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Tohru Honda signed onto the new laptop Shigure had given her for her birthday. She couldn't believe that he had got her this, they were very expensive after all. She almost refused but then he made a face like he was hurt when she wouldn't take it so, she did. She just couldn't believe he'd gotten her a laptop, she'd never been one to go on the computer much. Now here she was, in her room, sitting on her bed, with the laptop open and on in front of her. She was starring at a screen that said PLEASE REGISTER YOUR SCREEN NAME!. "What should my name be.." she wondered to herself out loud. Then she typed in ShiguresLilFlower. She thought it was cute and smiled, he had gotten her the laptop after all. She frowned, thinking of something else. "If Yuki or Kyou ever saw my screen name they'd probably murder him.." She deleted ShiguresLilFlower and typed in another. Yuki'sPrincess. She thought about it for a minute, then decided to delete that one too. This time for two reasons: if the Yuki fan club ever found out about her screen name they'd go ballistic and then she didn't feel comfortable with it. She leaned back on her bed, starring at the ceiling and the designs she had taped up there. She had a dog, a rat, a boar, a cow, a lamb, a tiger, a monkey, a snake, a dragon, a rabbit, and a cat. She blinked. A cat. She smiled and sat up as the perfect screen name crossed her mind. She typed it in and hit enter. She was now registered. She smiled and signed on, wondering who she could talk to as she filled out her directory information and her profile.

Kyo walked downstairs from his room and into Shigure's study. The damn dog should let everyone use the computer, instead of keeping it for himself to write his stupid ecchi novels. The stupid pervert. He sat down in front of the computer and turned it on, waiting for it to load. He leaned back in his chair, his thoughts drifting to Tohru's small party they held for her just a couple hours earlier.


Tohru had opened the present from him and he saw her face light up with a smile. She pulled the cat pillow out of the wrapping paper and held it close to her. "Kyo! I love it, thank you so much!" she said to him brightly. She looked so happy, he couldn't help but give her a loving smile.

"Don't worry about it." He said, "Happy birthday."

She smiled at him again, "Thank you so much!"

"Tohru, I was wondering, could I have a word with you in the kitchen?" Shigure stood up, waiting for her to follow. She nodded and set the pillow down while she followed the dog into the kitchen. Kyo felt his hand curl into a fist. If that damn dog did anything perverted to her he'd kill him.

They had waited a couple minutes and then Tohru had walked back out of the kitchen carrying what looked like a fairly weighty box. He stood up, "Hey, Tohru, what is that?"

She stopped walking and smiled, "oh, this is my present from Shigure. He wanted to give it to me in private"

"Oh, well, what is it?" I asked her.

She looked to the side, "oh..um, Shigure asked me not to tell anyone." And then she ran up to her room.

End flashback

He wondered what she had in that box...he scowled, if that damn Shigure had given her some nasty outfit to wear while she cleaned the house he was seriously gonna murder him! He sighed and leaned up, noticing the computer had loaded. He typed in his screen name: KittyCat Kyo. He smirked as he signed on. Tohru would probably think it was cute.

He looked at his BuddyList when it loaded. No one was online. He really wanted to just chat with someone. He scanned the directory for some names. No one sounded very interesting. Except one name that caught his eye. Tohru Honda? "How weird...this is the only computer in the house, I've never seen her on it. And it says she's online too..." He double clicked on the screen name and a blush rose to his cheeks. Her screen name was KyosKitten? He decided he would IM her. But...it wasn't possible that was was Tohru...

Kittycat Kyo: So, I'm supposed to believe you're Tohru? And...my kitten?


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