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Chapter 11- The end

Beast Boy! Oh no, oh no, oh NO! yelled Raven. She flew to her husband. He

had fainted. She shook him, but he didn't wake. Raven was sobbing and things were

exploding everywhere. She noticed the other Titans trying to get to her, but there was a

black force field blocking them. Raven was trying hard to control her powers, but she

could only hold on for so long. Beast Boy's gash was bleeding harder. He was turning

white, which made his wound even more vivid against his skin. Raven was falling into

Beast Boy's wound, feeling all his pain. She couldn't let Beast Boy die. No way.

Don't leave me Beast Boy, said Raven and she put her head to Beast Boy's


Hold on to me, love

You know I can't stay long

all I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid

Can you hear me?

Can you feel me in your arms?


Holding my last breath

safe inside myself

are all my thoughts of you

sweet raptured light

it ends here tonight

I'll miss the winter

a world of fragile things

look for me in the white forest

hiding in a hollow tree (come find me)

I know you here me

I can taste it in your tears


Closing your eyes to disappear

you pray your dreams will leave you hear

but still you wait and know the truth

no one's there

Say goodnight

don't be afraid

calling me calling me as you fade to black

I won't let you die Beast Boy, whispered Raven. She raised her head.

I WON'T! Raven yelled, losing complete control. Her powers burst out of her,

forming into a black raven. The raven raised them fell into Beast Boy's wound. All of

Raven's energy was making the deadly gash slowly disappear. It wasn't enough. Soon

Raven realized that it was not only her powers, but also her life force going into Beast

Boy. The wound slowly disappeared. Raven fell to the ground, knocked unconscious.

Look, she's waking up!Thank the glrofex!Hey little lady. You alright?

Raven slowly opened her eyes. She saw Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin leaning over

her. It was too white and blue. Raven shielded her eyes and asked, Where am I? Where's

Beast Boy?You should be more worried about yourself! You almost died! said Robin.

Where is Beast Boy!It's okay, don't have a heart attack. He's in the bed next to you, sleeping. Raven

quickly turned her eyes to view her husband. His horrible wound had healed. He was fine.

Raven sighed in relief. She turned to inspect her teammates. They were all fine, until

Raven noticed something on Starfire's hand.

Starfire, what is that on your hand? asked Raven.

I believe it is customary to wear a little shinny round thing on your hand when

you are being bound to someone for all eternity, answered Starfire. Raven stared at her

in confusion.

She means that we're getting married, translated Robin.

You're getting married? That's wonderful! said Raven.

That isn't the only good news, little lady, said Cyborg.

said Raven in confusion.

You're pregnant! With twins! said Cyborg.

OMG (N/A I did that to suit whatever you think the g would stand for)! What

sex? asked Raven, ecstatic.

A boy and a girl, said Robin.

How long have I been pregnant?About five months.FIVE MONTHS?Hey it takes four months to make sure your actually going to have the child- or

in this case children.This is great!What's great? asked Beast Boy, rising from his bed. Raven turned to hug him.

I'm pregnant! With twins! A boy and a girl! said Raven.

That's so awesome!

Four months later, on October 31

Calm down, Raven, said Beast Boy. Raven and him were at the hospital, and

Raven was giving birth to their twins. Luckily, nothing was breaking.

yelled Raven in pain.

Here comes the first twin! said a nurse and a little girl appeared. She had green

skin and hair.

said Beast Boy, smiling. The girl started crying and something near her


Looks like dad, has mom's powers, said Beast Boy.

Here give her this, said Raven and handed Beast Boy a charka (N/A Is that what

its called? Its Ravens gem). Beast Boy took it and stuck it to the girl's forehead. it

stayed there. This time nothing broke.

It will keep her for destroying anything until she's 10, said Raven, in answer to

Beast Boy's questioning look.

A half and hour later

yelled Raven.

Here comes the twin, said the nurse. The little boy appeared. This one had

purple hair and eyes. Raven weakly put out her arms to hold her little baby. She placed

him next to his twin, but soon Raven was staring at a fish. Raven laughed.

Looks like dad, but has mom's powers and looks like mom but has dad's powers.

There's been a mix up, said Raven.

What are their names, asked the nurse. Raven and Beast Boy had already

figured this out.

The girl is Lavender, and the boy is Haku.

A few days later

Raven and Beast Boy left the hospital, with Lavender and Haku.

Hello, friends! said Starfire in delight. She and Robin had just come back from

their honeymoon, leaving Cyborg all alone at the Tower. Every single villain the Titans

had fought was either dead, or in prison. The Titans had had a long rest. When Raven

gazed at her twins, she realized she still had a lot of work to do.

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