AUTHOR'S NOTE Welcome to my newest fic! I am a die-hard Buffy fan, having seen every episode except "Lessons". And then one day last year, my roommate rented season one of Dark Angel from Blockbuster and I was hooked on that too. And come on now, I'm addicted to fanfiction and crossovers in particular, so here we have my first Buffy/Dark Angel crossover! There will be Angel characters thrown in as well. A few quick things: the Watcher's Council was not completely destroyed and the surviving members have rebuilt. This fic will contain spoilers for Buffy up through "Chosen", Dark Angel up through "Freak Nation", and Angel up through "Not Fade Away". Timeline is post "Chosen", post "Not Fade Away", and follows season two of Dark Angel.

And now after that extremely long author's note, enjoy!

DISCLAIMER I don't own anyone in this story. Joss Whedon owns all Buffy and Angel characters and James Cameron owns the Dark Angel people.

Chapter One: In Which Buffy's Life is Quiet

Italy 2004

"You know, we can't stay in Rome forever."

Buffy Summers looked tiredly at her younger sister. "Why not?" she asked irritably. Buffy was happy in Rome. She had left the crater that was Sunnydale behind. She had kept the Slayers together. She told herself that things had turned out well.

Dawn Summers flipped her long dark hair over her shoulder. "Because this isn't our home." Dawn, on the other hand, wasn't happy in Rome. She missed Sunnydale, the only home she'd ever known. Sunnydale was where she had lived with her mother. She didn't care that it was the Hellmouth. She loved it.

Since Sunnydale's destruction in 2003, she and Buffy had lived in Rome. While the technical reason was that Dawn was in school there, she knew that it really was Buffy's way of trying to escape from her past. That didn't make her like it any more.

Buffy had had a long day. She was not in the mood to have this conversation again. "Dawnie, we've talked about this. Sunnydale was our home. It's gone now. There's nothing left for us there."

"It doesn't mean I don't miss it," she said quietly before running down the hall to her room.

Buffy watched her go. She hated how unhappy her sister was. But she was happy. She was happy not being the Slayer anymore. There were many Slayers now. She wasn't needed and it was a nice feeling. She had the Immortal to comfort her when she was longing for things gone.

The Scooby Gang had been destroyed along with Sunnydale. She and Dawn were here in Rome. Willow was off somewhere in South America. Anya and Spike were dead. Xander hadn't dealt well with Anya's death and had faded away from everyone. Giles had returned to England for good this time. They say that all good things must come to an end and the Scoobys had finally reached theirs.

Buffy missed them almost every day.

The least I can do is keep things with Dawn positive, she thought. She pushed herself up from the chair and went to knock on the girl's door. "Dawn?" There was no answer. "Dawnie, I'm sorry."

There was quiet for a moment. Then slowly the door opened and Dawn stood silhouetted in the doorway. "Do you miss it?" she asked simply.

Buffy looked sadly at her little sister. Dawn had been through so much. She started life as the Key, the only thing that could open the portal between Hell and Earth. Glory had spent an entire year searching for Dawn. Buffy let her sister get captured and had to sacrifice herself to save her.

Their mother had died. Buffy had died. Their home was destroyed. Dawn had to trail Buffy to Europe so that she could find happiness somewhere when everything she'd known had crumbled. Did she miss it? "Every day," she replied softly. "But there's nothing we can do about it. We can't change the past any more than we can see the future. You know that."

Dawn nodded. "I'm going to bed," she muttered before closing the door. Buffy went to knock on it again, but stopped and turned for her own bedroom. There was nothing she could say.

Dawn, meanwhile, opened her closet door and dug out an old stuffed pig from the pile of clothes at the bottom. She had stolen Mr. Gordo from Buffy's bedroom just before the battle. Buffy didn't know. Dawn kept him as a reminder of the old days that she missed so much. With Mr. Gordo at her side, she crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Great Britain

Quentin Travers sat in his office, a file resting on the desk before him. He had just received a very distressing report from the Department of Crisis Prevention and saw that he was in for a very trying evening.

"Come in," he said to the sudden knock on the door.


It was an underling – one of whom Quentin had never bothered to remember the name. "Yes?"

"Sir, we've been going over the new data from the DCP and we believe to have come up with a solution."

Well, this was a surprise. "Indeed?"

The underling nodded. "Yes, sir. The others are waiting for you in the conference room if you can to join them."

Quentin stood. "I will be there in a moment. Tea is on its way?"

"Of course, sir."

Quentin smiled. The day was about to turn around.


"No, Buffy's not here." Dawn rolled her eyes. "I already told you, she's out with her boyfriend."

"The vampire?" the caller asked in disgust.

Dawn arched her eyebrows suspiciously. "Which one?"

"Never mind." With a click, the line went dead.

Dawn stared at the phone for a minute, then put it back in its cradle. She shrugged it off, reminding herself to tell Buffy later.

Her sister was late, as usual. Dawn had fallen asleep on the couch watching television by the time Buffy quietly unlocked and opened the door. She was glowing from another night with the Immortal. She loved the way he made her feel. She hadn't felt this safe with someone since her relationship with Angel before he turned.

Buffy dropped her bag on the floor. She really tried hard to avoid thinking about Angel. Her Slayers had given her a full briefing after recovering Dana from Los Angeles – about how Angel had now allied himself with Wolfram and Hart and was working with a resurrected Spike to attack the evil law firm from inside.

She couldn't help but wonder if Angel really was working against them. How could he join the people that he had battled so hard for so long?


Dawn's sleepy voice broke Buffy out her inner monologue. "Hey Dawnie. Sorry I'm home so late."

"It's okay." Dawn stretched and yawned. "How was your night?"

"Fine. Anything new?"

"Uh-uh," Dawn shook her head. Then after a moment, "Oh wait. Some guy called for you."

Buffy cocked her head. "Some guy?"

"Yeah. Didn't say who he was. But when I mentioned you were out with your boyfriend, he asked if it was the vampire. Must be some guy who knew you from way back."

"Yeah." Buffy felt a wave of pain wash over her. "Must be."