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Well, here it is. This is my first fanfic so please don't kill me if it's too bad.




Chapter 1- Terra

All the Teen Titans were doing their own thing. Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg were playing video games (N/A big surprise). Starfire was making galorp in the kitchen. Raven had a book in front of her face, but she wasn't reading. She was thinking. Raven had finally been able to control her powers fully. Well, enough to tell Beast Boy she loved him. She loved Beast Boy. Who would have thought? She, the Goth gal, loved Beast Boy, the joker. She wasn't sure how it happened. After Terra left, Beast Boy was in a state of depression. She had been the one to comfort him. Then she woke up with a soaring heart. She was sure that she wasn't gay, so that ruled out Starfire. Robin was too... good. She wasn't into that. Cyborg was just her friend, she was sure of that. So that left Beast Boy. He made Raven feel happy, and that was good for her. She was too tight with her feelings. Being happy stopped her depression. Raven looked up over her book to watch Beast Boy. He was beautiful. Everything about him. His curves, the way he fit into his costume, the way he smiled, the way he laughed...everything. The doorbell rung, jerking Raven out of her trance.

"I'll get it," said Beast Boy. Beast Boy opened the door to reveal... Terra.

Talk about a cliffhanger. Well there it is. I'm sorry if it's short, but this is the shortest chapter. Most of my chapters will be short, but things happen fast in my stories. I like to cut to the chase.