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H P Boy who livesYear 7- Summer

Chapter 45

Hogwarts A History


Harry finally reads Hogwarts a History and discovers that Hermione has been keeping a major secret...read on to see how he reacts to finding out that he married an older woman. In this final chapter of their summer adventures and then its onto 7th year and even more adventure


Pendragon Wing Common Room

"No interviews period! Tell them that we wish to grieve in private until the day of the funeral! Andrew Morton can burn in hell, before I confide anything to him! He made a mint off my mum's pain and I am not going to make nice with the man! I hope that it pours buckets that day, because I don't wish to walk behind the coffins. As if we actually care that he's gone. Now Grandfather was always so distant with us, so it's hard to miss what was never really given." Wills was not in the mood to talk about the weeks ahead of him and not ready to feel a touch on his shoulder that wasn't Rory, but his mother.

"Calm yourself, William. This isn't going to make anything easier on you, what was done is done." Di was out of her portrait and semi-solid as Lily, James, and Sirius had been weeks ago.

Wills stared up into the eyes of his mother and stared at her in delight. "Mum they let you out of the Portrait! This is fantastic!"

"At last I have some sort of ally in this mess." Andrew thanked the powers that someone had answered his silent prayer to let her out of the portrait. "Your presence is a welcome breath of fresh air."

"Mummy! This is abso-bloody-lutely awesome!" Henry was happy to see her interact with them, even if it was in a ghostly form.

"Do to a silent plea from a friend I was granted a boon, of which I am eternally grateful for. Although, I will never be with you in the living, I can be with you in the portrait, and in this form. Now you are both going to buck up and plow through it all like true leaders should and you will not give your father a hard time about it." Di sat down on the edge of the couch.

"The fact is that both of us know the drill by heart and we promise to be on our best behavior. It's too nice of an evening to keep at this, when I can try my hand at playing Quidditch on my new broom instead." Henry grinned sheepishly when Wills hit him on the head with the heel of his hand.

"Who's playing Quidditch?" Harry and his mother walked into the room. He noticed both Andrew and Di and quickly remembered his manners. "Oh, sorry… Hello Uncle Andrew and I'm happy that they granted you freedom from the portrait princess."

"Please call me Aunt Diana. I'm so sorry that you broke your arm on your last day of freedom, but then after falling off a roof, you're fortunate that's all that you broke." Di floated over to the two of them. "Hello Lily. Let's pray that those two aren't as accident-prone as this one." She winked at Lily.

Harry flushed crimson.

"Mum, be nice to him. Now in answer to your question Draco, Ginny, Ron, Uncle James, Uncle Sirius, and Angelina are all out training Ron as a Chaser. He got a new Firebolt a few hours ago and was dying to try it out." Wills explained to Harry.

"At least some people are having fun." Harry settled himself on the couch and glared out the windows that provided him a view of the Quidditch pitch in the distance.

"Ron was dying to tell ya, but the Ancient one wouldn't let him disturb you. Your grandfather got him one to keep up with all of you." Henry was oblivious to Harry's mood.

"Me? At this rate I'll be lucky if I get to play!" Harry grumbled. "Then again, I'm happy that Ron got a Firebolt." He added hastily, he could feel three sets of adult eyes glaring his way.

"Chen said a week and you'll be good as new. You'll be playing Quidditch again in no time, baby, so don't be so grouchy about it." Lily tried to cheer him up.

"Hermione has a birthday coming up, so might I suggest that you use this downtime to plan a party for her." Di suggested. "Harry's twentieth is on the fifteenth and Hermione's is on the nineteenth of September. I know that with all that will be going on it might just be easier to celebrate his twentieth on Hermione's day as well. I know that Harry won't mind will you, son?"

"Um, Mum just to avoid confusion, call me Henry instead of Harry. Would I mind postponing my birthday four days, nope not a bit, since our world we'll be in mourning, and it'll be a subdued event. I think having a party here with Hermione and Draco is a brilliant idea." Henry grinned. "Besides, this is a..." Henry was jabbed hard in the ribs by Wills elbow. "Hey, what's the deal?" Wills elbowed him again.

"What Henry means is that this is a major opportunity for you to actually celebrate her birthday with her, and Draco needs to experience a birthday party as well." Wills hastily stopped his brother from spilling Hermione's most prized secret, that her actual age was seventeen going on eighteen.

Di realized what the problem was and wondered how the two of them were going to prevent, what was eventually going to become known sooner than later. She remained silent and chose to watch how things played out.

"That's a good idea Aunt Diana, but it didn't call for Wills to jab Henry in the ribs." Harry suspected there was more to it than that and he was going to look up things in Hogwarts a History.

The book appeared in his lap and Fawkes's feather marked a place in it. This had to have come from his Uncle Albus, but why?

"Well, I see that your Uncle wants you to finally read Hogwarts a History for some reason." It was bound to happen, but how he's going to react to the truth remains to be seen. Lily thought.

The book opened itself to the chapter on how students are chosen, which was where the feather had marked the place.

It read as follows.

Any child that shows signs of magic is sent a letter. The only requirement is that to attend first year classes, they be eleven years old. Students who arrive at the age of eleven after the first of September receive a letter inviting them to attend that following autumn. There is rarely an exception to this rule, unless overruled by the school council of governors. Although, one may receive a letter, it is completely up to the parents or guardian if they wish their child to attend. Unless a special circumstance applies, as was the case with Harry Potter. Whose guardian's wishes did the Headmaster himself overrule.

Harry read that section five times and finally it hit him. Henry had been about to say milestone when Wills had stopped him. Hermione was not sixteen, but seventeen going on eighteen. All of her actions first year suddenly made perfect sense. She was a year older, as a result had been wiser than them, not to mention that she had a full year to practice before attending classes. All this time masquerading as a year younger and being afraid to tell the truth, but that was about to change.

"It's not everyday that your soul mate turns eighteen now is it." Harry finally looked up from the book.

Everyone tried to speak at once, but Harry stopped them. "I applaud all of your performances to keep her secret and I'm not angry with any of you. I'm just furious at myself for never asking or reading this book. She's badgered me to for years and now I know why." He was calm cool and in control.

"Hermione was scared that everyone at school would tease her; it's as simple as that." Henry sighed.

"She was embarrassed to tell anyone the truth about her birthday, for fear that they might find out, and think she was held back a year. So she swore everyone to secrecy to go along with her plan to be eleven not almost twelve." Will's explained.

Andrew spoke up. "Our Hermione is a genius by Muggle standards. She'd completed half a dozen university degrees by age ten. So when the letter finally arrived her parents were thrilled that magic would be a new challenge for her."

"They distanced themselves from most of the family and showered her with a years worth of Wizarding books to read. That's when she came across your name in one of them. It was a name she knew and the faces of the fallen parents were familiar to her as well. She was determined to meet and befriend you at any cost." Diana finished the explanation.

"Well, in that case, don't let on that I know her secret. I'll let her tell me and I want a huge bash for you, Draco and Hermione." Harry went back to reading the book.

"I think we can arrange that." Lily smiled. "The girls can attend the funeral with the boys, but I would advise that there be no interviews, because Rory and Dromi might protect the boys in subtle magical ways." She gave Diana and Andrew a knowing look.

"Where are my sisters anyway?" Harry glanced around the room.

"The boys needed to talk to Andrew, so the girls went to tryout Rory's new broom." Lily was sitting across from him writing down party ideas on some parchment.

"Rory got herself a broom?" Harry glanced at Wills.

"Nimbus 2005 like Henry's" Wills nodded.

"They wouldn't sell me a Firebolt, because I'm a novice flyer." Henry pouted.

"The very idea of you zooming around at breakneck speeds gives me the willies." Diana shivered.

"That makes two of us." Andrew echoed

"It's because the Firebolt is a professional broom and you dear cousin are not a professional flyer by any means of the word." Hermione came down the steps, her face lit up with sheer delight when she saw that Harry was out of Hospital Wing.

"I'm a damned good polo player, rugby player, and at almost any sport. Why wouldn't I be good at Quidditch?" Henry bristled.

"Quidditch makes those sports look like child's play. You see dear cousin of mine, flying a broom is more than just sitting on it and up you go." Hermione walked over to Harry.

"That's why the clerk added Broom flying for beginners to his purchases, when he bought all the Quidditch gear." Wills smirked.

"There's one way to prove you wrong and that's by trying out my new broom." Henry stalked away to fetch his broom.

"Don't just stand there you two; go make sure that he doesn't get hurt!" Diana growled at Wills and Andrew.

"We will see you at dinner. Let's go Wills; if he breaks anything on his first flight your mother will not be pleased." Andrew and Wills got up to do as Diana bid them.

"The Nimbus is a self-hovering broom, so in that aspect its sit on it and up you go. It's really like steering a horse, you use your legs to turn, point the broom up and you go up, point it down and down you go. To break just pull up the broom like you would rein in a horse." Harry glanced up from the book again, which to his surprise was a very interesting read.

"Thanks Harry, enjoy your book." Wills set off after his father and brother.

"Excuse me, but I have to watch over my boys." Di followed Wills.


Hermione bent down and kissed him hello. It was then that she noticed what he was reading. "Is that Uncle Albus' personal copy?" She saw where Fawkes's feather was placed further down in the book and her heart leaped to her throat.

Harry glanced up at her in time to read her flash of panic. Because he'd started reading the book at page one, she had no clue that he had discovered her deep dark secret.

"Angel, it really doesn't hurt. Master Chen gave it a special treatment awhile ago and it feels loads better." He reassured her.

"Are you reading from page one or did you browse through it first?" Hermione perched herself on the armrest.

"Why so interested in the book, my heart? I half expected you to ask dozens of questions about Master Chen?" He looked up at her with puzzled eyes.

"Yes, well... You see there is something that I need to tell you and..." Hermione looked down into his understanding and loving green eyes and burst into tears. "You must really despise me now don't you?" She whimpered miserably.

"Actually, no I despise myself, for being so focused on my problems, to not ever ask you how old you were, and just assuming that you were our age." He reached up his good hand to brush away her tears. "No, my love, I'm not angry or put out with you. So dry those beautiful eyes of yours and carefully cuddle up here with me."

Hermione carefully tucked herself in next to him, before burying her face against his shoulder. "I love you so much. I didn't want this to come between us, so I just kept up with it until I had to come clean with you." She was having a good sob against his shoulder.

Harry continued stroking her hair with his good hand. "It's okay to come out with it now; in a way I'm thrilled that you're older than me. It's why we live to this day. Your year of being able to soak in all those books and practice was key to our survival. Summer sixth year, when the Deatheaters tried to ruin our fun you came up with that brilliant plan. To use all three of our wands as a secret weapon, by touching the three tips together at once, and then recite a spell, curse, or charm together was brilliant. It stunned the Deatheaters, sending them flying three hundred feet away from us, and right at Tonks, Kings, and Uncle Remus' feet. We never did get a shot at trying it again, but that was a well-executed plan." He tried to cheer her up.

"Olivander gave me a book on the meanings of the wands and their potential." Hermione sniffled. "Yours has the phoenix feather, a symbol of rebirth, one who rises from the ashes, and the wood is holly. Which repels evil, protects the wielder of the wand, represents prophesy, and an ability of magic around animals. Oh, there was also something about repelling lightning and demons as well."

"Keep going Hermione this is fascinating." Lily paused from her party planning to encourage her to continue.

"No wonder it chose me." Harry understood what Olivander meant by saying the wand chooses the wizard. "Sorry angel, yes please continue."

Hermione, back to her less than patient self, was waiting for him to let her continue. "Mine had a dragon heartstring core, representing fierce loyalty, and was made of vine, representing courage, protection, and strength. Lastly, Ron's wand has a strand of unicorn hair for its core, this represents purity, goodness in its greatest form, and its made of ash, this represents balance. Those three are very powerful when united and used as one."

"I'm fascinated by your endless amount of knowledge and I'm intrigued by this new incite, but let's not tell Ron about his wand, or he may not take it as maturely as he should." Harry tucked her head under his chin.

"You're right, he'll be pouting forever about my being oldest and not him." Hermione agreed.

"Hermione, what are your favorites?" Lily asked curiously.

"Oh, um, let's see I like blue, secretly love sweets American fast-food on occasion, and traditional cooking not gourmet. I adore anything chocolate particularly double fudge cake with a raspberry filling, rocky road, chocolate, strawberry ice-cream ...Um what is this for Aunt Lily?" She asked.

"Nothing honey, just my getting to know you again if that's all right with you. After all you are one of my girls." Lily paused her quill.

"Let's see she loves to read. Secretly loves Quidditch. Loves to learn anything, all genera of music, to dance, secretly covets jewelry and clothes, adores cuddly animals or cute furry critters. Has a heart as big as the universe, and will not back down from a fight or cause that she believes in. There how was that?" Harry grinned, "Nope forgot this she's fiercely protective of anyone that is hers."

"You also forgot loves Harry James Merlin Evans-Potter Pendragon, more than anything in this universe." Hermione smiled up at him.

"That will do nicely. Now favorite fruits or veggies?" Lily asked.

"I love strawberries, melons, apples, peaches, grapes, oranges, plums, watermelon, pineapple, and bananas. As for veggies, I like them all except for Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower unless drowned in cheese sauce. I must admit that I love my Muggle laptop computer too." Hermione finished the list.

"Severus left you an energy potion that should hold you till dinner. You may go to the pitch and watch them, but only as long as you're careful." Lily decided to give Harry a little bit of fresh air and freedom, now that she had what she needed from them, so she handed him the potion.

"My arm's broken not my legs. The broom is my balance, unless my head is injured, there's no reason I can't fly my Firebolt." He downed the potion; its burst of energy was enough to reenergize him.

Lily narrowed her eyes at her son. "Did I say the issue was up for negotiation? If you fly down there on your broom there will be no Quidditch. Hermione can join in, but you are to sit in the stands with your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and sister."

"I can catch the snitch with my left hand; this bad arm is not a problem for me." Harry was being stubborn.

"Harry, behave or you won't be going anywhere. You are not playing and that is final. If a bludger were to graze you it would be you and not Henry falling to the pitch." Hermione sided with Lily.

"But, I haven't played in weeks! This bites!" Harry grumbled.

The doors opened in walked Draco with James leaning on him for balance.

"Dad! What happened to you?" Harry took in his father's appearance. He appeared bruised and his right arm looked injured.

"Try getting hit five times with bludgers, because of more interest towards our sisters on the broom chasing after the snitch." Draco helped him over to the other couch.

"They were doing too many dangerous maneuvers and at one time Dromi was all but hanging off the broom!" James grumbled in his defense.

"We needed a Seeker, they can catch the snitch. All you had to do was be a Beater. You were doing great, until the girls almost got grazed by a bludger. After that you lost any ability to play." Draco sat down in one of the overstuffed chairs.

"Draco, you should have sent someone to get me. Your father's arm is broken. He needs the Hospital Wing, at least till I get him patched up again." Lily gave Draco his first genuine motherly glare, as she admonished his actions.

Draco felt bad about his reluctant choice to listen to his father's request to be able to tell her in the Hospital wing himself. "I know that mum...we checked Hospital Wing you weren't there and neither was Harry."

"She just sprung me after Master Chen treated my arm." Harry glanced over at his dad. "I believe actions like Dad's are the reason parents are just spectators and not playing the game. I mean it's just for their own protection."

"Like you haven't gotten busted up by a bludger before, it happens all the time in the game." James grumbled.

"Usually only during an actual game, when a bludger is tampered with, but yeah all three of us have been hit by Bludgers and in my case even wannabe ex-boyfriends. The point is you were too distracted to play, had no business being up there, and should have sat down to watch." Harry wasn't the least bit sympathetic and sounded quite parental in tone.

Hermione and Draco gaped at him, in I-can't-believe-he-said-that looks.

James and Lily seemed highly amused.

"Yes Jamie, that was very naughty of you." Lily giggled.

"I know and I promise not to do it again. Do I still get dinner tonight?" James eyes sparkled with humor.

Draco and Hermione smothered their laughter with their hands.

Harry shook his head in defeat and grinned sheepishly at them. "Sorry Dad, it's just that I'm suffering from extreme Quidditch withdrawal, and it makes me edgy."

"That's quite all right son, I know that you aren't having the greatest of days." James noticed Lily's latest project titled Henry's twentieth, Hermione's eighteenth, and Draco's seventeenth birthday bash. "Uh, honey, you might want to change that eighteen to a seventeen." He pointed out.

"No James, eighteen is correct seventeen is not. Hermione turns eighteen on the nineteenth." Lily rolled up her parchment and set it in her knitting basket beside the couch.

"You're seventeen?" Draco stared at Hermione.

"That would be correct. My parents didn't have Lucius Malfoy's connections to get me in right before I turned eleven. So I spent a year soaking up Wizarding books and practicing simple spells. I was eleven going on twelve my first year at Hogwarts." Hermione nodded.

"So, Dad what's your plan now? Not only are they married in our world, but she turns eighteen, and that's the magic number you keep growling at him about." Draco seemed highly amused with this change of situation.

"Let's go get your arm patched up. Draco, help your father. You two stay here and relax." Lily got up and headed towards the doors.

"My plan blown just like that..." James was too depressed to care about anything and let Draco help him up.

"Relax dad. We don't want any new arrivals until after graduation, September 19, 2005 wouldn't be a problem though." Harry called after them just before the doors shut.

"So, is there going to be a big birthday bash for me, Draco, and Henry?" Hermione gave him a knowing look.

"Do me a favor, angel, just act surprised that day, it will make mum feel loads better. That and it was Aunt Diana's original idea." Harry wasn't about to try to lie because she would see right through it.

"I think that I can do that. It's nice that Aunt Diana is able to watch over all of us in more ways than just the portraits." Hermione snuggled closer to him and they napped until dinner on the sofa.


Thus ends their summer, now begins their final year.

What lies in store for our favorite wizards, and witches? Find out in

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