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Dark Wings

Chapter Eight

Dark Doings


Daisuke squeezed his eyes tighter shut. Just five more minutes…

Daisuke! Wake up! Damnit wake up!

"Dark?" he opened his eyes slowly and found himself staring at a dull silver wall. He was lying on his stomach and his shirt was off. He tried to sit up to find that he was strapped down.

"What's going on?" he asked drowsily.

I don't know! But I've been trying to switch with you for an hour and I can't!

Daisuke blinked, trying to clear the fuzzy dots from his eyes and looked around. From what he could see, he was in a lab of some sort. Papers and complex looking machines were spread out all over tables around the room. But what caught his attention the most was not items scattered around the room, but the large machine in the center. It was vast, stretching up towards the ceiling. It resembled a snail's shell with its lights and wires swirling towards the center. Men in white lab coats were working around it, constantly making adjustments and writing down observations on their clip boards.

A whirring noise caught his attention. Daisuke tilted his head up the best he could to see the source of the sound. His eyes widened. Positioned directly over him was a spiked disc. This particular spiked disc seemed to sport rapidly spinning blades. Right. Over. His. Head!

"Oh, don't worry, boy. Those blades aren't for you…" a stout, balding doctor with a rather sadistic smirk stood over the redhead.

"Let me go!" he yelled, struggled with the metal bands that held him in place.

"That would defeat the whole purpose of catching you."

"What do you want with me?"

"Not with you…" he poked the seal on Daisuke's back. "I'm afraid neither of you will survive our little experiment though…"

Daisuke's eyes widened even more and he began to thrash around wildly, metal digging into his skin. Two doctors struggled to keep him still while a third jammed a needle into his side, pushing in an anesthetic. He drifted into unconsciousness, tears blurring his vision. "Satoshi…"

Satoshi sighed and pulled off his glasses as he went through the text for about the hundredth time.

"What exactly does that crap say?" Krad asked, glancing down at the book as they stopped at a red light.

"It's a prophecy. And it has very specific references to Dark and Daisuke."

"What are the details of the prophecy?"

"It talks about the combination of science and magick. Drawing out Dark to create some sort of…weapon or something…" he flipped the page. "Like right here, it says, 'The seal shall be destroyed and the dark child shall be fed to the monster. It shall then seek to absorb the light. For only then will it have the strength to devour the world.'"

"Ah, happy. How do you know that it's referring to Dark?"

Satoshi took the book and held it up, "Look. It's Daisuke's seal. That enough is proof. But I have gone through the text thoroughly and I am certain it pertains to Daisuke and Dark."

"Anything else about that monster?"

"It is actually pretty vague. The text uses a multitude of names to describe it. Only one name is used more than once."

"Which is?"

"They call it a child of destiny."

"Hmm" he bit his lip in thought.

"What are you thinking?"

"A crazy old fortune telling hag mentioned something about that… and she gave me a bag of magic rocks…"

"…magic rocks?"

"Yeah, maybe we should use those to save Dark?"

"I'm not putting my Daisuke's life in the hands of magic rocks."

"Idiot, rocks don't have hands."

"Shut up!"

"Any news?"

"Yes, m'lord" a nervous attendant said, handing a glass of wine to the darkly clad man. "The demon of the seal is ready to be extracted. Everything should be ready by the time the plane arrives."

He looked out the window, lazily watching the passing clouds. "And Krad?"

"He's there too, m'lord"


"Could you hurry please?"

"You want to try this?"

Satoshi was trying to quickly bypass the security that would shut down the security grid. Krad was shooting anyone that approached.

"I'm going to run out of ammo soon! Go faster!"

"I'm trying as fast as I can!"

Krad growled and shot at another guard.

"Okay, got it"

"Good" he kicked out the wire grating of the window and slipped inside, pulling in Satoshi after him. "Which way to Dark?"

Dr. Lansen looked up as the flashing lights indicating as security breech illuminated the room in interchanging blue and red. He let out a sigh. This would have to be done quickly.

"Start the extraction" he commanded.

"Yes, doctor," another man in a lab coat typed in some codes into a computer and watched as the spinning blades lowered themselves to Daisuke's back.

The blades paused just above the skin. The seal was glowing, stopping the blades path. A last attempt at protecting both the sealed and seal-bearer.

Lansen smirked as the blades resumed their movement. As the blades lowered into Daisuke's back, there was no blood nor was there any sign that the blades had even broken the skin. But it was obvious that it was painful.

Daisuke's eyes snapped opened. He screamed.

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