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BTW, In order to understand this story if you haven't already go read the one shot fic entitled Without You: The Aftermath which is the 1st sequel.

Chapter 1:

"The difference between holding on to a hurt or releasing it with forgiveness is like the difference between laying your head down at night on a pillow filled with thorns or a pillow filled with rose petals ". -Loren Fischer

"What the kind of a name is See-ra?"

"It's Sierra dumbass-- it's a Spanish name."

"Why the hell would you want to name a kid something no one can pronounce?"

"It's a unique name Ryan--it stands out against all the common names there are nowadays."

"Rebecca--don't listen to Jennifer, you name a kid something like that then you're exposing the poor thing to years of taunts and bullying!"

"Look just because you were a freak when you were younger doesn't mean that---"

"They still going at it?" Michael asked his wife as he walked into the living room with Cameron. Jennifer, Rebecca, and Ryan, Jennifer's roommate, were setting in the living room picking out baby names for Michael and Rebecca.

"Of course--I'm surprised they're able to stay in the same house," Rebecca laughed as she looked at Jennifer and Ryan who were still fighting over what the baby's name should be.

Michael laughed and sat down beside his wife while Cameron went over to Ryan and tapped his shoulder, Ryan looked over to see Cameron and smiled, "Hey buddy what's kicking?"

"Will you pway with me--daddy says he's tired," Cameron said as he gave a toothy grin. Ryan laughed, "Sure buddy--let's go," Ryan said as he scooped up Cameron over his shoulder and headed towards the backyard, "we'll continue this later Jen Jen," Ryan called over his shoulder.

Jennifer rolled her eyes as she set the book of baby's names down on the floor next to her and sighed, Rebecca looked down at Jennifer and said, "Are you two always like this?"

"Basically," Jennifer laughed as she went from the floor to the couch beside Michael. "So have you three came to any conclusions on a name yet?" Michael asked.

"Well,--" Jennifer started to say but was interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing, Jennifer walked over to the table and looked at the caller ID, she sighed and sat down on the cushioned stool next to the table. Rebecca saw the look on her nieces face and looked at the caller ID, she looked over at Michael and he sighed and went to pick up the phone.

"Hey man," Michael said as he walked out of the room to talk. Rebecca watched Michael leave and then looked over at Jennifer, who was still setting there chewing her lip.

"You know--it would do both of you some good if you would just talk to him," Rebecca advised quietly.

Jennifer sighed and put her face in her hands, "I can't bring myself to talk to him right now," she said softly.

"Honey--he's been calling here everyday, why can't you just talk to him?" Rebecca asked.

"Because," Jennifer said as she stood up, "if I had never even went back and saw him and Stacy together then I would have never known--both of them didn't even have the nerve to call me and tell me--and now he just expects me to be understanding? I don't think so!"

"I know that what they did was wrong but has it ever occurred to you that Randy hooked up with Stacy as a rebound?" Rebecca pointed out.

"Even if that's true it doesn't matter anymore--me and Randy are done," Jennifer said as she headed outside with Cameron and Ryan.

Rebecca sighed and Michael walked back into the room, he sat down beside his wife and put the phone back on its cradle. "How is he?" Rebecca asked.

"Not any better--he's a real mess right now," Michael said as he picked up the remote.

"Him and Stacy still together?" Rebecca asked as she took a sip of her drink.

"Na--I don't think they were really officially together in the first place, I think it was one of those things where Randy was upset and Stacy was the first girl to come along," Michael explained.

"That's what I tell Jennifer but no matter what I say she won't have anything to do with him," Rebecca said.

"I guess it's something that only she can fix," Michael said.

"I don't know -- I'm just worried that she's just going to keep pushing everyone away," Rebecca said.


"Jennifer! Look at me!" Cameron shouted as Ryan pushed him on the swing. Jennifer laughed as she watched Cameron yell with excitement, she walked over to Ryan and watched quietly.

Ryan looked over at Jennifer and said, "He called again?"

Jennifer looked up at Ryan, "How did you know?" she asked curiously.

"Because," Ryan started as he gave Cameron another push, "Everytime he calls you get this depressed and puppy dog look on your face," he said.

"I do not," Jennifer defended as she sat down on the other swing.

Ryan stopped Cameron on the swing and watched as he went running off, "When are you going to stop lying to yourself? He loves you, you love him end of story," Ryan said to Jennifer as he sat down on the swing Cameron was on.

"It's not that easy," Jennifer said.

"Maybe it's because you're too proud to go after him," Ryan pointed.

"No--maybe it's because he's just like a typical male--the word commitment not being in their vocabulary," Jennifer said as she stood up to leave.

"For someone who used Princeton as an excuse to run away sure seems like they have a commitment problem of their own," Ryan yelled after her.


Randy sighed as he slammed the phone down angrily, Why won't she just talk to him? Because you slept with her best friend you asshole, his inner voice said. Randy laid back on the bed in his hotel room and closed his eyes, Ever since Jennifer found out about him and Stacy he'd tried to get Jen to talk to him but she wouldn't have anything to do with him. After she left, him and Stacy decided to end their "relationship" if you wanted to call it one, sure she was good in terms of taking his mind off of Jennifer but it was only temporarily.

The knocking of the door interrupted his thoughts as he slowly walked over to the door and looked out the peephole--it was Stacy. Randy sighed and opened the door, "Hey Stace," he said quietly.

Stacy bit her lip nervously as she said, "Hey--um can we talk?"

Randy ran his through his short hair and held the door open for Stacy to enter, ever since they decided to stop seeing each other they had avoided each other at all costs so he wandered why she would all of a sudden show up. He closed the door and turned to see Stacy standing in the middle of the room with her arms crossed across her chest. "What did you want to talk about?" Randy asked after a few moments of silence.

Stacy looked up at Randy and noticed the hurt in his eyes, she asked quietly, "Have you talked to her yet?"

Randy shook his head, "No--she won't talk to me." Stacy nodded her head, "Yeah I've been trying to get ahold of her too but she won't return my calls."

Randy sighed as he sat down on the bed and put his face in his hands, "I don't know what to do Stace--I call and I call but she won't have anything to do with me. I try so hard to forget her and move on but I can't!" he said desperately.

Stacy walked over to Randy and hesitantly placed a hand on his back, "I'm sorry Randy--this is all my fault if I hadn't came to your room that night--"

The mention of that made Randy look up, yes he remembered that night all too well. He had come back to the hotel after the show--he had gotten "the lecture" from Vince after his match saying that his performance was terrible and that he better straighten out whatevers on his mind.


Randy opened the door in anger and saw Stacy standing there with a worried look on her face, "What do want Stacy?" he asked in a cold voice. At this point he didn't want to see anyone, much less the best friend of HER.

Stacy seemed taken back with his attitude for a few moments before responding, "I saw you leave earlier and you looked upset and with what happened today I just came to see how you are doing."

Randy looked at Stacy for a few moments, "How do you think I'm doing Stacy? huh? The only girl I've ever gave a damn about just left me without so much as a look back, I got yelled at by Vince for my performance tonight and to top it all off you're here asking me stupid questions--so you tell me how you think I'm doing!" Randy yelled.

Stacy stood there in shock as Randy proceeded to hit the door violently, he stood there for a few minutes before looking Stacy in the eye, Stacy saw the hurt and pain in his eyes and before she could do anything else he had slid down to the floor in a fit of tears. Stacy gasped as she saw the vulnerability in Randy's eyes as he let the tears take over him. She slowly leaned down next to Randy cupped her hands around his face, "It's okay to cry Randy," she said softly as she pulled him into a hug.

"God it hurts Stacy--it hurts," Randy said. Stacy pulled back and said softly, "I know it does Randy--it's gonna be okay," she grabbed Randy's hands in comfort. Randy looked down at their hands and then up at Stacy, "I just want to get rid of this hurt Stace--I don't want to hurt anymore," he whispered. Stacy licked her lips and slowly leaned in to kiss Randy on the cheek to calm him down, she pulled away and noticed that Randy had stopped crying. He placed a shaky hand on her neck as he pulled Stacy's lips towards his. Stacy's eyes widened as she felt Randy's lips on hers, she pulled away and looked at him with confused eyes.

"Randy," she whispered questionably before Randy pulled her in for another kiss, "I need to forget her Stacy--help me forget her," he said fiercely between kisses as he slowly stood up and bought Stacy with him. Stacy meanwhile was taken back with his actions but was soon responding to him as he wrapped an arm around her waist and used the other to push open the door....

End of Flashback:

"You okay Randy?" Stacy asked as she sat down beside Randy.

Randy shook his head of all thoughts and looked over at Stacy, " I miss her so much Stace," he said softly.

Stacy placed a hand on Randy's shoulder and said, " I know you do Randy--I know."

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