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After the Storm

It started out innocent enough. She had been talking to Kyō, and he started looking at her in a way that made her want to tell him just how much he meant to her. Thank God that thinking the words didn't trigger the curse that Mayura had put on him. Alice's heart was pounding in her ears, and she opened her mouth to say those forbidden words—

"Alice, have you seen Kyō?" Frey burst in, and he and Kyo exchanged some words about knocking. Alice thought to herself what perfect timing he had, as she had been about to hurt Kyo for the second time by telling him how she felt.

"You can go now, Kyo. You don't have to worry about me. Please think only of Mayura." She told him. He looked at her in shock, and quietly left the room, Frey telling him that Chris had Kyo's motercycle brought here. Alice looked at the floor nervously.

"Alice!" Frey said cheerfully after Kyo had left the room. "Why not just tell him you love him?" Alice noted the wonderful color of the carpet. Frey wasn't discouraged. "Sure, it's a sordid, scandalous affair, but…" Frey trailed off as he noticed something that made him flinch.

It was the one thing that all men feared as much as the dreaded words, 'We need to talk', or 'I love you'. Something even the bravest of the brave ran from. Tears.

"I can't tell him. If I did he'd die…" Alice had lost Frey. He had no idea what she was talking about. "Besides, it's my fault all this happened to Mayura." Alice rubbed her eyes and kept talking, "I'm such a hypocrite. I love to hear him say those things to me. I want to hear him say them. It's so wicked of me…" she rubbed her eyes harder as more tears came out. "How can such a hypocrite ever be a true Lotis Master? I've never had that kind of…confidence--"

Suddenly she was in his arms, surrounded by the comfort that his scent brought. It made her smile, because he smelled like the blueberry jam he had been munching on earlier. Underneath it was his own personal scent. It reminded her of the way that the air smells just after a storm, when the rain has purified it. She'd always loved that smell.

"You can do it. You were chosen for a reason, Alice." he spoke softly, his voice had a calming effect on her and somhow made her want to believe what he was saying. "But if loving Kyo is too much," pulling back slightly he wiped away a tear with a finger. Frey looked at her with his clear green eyes. She had never been very good at telling what people were thinking, and this was no exception. Behind the silly young man who loved eating jam and goofing off, was someone she didn't know. Since when was he so serious?!

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she remembered that Nyozeka should have been here. Where was she when she needed her?!

Alice struggled to look away from his enchanting emerald eyes, and succeeded, though she was blushing madly. Wasn't Kyo supposed to be the only one who could make her heart beat this fast against her chest? Alice was surprised that he haden't mentioned it, because she was sure that he could hear it.

"Why do you say such things? You are just joking about marrying me, aren't you?" at this Alice could hear a small 'hmph' from Frey. She felt him moving and was about to ask what he was doing when—"Eek!!"—he had pushed her back onto the bed, and was partially laying on top of her.

"Tell yourself I'm just joking, if you want. I just want you to be happy, Alice." As he said this, his braid fell down and tickled her neck. "Greed, insecurity, jealousy—they're natural feelings. We all have darkness in our hearts. What matters is whether we succumb to it or control it. Your heart can spread light and hope, or darkness. It's up to you." though she couldn't figure out what this had to do with her, she wondered about what he said. Everyone has a little darkness in their hearts? What was Frey's darkness?

Frey smiled at her, and she tried not to notice just how attractive her friend was. "That's what out master says anyway. Don't try too hard. First believe. The power will be there when you need it." Now he brought two fingers up and gently touched the Lotis Mirror on her chest. "You have the Lotis and this key of life to help you. Don't worry, you can do it." another brilliant smile was flashed at her.

Any tomatos around right now? Cause they would be running away with shame at the color of Alice's face right now. His name escaped her lips on a whisper, "Frey…"

"I wasn't joking just now. It you're happy loving Kyo…then it's ok. But if I see that you're unhappy…" he leaned in closer to her and whispered, "To heck with Kyo, I'll take you from him." he leaned all the way down and his lips brushed her forehead. She gasped; his lips were warm and soft.

As they made their way down her cheek to her lips she had abosolutly no doubt that if he tried to take her right now, she would put up no resistance. All thoughts of Kyo flew from her mind as his lips finally made contact with her own. Her hands unconsiously wrapped themselves around his neck, and her fingers burried themselves in his hair. She had always wondered if his hair was as soft as it looked…

Oh God was the only thought that her brain was capable of making as his lips parted and his tongue brushed her bottom lip, silently asking for access. No thought was put into it as she allowed him to deepen the kiss she shouldn't have been having.

There was a knock at the door, and Alice gasped. Frey pushed off of her and quickly buttoned up his shirt. Alice sat up and tried to make herself look like she hadn't just been kissed.

"Frey, I'm going! Hey! What're you two doing?" He asked looking at his best friend and the girl that he loved.

Frey smiled again and didn't answer Kyo's question, responding only with, "Oh. Ok!" She was busy studying the floor again, and he turned to her. She was willing him not to say anything about what had just happened to Kyo. He tilted her chin upwards to look at him. He gave her the same smile that he had givin her earlier, and his eyes told her that he wouldn't be giving up on her anytime soon. "See you soon, Alice." he told her, and left the room.

Kyo once again looked between the two of them in confusion. Just what had happened here that he wasn't aware of? He shrugged and followed Frey. Alice would tell him when she was ready.

As the door shut behind them, Alice lay back on her bed and closed her eyes. She let Frey's scent wash over her, and her thought process stopped temporarily. She didn't want to think about what just happened. Her moment of peace was shattered when Chris came in and pulled her out of her thoughts. She would just have to figure out Frey later.


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