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Behind the Mask
Episode 1.

"You can't defeat me, Robin! I'm invincible!"

"Just watch me!"


"GAME OVER! I WIN!!" Robin said, jumping up and down ecstatically.

"NO WAY!! I HAD YOU!!" As Cyborg continued to rave at his friend, he grabbed his joystick and threw it down. Just as the joystick hit the ground, it exploded. Both Cyborg and Robin went quiet.

"Could Tweedle Dumb and Dumber keep it down?" A monotonous voice came from the couch next to them. It was Raven, who raised her eyes from her book. Cyborg looked down at the ashes of his once-remote control miserably. "My remote control!" Suddenly, a blast of green energy shot out from the kitchen and hit Raven's book, turning it to ashes on her lap. "My book!"

Robin attempted to stifle a laugh when suddenly another green orb shot out and hit his face, his head charred and his unruly ebony hair shot up. Robin turned to look at Cyborg and coughed a ball of smoke in his face. Cyborg laughed uncontrollably when more green orbs came flying from the kitchen. All three teens ran towards the kitchen door.

It was Starfire, blasting away at rising dough from the oven. Starfire noticed three of her friends watching her. "FRIENDS! I hope I have not made—" BLAST! "— an immense disturbance!" BLAST! BLAST!

The three teens continued to stare. "Nope." Raven said sarcastically.

"I beg to differ!" Robin mocked, pointing at his charred head.

"I meant to surprise you— AH! — by making an earthly meal!" BLAST! Starfire threw three more green bolts before proceeding. "Are biscuits to your liking?"

"Sure," Robin nodded.

"I can dig it," Cyborg agreed.

"Whatever," Raven shrugged. She turned to look at Beast Boy, who was recording Starfire being swallowed by the rising dough. "When did you get here?" Beast Boy didn't reply and instead turned the camera on her. "Wait!" Raven exclaimed. "What is this?" Beast Boy walked closer and closer until he was only inches away from her face. "Is that thing on?"

"That's why there's zoom, BB!" Cyborg said as he ate dough. "How much yeast did you put in this thing?"

"I did not know how much yeast was required, so I only hoped a-bag-and-a- half was enough!" Starfire said from underneath the dough.

"Only 'a-bag-and-a-half'?" Robin whispered to Cyborg. They shrugged and Cyborg said, "We'll get you outta there, Star!" And he and Robin continued to eat rising dough.

"Thank you!" Starfire's muffled voice came from underneath the dough.

Raven growled and turned to Beast Boy. "You! Stop recording and help us with this mess!"

"But Raven—" Beast Boy began.

"I'd listen to her!" Robin said between mouthfuls.

"She blew up my remote control!" Cyborg sobbed.

Later, the five were sitting at a table full of biscuits. "Man, I'm stuffed!" Robin sighed.

"Maybe it was all the yeast Starfire put in the biscuits!" Raven mumbled. Starfire blushed, trying to get the dough out of her hair.

"We didn't even eat half of the biscuits that were made!" Cyborg said rubbing his stomach. "Combined!"

"So, uh, what are we gonna do with all the extra biscuits?" Beast Boy asked with his video camera in his hands.

"Please don't tell me you're recording again!" Raven rolled her eyes.

"Okay," Beast Boy snapped. "I'm filming again."

Starfire rested her head on the palm of her hand. "Beast Boy, if you do not mind me asking, what is the purpose of this documentary?"

"Why lovely Starfire, I'm so glad you asked!" Beast Boy stood up from his seat and cleared his throat. "No one knows the pressure's of being a superhero—"

"Except Cyborg's stomach!" Robin interrupted before the half-robot half- man's stomach growled. "Awwww," Cyborg moaned.

"— And that's why!" Beast Boy continued. "I have signed a contract with the producers of a local cable network that will be premiering my documentary by the end of this summer!! And I'm getting paid, too!! Aren't you all psyched??"

"You're making a profit off of our lives?" Raven asked tediously.

"Technically, yes," Beast Boy grinned.

"And if I refuse?" Raven growled.

"What's with the refusal?"

"What will we get out of this?"

Beast Boy looked around the room, his face pale. His fellow teammates were curious to know his response. He quickly laughed it off. "Raven! Raven! Good old Raven! I brought that up with the producers as well. I said, 'Hey you! And what about my friends?'—"

"You haven't even mentioned us, have you?" Robin sighed.

Beast Boy gulped. "I'll see what I can do."

"If you can't get the producers to make a deal with all five of us," Raven warned. "There will be no documentary!"

Cyborg stood up. "AWWWW YEA!! From superheroes to superstars! I can dig it!"

"Glorious!" Starfire gleamed.

"Okay," Beast Boy shrugged.

Later, Cyborg and Beast Boy were watching television and Raven was sitting on the couch beside them reading a different book (since her other book was blasted by Starfire's beams) when Starfire entered the living room.

"Friends!" The Tamaranian girl grinned. "Why is it you are not playing video games?"

"Because someone blew up the joystick!!" Beast Boy eyed Raven. Raven glared at the changeling and would've said something until Starfire continued. "Oh. Then may I join you in watching the flat screened television?"

Cyborg said, still looking at the television screen like a mindless zombie, "You wouldn't like what we're watching."

"Yea," Beast Boy nodded, his eyes not moving from the screen. "You probably wouldn't. It's a Sci-fi flick about aliens."

"Last time I checked, Beast Boy, that's exactly what Starfire was!" Raven snapped. Beast Boy ignored her remark (or was too busy concentrating on what was happening on the show) and continued watching the show. Starfire glanced at Raven and approached her. "Friend! May I interest you in a game of –"

"I'm reading!" Raven cut her off.

"Oh," Starfire said smiling. "Then perhaps some other time." She disappeared down the hallway. Beast Boy quickly turned and whispered to Raven, "Um, Rae, where's Star going?"

"It looked like she was heading for the gym, BB!" Raven said, emphasizing his nickname.

"Hey," Beast Boy tilted his head. "You never call me BB!"

"And you never call me Rae, and I suggest you don't!" She snapped as she read her book. Beast Boy growled, got up from his seat, and took his video camera down the same hall Starfire went down. Raven looked up from her book and watched him leave.

"Taken a sudden interest in the green one, Raven?"

Raven went red and turned to a grinning Cyborg. "Taken a sudden interest in my fist in your face, Cyborg?"

"Why you gotta hate?" Cyborg asked, changing the channel on the television.

"I don't," Raven shrugged as she continued reading her book. "I'm just irritable."

Starfire continued floating in the hallway until she reached the gym. Through the window in the door, she secretly watched Robin train. He was destroying the punching bag with every kick and punch. 'He is so swift, and yet so graceful,' Starfire thought to herself. She watched and blushed as Robin stopped to take off his cape, utility belt, and shirt. Robin was thin, but not scrawny. His muscles weren't that visible, but he was strong. Robin continued to pulverize the bag as Starfire continued idolizing Robin's movements.

Minutes later, Robin stopped a second time. He put his hands on his mask. Starfire jumped to this. 'Will he remove it?' She wondered. There had been much discussion in the Titan Tower regarding the color of Robin's eyes. No one knew the color and Robin would never tell. Secretly, Starfire had always had a fascination with his eyes. What she didn't realize was that because she was so wrapped up in her thoughts, she didn't know how hard she was leaning on the door and caused it to fall.

Robin turned to see a red-faced Starfire standing in the doorway. He waited for her logical explanations for knocking down the door, but instead, she sheepishly replied, "I suppose repairs are in order!" Robin couldn't help but smile.

As Robin put on his shirt, Starfire approached him from behind and said quietly, "You have been here for days."

Robin nodded as he grabbed a towel. "I train hard."

Starfire put her hand on his shoulder. "When you train, what is it you think of?"

Robin turned and raised a brow. "Why do you ask?"

"When you move, it is as if something motivates you." Starfire mentioned.

Robin looked away, then turned around and put on his utility belt. "I-I think of Slade." Starfire looked down. Somehow, she knew that's what his answer would be. Robin continued. "I know he's not a threat –"

"But he is." Starfire sighed.

"What do you mean?" Robin questioned.

Starfire hesitated. "I believe," She began. "He will remain a threat to the team until you put your anger towards him aside." Robin said nothing at this, and Starfire felt free to continue. "Robin, you have distanced yourself from your friends. You constantly worry if Slade will attack. It is not healthy for these feelings to overwhelm you as they do." Robin looked down and sighed. "I hope you understand." Starfire added.

"I'd hoped you'd understood, too," Robin admitted. "I don't want to make the same mistakes."

"And you will not!" Starfire exclaimed. "I trust you will not."

Robin looked into her worried emerald eyes and smiled. "You're right." He threw on his cape. "It's time I let it go."

Beast Boy had gotten Robin and Starfire's entire conversation in the gym on video and rejoined Cyborg and Raven in the living room. Cyborg grabbed the video camera and began recording.

"Where've you been?" Raven inquired.

"What's it to you?" Beast Boy sneered.

"Yea, Rae," Cyborg grinned. "Why do you care?"

Beast Boy gasped. "Hey! He called you Rae! What are you gonna do about it?"

"What would you like me to do about it?" Raven asked as she put down her book. "Huh??" Beast Boy tilted his head. "It's not that I don't like the nickname," Raven admitted. "I just don't like it when you call me that!"

Beast Boy stood up. "Okay! What have I done to offend you?"

"Well, let's see, you breathe..." Raven shot back as she stood up.

"That's it!!" Beast Boy growled.

"FRIENDS!" Starfire greeted happily.

"I don't see any!!" Beast Boy muttered as he looked at Raven and Cyborg.

Robin entered the room. "Hey everyone!"

"Robin? Is that you??" Cyborg said sarcastically.

"Yea, yea," Robin chuckled. "So listen, I haven't had myself some fun in a while. So what's say we all go to the carnival today, unless you all have other plans?"

"Well, my favorite show's on..."

"I need to edit some stuff..."

"It interferes with my afternoon meditating..."

Robin looked at Starfire who looked back at him. "My treat?" Robin offered.

"Well in that case..."

"Editing can wait..."

"It still interferes with my afternoon meditating..."

Starfire flew towards Raven. "Oh please Raven! It would be delightful if you could attend!"

"Maybe for you!" Beast Boy snapped.

Raven's eyes glowed. "You're not giving me many options, you know..."


"How I'm going to kill you! Right now, I'm leaning towards slow and painful!"

"ENOUGH!!" Robin shouted. Everyone turned to stare at their red-faced leader as he continued. "Everyone is going to the carnival, I'm paying, and we're gonna have a good time!!" He stormed off. Starfire and Cyborg followed after quickly as Raven growled at Beast Boy and caught up with the rest of the Titans. Beast Boy snorted back at Raven and took his video camera with him.

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