The Poison called Love

Ch-8-Akai Sora

"Aion-Sama, Aion-Sama."

One emerald green orb cracked open as he slipped into consciousness. His face slipping from a peaceful slumber to agitation. Aion's features darkened when he recognized the owner of the voice.


The bed chamber was filled with the rustle of fabric as Aion pulled the thick furs and pelts from his body. There was a sigh as Aion sucked in a ragged breath as the cool night air came in contact with his heated body. Aion's naked body gleamed in the night air, creamy silken skin pulled over steel. The taught muscles in his thighs flexed as he shifted off the bed and glided silently over to his cherry wood closet. He slipped on a silk robe and secured it with a Midnight blue sash.


He felt Jades aura and heard her tiny foot falls as she walked over to him. Jade was a petite woman, coming to his broad shoulders. Her maroon eyes unblinking and jet black hair cascading to her shoulders.

She was wearing a silk sleeping outfit with a robe.

Her appearance shocked him.

Her Hair tousled and unbrushed and her lower lip injured from her teeth.

Jade's face was contorted to fear, and guilt. He could see the strain in the way she held herself. Her shoulders slacking, head cocked down looking at the front of his robe. Her cinnamon orbs downcast as if she were avoiding his eyes.

He tired of her games.

She was always coming to him when she was in need of someone to talk to. It was usually about Rin and her hardships with the human child. Rin always wanting to see his cousin Sesshomaru, or go pick flowers for her Sesshomaru-Sama.

He could tell the child was troublesome from the very first sight of her.

When Rin had first come home with his Cousin, the whole city had been in an uproar.

The females hissed and the males growled at the though of the great Lord Sesshomaru being in the company of a human. All that was left of the Western City was mixed breeds of demons. All the humans had been killed or driven out of the City after Lord Toga's death.

Sesshomaru took the death as a punishment to his father for defying nature.

Humans mate with humans and Demons with demons.

That was the natural process of nature in his cousin's city. But Aion could tell that his cousins' heart was being softened by his human ward.

His mouth would tilt upward into a smirk when the child would pick flowers with her carefree nature. Jaken would be subjected to the Childs flowers when Sesshomaru would decline them.

Usually around his head or a necklace.

After Lord Toga's death the four regions had been in ciaos.

Lord Toga had not only left the title of Lord of the Western Lands to Sesshomaru in the middle of a war, but he broke one of the ancients' rules.

"You see a black bird with a black bird; you see a wolf with a wolf. What you don't see is a wolf with a black bird. They are two different species; like demons and humans. Our blood becomes contaminated when mixed with humans' blood."

Sesshomaru made sure the law was never broke again. His efforts were cruel and bitter. But the result was Sesshomaru losing his title and family if he went against the other lords. He was just a pup when he was burdened with the title. His knowledge was that of a prince.

He didn't know how to patrol his domain, his hands had never known blood just water.

His body hadn't even been through maturity, his strength growing. But 500 years later Sesshomaru grew into a powerful male. His reputation with his lands and skills growing with his knowledge. Aion had been a teenager when Sesshomaru was born.

Through Sesshomaru's childhood Aion was his mentor, Cousin and Best Friend.

Sesshomaru learned how to rule the Western Territories and politics. The Western lands were rich with growth and bursting with new life when Sesshomaru lost his father.

The loss was grieved in the youkai ritual, a burial in the royal courtyard next to Sesshomaru's Mother. His death had triggered political disarray.

Politics went into havoc; many demons were fighting for leadership off the Western Lands.

Since Sesshomaru had only Hideki and himself for leadership they both taught Sesshomaru the rules of being an Inu-Youkai Lord.

Lord Toga had favored Aion over Hideki in stamina, thus I gained the title of being the general of The Western Army.

Aion was startled from his thoughts when Jade cleared her throat.

"Aion-Sama I have come to inform you of a problem." She said while lifting her right hand to her nose and scratched at her creamy skin. That movement made Aion's eyes fallow the way her nails grazed her skin lightly as to not cut herself. He wanted to know what was bothering the woman. He knew it was important, mostly to the nervous female in front of him.

"Jade, what has befallen our Lord." He questioned calmly.

Jades eyes shifted to his face searching for a sign of blunt boredom and drowsiness. It was there shinning in his forest hued orbs.

So was annoyance. Her face grew into a tight mask of humor and her tension was released with an airy laugh.

"You are not even worried," Jade said while turning on her heals and stalking away. "Bye all means dear general go back to bed." She said while stopping at the large oak doors. Aion straightened his shoulders and walked over to his window.


"Jade I assure you I am quite interested, now sit and tell me what has you troubled." He said while he leaned lazily against the large carved glass window. One hip propping his body against the glass while he gazed out at the inky darkness blanketing the atmosphere out of the castle.

There were villagers walking with their young around the rock streets and guards laughing with each other in restlessness. There spears propped up on the cool wood sidings of a hut. The lights of fire flickering in the distance caught his attention and he let his gaze fallow the glow's trail. Two teenagers were sleeping away from the city, gazing at the stars with contempt. There fur wrapped over each other for warmth and protection. The night was crisp with a slight bite of winter in the coming. The night seemed calm and tranquil, the stars dotting the sky like jewels under the sun. The moon casting an eerie glow over the Western City.

Jade turned her head towards Aion and sighed. She let her hand slip form the doors slick surface and glided over to Aion.

"Have you herd of where Lord Sesshomaru went so fast?" She questioned while coming to stand next to the window with him. She watched the tree's sway with the mild breeze and felt tranquil next to her old lover.

"No, I have not had a good conversation with our lord for days." He stated lazily.

"The Western Lands are falling. The prince of the Northern Lands has come to terms with his title and wishes to expand his territory. And his eyes have fallen on the Western expanse. Sesshomaru has neglected his responsibilities for some time now. In doing so he has given the imitation that he does not wish to be Lord further." Aion switched his eyes to Jades reflection in the stained glass.

"What will you do?" She asked quietly.

"Command his army should their be the issue." He stated with a sigh.

"What of Sesshomaru." Jade questioned noting the look of weariness etched in Aion's features.

Aion ran a clawed hand trough his midnight locks in agitation, "My Cousin will keep these lands, and will stand next to me in war."

Aion traced a pattern on the steamed window out of weariness. Jade watched his gesture and followed his movements.

Jade smirked, "Are you well?"

He noted the smirk on her face and grinned, "Do you intend to ask me of my health or laugh at me?"

"Maybe both." They both smirked as their hands dropped to their sides.

"Bye the way you're a bad artist." She coughed out form her fit of giggles.

The room's shadows bathed them in inky blackness. Aion stared at Jade as she stared at his green eyes. His face was bathed in the moons light giving him the look of a Greek god. His freckled, masculine cheeks lifted into a grin. His curled midnight mane flowing down his back like the flow of silk.

Jade looked into his eyes and remembered those nights of passion and heated sex.

Their joining was not out of choice. A child was needed from him as the leader of the Western Army. Should he die his offspring would take up the position. Jade had just turned the age to have children, so Aion thought his blood mixed with her innocence would make a strong result.

They had mated many times till a child was conceived. Her womb had been weak, the lining thin, she had to be careful while pregnant. She had been bed ridden for months. Aion would visit her, bringing her fine silk and accessories for her suffering.

He had been a great lover.

He was always gentle with her, smiling and laughing with her. Suffering with her when she would have hormone problems.

The child they had created had been a girl.

A beautiful child.

She had long green hair and eyes with freckles like her father.

But after Rei was born his visits with her reduced to none. His actions toward her gruff like he pushed her aside as soon as he was done with her.

During her pregnancy she had started to get feelings every time she met with him.

And the emotion bloomed into what they call love. She wanted to see him every day and wouldn't sleep without him. Rei only added to her desperation until she couldn't look at her anymore without seeing his face.

She had decided to start teaching Sesshomaru's ward in martial arts to get her mind off Aion.

Their child was now two years younger than Rin. She was four years away form the age when she would have to leave Jade's side and start living and learning with her father. Jade would visit the child when the time came, but until then she wouldn't let any one have her.

But days got harder and longer as Jade started to miss Aion again. She would walk bye his room at night and smell his scent in his room. She would stand right outside his door and just listen inside. He would open the door and she would walk away embarrassed.

But she loved him and she always would.

She just wished she could tell him how she felt and felt it be returned.

But it never would.

She shifted her gaze down to her bear feet and felt suddenly nervous.

"Well the reason I came here tonight was because the human girl that has been a guest to Sesshomaru has been kidnapped. Sesshomaru has gone to save her. I was….kidnapped also but returned. So I thought you should know that Naraku has again started to mess with the Western Lands. But this time I fear it will be death that ends it." She trailed off as she turned her small back towards him in shame.

"You were caught, as well as a guest in Sesshomaru's care. That is shame, you should know this."

Aion pushed off the wall with his hip and walked up behind her, "You were not hurt?"

Jade felt her face flush and her body twitch at his nearness. She nodded her head abruptly and stepped away form his nearness. His words replayed in her head making her head snap up in furry. She turned around and came face to face with his chest. She tilted her head and her eyes narrowed to slits. Her hands plastered to her sides bawled into fists as she fumed.

"I did not ask for your scolding, I knew what I had committed and do not wish to repeat it. So your reprimand was not necessary Captain. Now if you will excuse me I will take my leave." She stocked away form him in cold furry. Her body was tensed and her brain was working in undeleted scripts. Her movements resembled that of a mad man. She muttered to her self as she slammed his oak door shut. She looked around the hallway and felt her face turn red.

'I just told off Aion. I just told off….oh man he's going to be mad.'

She stood in the hall with her face resembling a cherry until she sniffled.

'He will never forgive me for shaming his blood. He probably wishes he never mated with me.' She sniffled again.

'He said that I was a shame. He is ashamed of me. But I want him to love me, not be ashamed of me.' She blinked away a flood of tears.

She raced to her room as a painful though hit her, 'He probably will take another female to bare another child because mine is shameful.'

Kagura paced the cold ground of the cave with her fan clutched in her right hand. The air around her buzzing with electricity form her fast strides. Her face was contorted into a sinister smile. Her eyes held happiness.

The cave was silent except for the occasional drip of water on the ground and squeaks of fruit bats perched atop the cave in slumber. Kagome's body was now Akasha's, but she had but to wake up to see if she still had her soul. Her body resembled the dead princesses so much that kagura was awed.

The long tangled maroon hair with silver tips. And the tall lean feminine body with demonic markings. Her face was creamy with a small nose and shapely rose bud lips. Her forehead had the sign of princess of the Northern Lands embroidered in the center of her cinnamon brows. Her eye lids were lined with silver and her thick lashes framed her eyes like a fan. Her body was ice cold with a stiffness that would take weeks to work the soreness out.

She had been out for many hours.

Kagura deemed her to be out for several days. But she didn't have the time. Naraku was becoming more inpatient with her for not being back in a day. He thought she had gone on one of his errands but in truth she was here in this cave planning his demise. She tilted her head back and stared at the winged rats adoring the top of the cave and her smirk grew into a grin.

Kagura felt Sesshomaru's demon Ki radiating form her spot in the cave. His Ki spread like a perfume on the wind. His anger colored his aura like a spring kimono with sensual colors mixed in. His anger was directed at her for taking the Miko from under his protection without permission. She laughed dryly.

"Well can't keep you waiting My Lord." She stated while turning her gaze to the front of the cave. She followed its murky walls to the entrance and found the light. She walked out of the cave and followed Sesshomaru's Ki away from the cave.

The day was not hot or cold. It bordered on perfect. The wind blew enough for a leaf lifting experience but not gusts. Kagura walked slowly through groves of pines into an open field of daises. The dew on the petals collecting at the bottom of her kimono like a stain making it stick to her bare legs. She felt Sesshomaru staring at her form within one of the trees and sighed.

"I wish to speak with you Lord Sesshomaru. I do not wish to fight." She stated while straining her eyes for signs of the demon.

"You told me you wished to fight by taking what is mine. And now you will die." Came a hiss of menace behind her back as she felt the cold steel of Toukijin pressed against her throat. She smirked and was about to attack when she felt a third aura to her left. She turned her head as Toukijin cut into her throat sending a small trail of life's blood down the front of her throat.

"Well the dead have arisen in time for a showdown. And your lord Sesshomaru intends to kill your only source of answers."

Sesshomaru turned his blood stained eyes on the person kagura talked to and every muscle in his body stopped blood cold. His heart constricted painfully as he recognized the demon in front of him.


Her body wasn't responding to her mind. She pulled and pulled to be able to put her body to use again but it just laid their in front of her cold and dead. She was just a white ball of energy floating lazily over a silver pool of figments of her thoughts and past experiences.

Her soul floating in the realm of between. The room she was in was bright like a light bulb and plain like a doctor's waiting room. There was a door in front of her body that was ajar. Kagome wanted to open it fully to get a good look at what else was in the realm. But her form wouldn't move. It just floated above a pool of images of her past.

She watched her past images in fascination. So many things had happened since she came to Feudal Japan. Her experiences were hard at times. Painful, tough, exciting, and it even helped her to mature into a young adult. But now that she was about to die she didn't want to go back. She knew she was almost dead. She knew what kagura had done. Knew that if she went back to earth she would be different. But she didn't know how or why. She just knew.

She looked back at her body and tried once again to float over to it. Her form flickered, but didn't move, just floated their like air in a breeze. She felt frustration and mental strain take over her soul and sighed.

'I want to move, I don't care where but I want to move.' She sighed in frustration.

'Is that your wish kagome?'

'What, who are you.' She stuttered.

'An angel. Now is that your wish to move.' The voice sounded ethereal and peaceful. Kagome smiled.


'As you wish dear.'

'Hey wait.'

But kagome was cut off as she saw the images underneath her soul blacken and her white room slowly fade.

'No.' kagome mentally screamed as her soul raced back to earth. She didn't mean to go back but to be able to move. She felt light as she felt her soul spread into a body and fill the empty soulless cavern. She knew she was back in the Feudal Era and smiled in spite of herself.

'Well I was dead and I also met an Angel. Score 2 for kagome.' But her smile faded when her body was flooded with new pains and aches. She felt her blood start to flow as the body came to life. Her heart started to beat and her eyes fluttered under her lids. Her body felt different, like it was changed somehow.

Then a thought filed into her mind.

What if her body hadn't left the realm of in between and she was in a new body. Not her own human one but a dead body brought back with the ritual kagura had used.

She felt around for ties and ropes holding her down and sighed happily when she came up with none.

She tried to pull herself into a sitting position but her bodies' energy was still building. She had to pull herself over the bamboo table by using the bawls of her feet as her hands. She placed the palms of her hands carefully on the end of the table and pulled herself off the table.

She fell to the floor face first into a heap.

Her legs were like noodles, the muscles weren't connected with sinew or bones. She lay on the cold ground while her bones grew and cartilage formed in her knees. The cracking of bones could be heard as her back realigned. Her insides were forming along with her reproductive glands. Her skin lightened and grew to a healthy glow.

She lifted her eyes to the ceiling of the cave a sighed in relief when she could see in color. Her nerves and hormones were still forming so that the pain of her body combining hadn't even fazed her in the least. Her sound was as clear as day and her sight sharp like the edge of a knife.

She felt her body buzzing as her last body arrangements were made. She wanted to look at her self some how but was afraid of what she would see staring back. She pushed her self off the ground and gasped in horror. She lifted her hands to examine the sharp points for nails and the strips painted across her wrist. She looked down at her other body parts and a strangled cry escaped her mouth.

There were red strips curved across her rib cage like tattoo's and thick strips across her hips. She noticed her hips and legs were longer than her previous body and knew had to be at least five inches taller. She had perfectly toned thighs and a nice firm buttocks. She felt something brush her back and looked to see her maroon hair with silver highlights. Her mane fell to the back of her knees, and when kagome gathered it into her hands it felt like the finest silk kimono.

'Im a demon.' Kagome mentally cried out.

She was scarred.

Her body wasn't hers anymore.

She wasn't human anymore.

'Oh god im not human anymore.' She groaned in despair.

She wanted to cry but her body's lack of water or food made it so she was unable to cry. She released her hair and shifted them over to hold onto the table as she looked at her feet. Her feet were normal; the small toe nails a healthy pink. She wiggled them and felt an answering sensation go up her spine as the wind picked up in the cave.

Her nipples hardened from the breeze and her skin prickled as she felt her first emotion.


Kagome felt a tingle start in her spine. Kagome spotted a blanket over in the corner of the room and limped over and snatched it up. She twisted it around her body for shelter and tucked it in the back for safety. She looked around the cave observing her surroundings. Her eyes followed the air current she felt and knew the entrance to the cave was in front of her.

'Where is kagura and.' Kagome's head snapped to the spot where the Dark Miko had lain dead with betray. There was no blood no body just past memories and a stale scent of herbs. Kagome felt sympathy for the old woman, but it just turned to hate as she remembered that she was the one that helped to put her in the new body. Kagome walked slowly to the opening in the wall and peered in the long hallway of the cave. She knew kagura was somewhere.

And that fueled kagome's determination to find the entrance.

As she walk down the silent black cave hallway she remembered Sesshomaru was in danger off the traps kagura had set up. She felt her momentum increase and her strides grew more turf and she was running in no time. She raced to the entrance of the cave and out into the afternoon air.

The sun stung her senses.

Alerted her skin with warmth.

She didn't remember even being so happy to be in the sun. The heat felt good on her back and exposed skin. The warmth adding to the tingle in her spine. She walked over to a nearby pine tree and laid her hand on its surface. Her demon senses felt very line and indent of the fine wood. She felt a pattern like the bark had a century old story to tell. She turned her gaze to the East and felt something in the pit of her stomach flutter. She knew that feeling even in her new body. That was the feeling she got every time she was near Sesshomaru. She felt her heart speed up in excitement.

She let her hand drop to her side as she raced in the direction her senses were directing her to go. She ran through a grove of pines dotted with raven nests and a small stream. She ran until her stomach was overwhelmed wit the sensation. She stopped as her heart soared. But her eyes were not happy to see Sesshomaru as much as she thought. It was more about the blade that was held tightly against Kagura's throat letting a small trail of blood flow form the pressure.

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