Addicted To You


by: Cynic X

proof read by: Vash the Stampede

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Summary: I got the motivation for this story after watching the movie: Addicted to love.  It's a cute movie if you ever need something to do on a rainy day.  Basically Kagome was dumped by Kouga so he can go out with Inuyasha's girlfriend Kikyo.  Now single, Inuyasha and Kagome decide to team up and make their ex's lives miserable.  But what happens when the start developing feelings for each other?

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Chapter 1: Breakups and Beginnings

Kagome growled as she parted some branches, trying to make a space that she would be able to see through.  It was a sunny afternoon, but instead of enjoying it, she was here, crawling between bushes trying to get a view of her boyfriend ... make that her ex-boyfriend...Kouga. 

"I can't believe how he is acting!" She hissed quietly as she pulled a twig and some leaves from her long black hair.  Everything was fine up until last week.  Then all of a sudden, Kouga started acting weird.  He stopped calling Kagome, and when she called him to see if things were okay, he wouldn't call her back.  She would IM him online, but it always seemed like he was distracted and it would take him ages to answer her.  The breaking point though, was when she had made plans to meet him at the movies.  She waited an hour for him in the rain outside the theatre, but he never showed up.  She called and called him from her cell phone, but she only got his voice mail.  She left messages, but they were never to be returned.  She went to school the next day and saw him sitting with Kikyo, the most popular girl at school. Kikyo was gorgeous, smart, and all the guys seemed to be in love with her.  Kikyo and Kouga were talking and laughing, and when Kagome walked by, he didn't even notice her, let alone stop and say "hi".  Then at lunch, she went to their usual table, and he was sitting with Kikyo.  She could take a hint, even if she didn't understand why Kouga broke up with her.

Today, Kagome had spotted Kouga leaving school with Kikyo.  On impulse, she decided to follow them and was careful not to be seen.  The pair stopped behind the school's track.  They were sitting on the grass a short distance from her talking and Kouga had wrapped one arm around Kikyo.  Kagome tried as much as she could to listen to what they were saying, but all she could make out was mumbling.

'I remember when he used to hold me like that…' Kagome though sadly as she watched the happy couple.  'I thought we were so happy…we got along so well…He was everything I wanted in a guy…' She stated silently to herself as she fought back the urge to cry.  Kagome had met Kouga when he started going to her school.  He was a new student, and since the only free desk in her first period class was next to Kagome, Kouga was told to sit there.  She started talking to him, and the two found out that they shared many of the same classes.  Kouga seemed grateful to have a friend in his new school, and Kagome was glad she had someone to talk to.  Its not that she didn't have friends, but Kagome was smart, and it tended to intimidate a lot of guys who couldn't handle a girl having a mind of her own.  Kagome and Kouga started studying together and eating lunch at the same table, and before she knew it, he asked her if she would be his girlfriend.  She had accepted, and things had been great since.

"This is just so frustrating!" Kagome moaned as she tried to push the bushes apart so she could her them better.  'If he was going to use me and then dump me, at least be a man about it and tell me to my face!' she thought with anger as she continued to rearrange leaves so she could see them better…when suddenly something grabbed her foot.  Startled, Kagome was about to scream out in alarm, when she felt a warm hand cover her mouth.  Some place behind her, someone hissed a "don't" which caused her to remain silent. 

"Back up…they're going to see you if you're not careful", came a masculine voice.  Kagome crawled out of her wedged position between the shrubs and came face to face with one of the most popular guys at school... Inuyasha.

            ''If you had made anymore noise by crawling in those stupid bushes, they would have known that someone was watching them.'' He replied as he carefully kneeled down, besides her.  Very carefully, he silently parting the leaves so he could peer through them.

            'I did that too.' Kagome thought to herself.  She still couldn't believe that she was talking to Mr. Popularity himself.  She had gone to school with this guy for the last three years, and never once had he even noticed her.  Now here he was kneeling down besides her in his blue school uniform, long black hair sliding over one shoulder. 

'What could he be doing here?' Kagome thought to herself as she tried to figure out why Inuyasha would be so concerned with what she was doing.  Immediately it hit her when she thought about the people involved.  Inuyasha had been going out with Kikyo for the last year, ever since we were juniors. Kagome couldn't believe that she hadn't figure it out sooner. 

'He's here spying on them like I was.' Kagome sighed as she looked up to see Inuyasha backing away from the bushes and looking at her.

            "Quite the couple they make, don't you think?" He asked sarcastically, his dark violet eyes focusing on her.  "Lemme guess, that jerk was your boyfriend right?"

            Kagome gulped, her green eyes going wide.  She was a nobody, a nerd, and here was the most popular guy at school talking to her on a one to one basis.  Blushing Kagome wasn't so sure how to answer his question.  Gathering her wits, she responded,

            "I just can't figure out what happened." She replied honestly, falling back on her knees as she balanced her weight on the heels of her feet.  "I was his girlfriend last week, and now he's acting like a stranger."

            "Same here…" Inuyasha answered with a growl with disgust as he stood up, shaking the dirt from his pants and pulling his hair back over his shoulder. 

"I just want to know what she sees in him?" Inuyasha replied.  "That mutt isn't even in her league, and now she's all drooling all over him.  If I had my way, I'd like to go over there and beat the crap outta him." He stated flexing his fist.

            "That won't solve anything you know.  If you want to get Kikyo back, violence is not the answer.  She will only end up liking Kouga more, and hating you for trying to break them up." Kagome answered quietly, not knowing if she should have said anything to him, since he was at the top of their school's hierarchy and all.

            "I guess your right…but if I have anything to do about it, those two will not be together for long." He stated, looking in the direction of where the pair was. 

            "You know, I was also plan on getting him back as my boyfriend too." Kagome stated, springing to her feet.  Normally she was meek and quiet, but when she got emotional, she came alive.

            "Really…we'll it seems like we have the same motive." Inuyasha replied to her.  "I like your spirit." He stated with a smirk.

            "Yeah, we'll when you go out of your way to help someone and you develop feelings for them, it's not as easy to let go as Kouga wishes to believe." Kagome replied balling her fists to help her keep her feelings in check. 

"Calm down…I think you might like what I am about to suggest." Inuyasha said, casting his head to the side with a cocky smile.

            "Oh really, and what might that be?" Kagome asked with interest.  Inuyasha was not the intellectual type, hell, he was lucky he was even going to be graduating this year.  Kagome had a hard time imagining that his one brain cell finally had a spasm and decided to work.

"I was thinking about a way that you could get your boyfriend back."

"And why would you want to help me?  I'm nothing to you" Kagome replied with suspicion in her voice.

"True, but misery loves company" Inuyasha stated.

            Kagome's solemn thoughts about Kouga returned once more.  The only way she could get Kouga back is if she somehow messed up things for him with Kikyo.

 "What are you suggesting?" Kagome replied with confusion.  "Are you thinking that we should work together to break them up?"

            "Bingo." Was the lone response from Inuyasha.

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