never wanting to let him go. Then the two of them let go of their sorrow over the loss of their friends and cried until the two of them fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter One

A family at last

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