Chapter 1: Nice way to start the day

"Aye, its so early in the morning...Kakashi sensei is so dumb...makes us get up at five or earlier while he arrives at 7, I bet you the baka is still sleeping...damnit"

"Shut up dobe..."

Sasuke appeared out of the forest had apparently heard Naruto's complaint towards Sakura, who was clearly ignoring him while cleaning her finger nails. But like her annoying self leaped away from her rock and ran towards Sasuke.


Sasuke grunted and glared at Sakura but as usual her fake plastic smile could not be tarnished no matter how many times Sasuke tried. Not that he tried to beat down Sakura but she was always constantly some...stalker. "Ugh..." Sasuke let his thoughts wonder and "ugh" was apparently the only sound that slipped from his mouth. He had been looking at Sakura for too long. His stomach gurgled and lurched "Time to move on" he thought to himself.

Sasuke-kun? Is something wrong? sounded sick?

"Don't worry Sakura, he'll be fine. He just remembered what a jackass he is and the thought of it made him sick."

Sakura whirled around and gritted her teeth at Naruto. She despised that stupid boy. He was always getting in her way, always ruining her attempts to impress Sasuke. Clinging to her like some....stupid animal. But he couldn't help it, that's all he really was after all. Just some stupid fox. No matter, she wouldn't lose her cool over someone like Naruto...he wouldn't be around forever. At least she hoped.

Sasuke chuckled at Naruto's half assed insult. "I'm not even going to register that as a comeback. You're such a Baka."

"SHUT UP!!!" Naruto screamed and jumped into the air towards Sasuke swirling into a spin kick. Sasuke smiled as he gracefully dodged the boy's kick and effortlessly turned towards the blonde only to punch him in the stomach but he was gone.

"Another one of your stupid illusions...Can't you ever just fight me face to face baka?"


Sasuke winced at once again hearing that girls high pitched whiney voice. He turned his head to see Naruto charging at him.


He swung his hand at Sasuke's face but his fist fell right through it.

"What the hell!? And you make fun of me for using one of my shadows, BAS-" Naruto choked and fell back onto the grass gasping for air. Sasuke stood laughing towering above Naruto his hand still curled into a fist from punching Naruto's stomach.

"IM GONNA KILL Y-" he was quickly silenced by the distant sound of clapping. They all turned to see they're Sensei enjoying the show.

"Well, well...lesson one, never take you're eyes off your opponent even if you are in a silly rage to "kill him" better luck next time Naruto. Did we all learn something?"

Sasuke nodded and Sakura mimicked him, slapping that ugly smile on her face. Naruto however rolled over and snorted.

"Hmm...seems someone has and attitude problem. Aye, Naruto? Hn, no matter. Kakashi stretched his legs and yawned, his eye never leaving Naruto. His hand slowly traveled to his pocket grasping an object.

"You idiot!" Sakura hissed.

"That's what you get for acting up! You just wait you're gonna get it!"

"O shut up Sakura!" Naruto paused at his retort. He'd never said anything like that to Sakura...but he had, had enough damnit. He took way to much shit from her. What was he, a fuckin' toilet? And she was getting on his last fucking nerve. He didn't even like her anymore.

Sakura sat there wide eyed and shocked. "!!!" She grabbed a rock and hurled it at him. He didn't really register the pain right away until the blood started stinging his eyes.

"GAWD DAMNIT SAKURA!" he plucked the rock from his forehead and cursed again. He mumbled and rubbed at his wound causing more blood to stain his face. He glared at Sakura through blurry eyes and stuck his tongue out.

"Oh, SO mature..." She whirled around and strolled towards Sasuke grabbing his right arm. "Don't you agree Sasuke?" he said something but she couldn't hear it. She yanked at his arm for him to repeat himself. He glanced down at her curious face, grimaced and looked back at Naruto.

" "

"Sasuke I can't hear you! Speak up!" she tightened her grip around his arm and huffed, pressing herself closer.

"HOW COOL! HE'S LETTING ME TOUCH HIM! And that stupid Naruto is too busy crying over himself to mess it up." Her thoughts began to wonder until Sasuke's voice snapped her back into reality.

((Sigh)) "I SAID, Don't touch me..." He pried his arm from her iron grip and shivered after feeling her body against his. She certainly wasn't the person he wanted to be stuck with for the rest of his life. But that was a different matter...

Sakura chuckled nervously to herself and fell to the ground tears forming in her eyes.

"But it was going so well...damnit..."

Kakashi watched this interesting scenario unfold before his eyes and laughed. Sakura's attempts were so futile. He really couldn't figure out why she even bothered. He laughed again and realized how long he had been ignored and fell back into the grass, pulling his prized possession out of his pocket.

"Aaaah, Come, Come Paradise". It was reading time. He'd worked his students hard enough this week. It was Friday after all and tomorrow was the beginning of their summer why not start a day early?

"Besides, today is a perfect day for reading."

Sasuke slowly walked towards Naruto looking down and his crumpled up body. Watching him tend to his wound, feeling sorry for himself. He felt a ping at his chest.

"What the hell...that was....weird...forget it, clearly that was just a lapse of emotion,. nothing serious." Sasuke assured himself. Naruto looked up at Sasuke with foggy blue eyes. Sasuke flinched and searched the grass for something, what it was he wasn't quite sure. Anything to keep from looking into those deep blue eyes.

"What the fuck is going on?"

"What a nice way to start the day....damn it this hurts..." Naruto felt the ground sag next to him and heard Sasuke laughing.

"Shut up Sasuke." He felt his rivals hand on his forehead and froze.

"Er, uhm, Sasuke?" after a couple of seconds Sasuke sat next to Naruto and stared into the sunrise. Naruto touched his forehead and blushed.

"He put a freekin' band aid on and everything..."

Sasuke observed Naruto's reaction, he rolled his eyes and smiled. The boy was so surprised at his kindness ((Snort))



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