Warning: This isn't actually fanfiction, it's just a poem I wrote for school. But it's about Gundam Wing and I was thinking of yaoi 1x2 when I wrote it. It turned out pretty funny so I wanted to share. Um, the assignment was to write a one-page poem that starts out in one place, then the mind wanders around before returning to the original place. I have lots of envy for those poets out there who could write something beautiful for such an assignment, but I can't write poetry. Due to this, I've made an attempt at humor. Here it is.


I am on a throne.

Like a subtle perfume on a breeze my thoughts drift,
my mind wanders effortlessly, random visions sparked by an overused imagination.
School, homework, all is forgotten as my mind zooms in on what is most important;
television, Final Fantasy VII, Japanimation...Gundam Wing.

How often I've marveled at the infinite patience of the characters.
"Heero, come kill me."
No hesitation would I have shown if faced with such a request.
I'd lean forward and wait eagerly, only to see him turn and walk away, leaving her alive.

The characters are so deep, complex even.
Imagine, being with a person for weeks and not knowing his name.
So easy to just ask, yet they don't but rather wait to find out, secondhand.
"So, his name is Heero."

I cannot imagine the time put in to bring a character to life,
where do they find the time?
I, who once wrote a sixty page story that spent the first thirty
introducing the two characters, cannot imagine.

And yet they've done it so easily, in only 49 episodes.

I sat my roommate down beside me and made her watch what I'd recorded, all 49.
Months I waited, for the movie to reach Toonami,
and when it did...
I was there.

Mere inches from the screen, I sat, enraptured.
The waiting was over, the time was at hand,
and my tape was in the VCR.

But I've digressed, and my time has grown short.
With a forlorn sigh, I bid my animated world good-bye and return to my throne,
to the unattractive reality I tried
to leave behind.

My musings have ended and I crash down,
reality rising to swallow me alive,
not kicking and screaming but calm,
with the resignation of the living.

I sigh one last time as I prepare to face the prospect of classes,
of possible quizzes that I forced myself to study for, just in case.
I sigh,
and push the platinum handle down.