Chapter 14: I Love You

Naruto awoke that morning feeling extremely energized. He even got up before Sasuke and made breakfast, and for the first time, didn't burn anything. But unlike Naruto Sasuke awoke that morning with a feeling of unease and insecurity. He couldn't hide his feelings from Naruto anymore. He had to let Naruto know how he felt, he'd been waiting far too long and whether Naruto was willing to believe him or not he would tell him that he loved him.
Sasuke clopped down the stairs, trying to force himself out of his mood. Which instantly diminished when he saw Naruto dancing around the kitchen with his headphones on. Humming playfully while stirring pancake batter, getting it all over Sasuke's clean wood floor. Sasuke smiled and walked behind Naruto. When the blonde turned around he jumped and dropped his mixing bowl but luckily Sasuke was able to catch it just in the nick of time. Naruto snatched his headphones off his ears and threw them aside.

"I-I'm sorry Sasuke! I wasn't paying attention!"

"Don't worry about it, I just came down to see you." Sasuke cradled Naruto's chin in his palm and kissed him softly. Naruto purred nuzzling his head into Sasuke's chest.

"Naruto, I need to tell you something…"

"Can it wait…?" Naruto fell to his knees as he slowly untied Sasuke's pants letting them fall to the ground pooling at the Uchiha's feet. He ran his hands all along Sasuke's thighs and ass while doing very creative things with his mouth.

"I'm sure it can wait…just a little longer…Oh gawd, what is he doing now?"

Sakura glanced down at her watch she sighed and glanced around the park again. Ino was late. Back when they were little she was always late. One thing Sakura couldn't stand but no body was perfect, she knew that for sure.

"Sakura! Over here!" Ino waved her mars in the air and ran to Sakura drawing her into a Choji sized hug.

"Ino…can't…breath…" Ino realized Sakura immediately and laughed.

"Sorry, guess I don't know my own strength, or maybe you're just getting outa shape." Sakura pinched Ino's cheeks hard causing Ino to squeal.

"Aw, be quiet…Hey, where's Shikamaru?"

"Oh, he's buying us ice cream."

"Oh, sweet."

"Dude, enough with this shit talk Sakura, how did it go with Naruto?" Sakura sighed in annoyance and rubbed her hands together.

"Now how should I start…first Naruto hit me, then Sasuke slammed the door in my face, and after that they threw rocks at me from his window."

"Oh my gawd! Are you serious?!?!"

"No you idiot, I'm kidding. Everything turned out fine. It was different from how I expected it would turn out though. I ended up speaking with Sasuke first, and then Naruto overheard our conversation…and it all worked out. So we're ok now."

"Yay! I'm so happy for you!" Ino grabbed Sakura's shoulders and shook her.

"Yeah it feels like a huge burden has been lifted and everyone's back to normal, except for Sasuke." Ino furrowed her eyebrows.

"What do ya mean?" Ino crossed her arms in confusion. She didn't think it was possible for Sasuke to be "normal" or that he would even have the characteristics to seem like there was something different about him. He was always so cold and distant, it didn't register that he ever had emotions.

"Well, he just seems…happy." Sakura even saying that out loud gave her shivers. "He actually laughs and smiles. He even shouted to me last night. Like he'd lost all his composure or something, very wonderlandish."

"Whoa…Sasuke, smiling? Laughing? Shouting? Whoa, just whoa."

"I know, well it's nice ya know? Just very different."

"I can imagine, I wonder what kind of thing triggered this change." Sakura smiled to herself.

"It's not exactly a thing, but a person." She giggled again and waved to Shikamaru who was struggling with the ice cream cones.

"Ugh, a little help here guys!" Ino shook her head annoyed but ran over to help Shikamaru taking her cone and his.

"Hey! That's mine!"

"Yea well that's what you get for being lazy." He frowned but gave into Ino, and after seeing his dedication she laughed and handed him his cone.

"Oh, you're good." He said as he gave a quick kiss on the lips. Sakura laughed at the two's display of affection, it was adorable but then at the same time, it made her heart sink, she was jealous but still very happy for Ino. It was like a bittersweet feeling, but she would give it time, sooner or later she would find the right man for her. When that day came she would cherish every moment and treasure the relationship, just as she did with her beloved friends.

"Unh…Naruto stop…" Naruto looked up at Sasuke puzzled.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I really need to tell you something…" Naruto rolled his eyes and sighed quickly pulling up Sasuke's pants while standing up to meet The Uchiha's eyes.

"Whaaaaat?" Sasuke brought his hand to his mouth and coughed. How could he put this correctly? Or at least in a way Naruto could understand.

"Well, it's just that…we've been doing things for a while and I feel like…" Sasuke looked at Naruto to see if he understood this at all and of course but sadly the boy had already directed his attention to the refrigerator.

"Damnit Naruto I'm talking to you!"

"Yea, yea I'm hungry. Jeez, do you have any food in here?" Naruto sifted through the boxes of foods, and drinks.

"Eeeew, it's all heathly…How do you survive on this crap."

"Very well…You should try it sometime, that ramen is gonna kill y-" But Sasuke was cut off by Naruto's fist.

"HOLY HELL NARUTO! Why would you punch me?!"

"I told you…never disgrace the name of ramen. Seriously when I become Hokage I'm making it a law for everyone to eat ramen at least once a week. They will soon understand." He cackled into the refrigerator continuing his search for 'real' food.

"You little bastard, you gonna pay for that." Naruto tried to run but Sasuke caught his waist and propped him up on the counter. Naruto squealed and tried to resist but Sasuke was too strong, then the Uchiha attacked his neck.

"Ah! Sasuke!" Naruto wrapped his arms around the boy.

"Hey Sasuke?"


"Can we take this a little farther?" Sasuke looked up.

"How do you mean?" Naruto kissed Sasuke hard and moaned.

"I want you to fuck me." Sasuke's body shivered at the blondes words. He couldn't really remember what he was doing but in the next few minutes Naruto was beneath him, completely naked on his bed blushing violently.

"What the fuck?" Sasuke swirled his head around searching for answers. He saw littered clothes all around him and somehow they were under the covers. He looked down at himself and saw that he was in fact naked, he felt motion over his shoulder and saw that Naruto's right leg was positioned over it while the blonde wiggled beneath him.

"Gawd, what the hell am I doing?" Sasuke rested Naruto's leg back onto the bed and backed away.

"Look, Naruto I want you…badly but I can't do this yet. I just can't." Naruto bent over on the bed and started to lick Sasuke.

"That's not what this guy says…"

"Nhh…Please I can't do this, you don't understand." Naruto ceased and sat up, face to face with Sasuke.

"Well why the hell not? Look Sasuke, if it's about the whole virginity thing, it's really no big deal. It's not like it really matters. We're just fucking, so don't worry about it. This means nothing." Sasuke shook with anger and shoved Naruto against the bed.

"You're wrong! Why do you always say those things about yourself?! Why can't you believe how wonderful a person you are?!"

"Sasuke, why are you making such a big deal out of this?"

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" Sasuke couldn't believe he'd just confessed his feelings for Naruto the words just jumped out of his mouth. It felt like a huge pressure had been lifted but at the same time a feeling of nausea overcame him. He had no idea how Naruto would react or what he would say. And it was that thought that brought Sasuke back to reality. He saw Naruto beneath him frozen in place as his eyes grew wider and wider, drinking in Sasuke's words.

"I…" But as hard as Naruto tried no words would come out, he squeezed his eyes shut to regain his vision which only caused a tear to fall down his cheek, fortunately left unseen by Sasuke on account of the dark room.

"I have to go." Naruto leapt out of the bed and jumped into his pants while shoving his other possessions into his backpack.

"Naruto wait!" Sasuke attempted to jump off the bed to reach Naruto but his feet got became tangled in the sheets and his face was greeted with the painfully hard wood floor his jaw returned the greeting with a loud crack.

"Shit, Wait Naruto!" The Uchiha pushed shoved his hands on the floor forcing his body up with them only to see Naruto stop and look back at Sasuke with remorse as he disappeared from the raven haired boys' window.

"NO!" He ran to the window and would've jumped after Naruto but he was completely naked. He slammed the window down with fiercely only to crush his fingers in the window sill.

"FUCK! GAWD DAMNIT! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Sasuke tore his fingers from the window slamming his body into the opposite wall. He clawed at the sheets and flung them across the room, at the same time he flipping over his mattress crushing the lamp which hit the ground with a loud crash as the dim light disappeared into the darkness. He sank to the floor sighing as he wiped the blood away from his shredded finger tips.

"What've I done….?" He asked the empty room. But he received no answer.

Naruto ran faster then he'd ever ran before, he wanted to look back at Sasuke when he heard the window slam. He wanted to turn back when he heard Sasuke scream but he couldn't. There was no way Sasuke was in his right mind. He couldn't have meant what he said.

"He couldn't have." So Naruto ran to the only person he knew he could talk to.


"You like that don't you Iruka?"


"HELLO?! IRUKA!! IRUKA SENSEI!!? ARE YOU THERE?! PLEASE I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU!" Naruto banged against the door helplessly calling for Iruka, he knew he was the only person who could help him in his time of need.

"Kakashi that's Naruto!"

"I know, but what would he be here at this time of night? Kakashi looked at the clock on Iruka's bed side table that blinked 1:45 AM.

"I don't know but he needs me, now hurry up and get dressed!" Kakashi sighed and slipped into his pants.

"Just when we were getting somewhere."

"Iruka are you there?!"

"Just a minute Naruto!!! Damnit, where are my pants?!" Kakashi laughed inwardly as he watched Iruka run all over the house searching frantically for his pants. He held his right hand into the air to reveal the stolen article.

"Ooooh, are you talking about these?" Iruka snatched the pants away and rewarded Kakashi with a quick punch to the groin.

"Ah! Ha…you always hurt the ones you love…" Kakashi wheezed.

"Shut up and open the door, Oh! Don't forget your mask!" Another article of clothing that was carelessly thrown at the jounin. He quickly shoved it over his head and opened the door.

"Konbanwa Kakashi sensei…O gawd, do you have to wear that mask all the time? Like even when you're fucking Iruka?" Naruto heard Iruka trip over himself and yelp at his words. He jumped in front Kakashi shoving him back into the room to welcome Naruto into his home.

"Welcome Naruto…what's wrong is everything ok? And don't say fuck it's a horrible word."

"Iruka I'm seventeen I can say what I want and I don't see what so bad about saying it. It's having sex so what's the big deal?"

"First of all I am your god father and as long as that stands you will abide by my rules and not use that foul language, and second of all you've got it wrong. Fucking as you so blatantly put it is no where near the same as making love." The blush on Iruka's face was so red Naruto found it hard to take his god father seriously but Iruka continued.

"I hate using this type of language but nevertheless you need to understand…Fucking has nothing to do with love, it is merely an action to fulfill ones physical lust. And making love, well it's just that. Its forms a special bond between two people who love each other."

"So…it's not just something you can throw around. It's special…like the kind of bond you and Kakashi have?"

"Exactly, oh wait! No!" Iruka buried his face in his hands and sighed until he felt a warm hand on his shoulder. He looked back to see Kakashi holding three cups of hot chocolate.

"Relax Iruka…He knows, he's known for a while. There's no point trying to hide it from the boy." Iruka relaxed and took two cups from Kakashi handing one to Naruto.

"You're right…So Naruto, something must be terribly wrong for you to come here in the middle of the night."

"Yes, I'm so sorry…but it's-"

"Sasuke." Naruto lifted his head to lock eyes with Kakashi.

"H-how did you know?"

"I've always known, you two have had one of the strangest relationships I have ever seen. Running off during training…" He paused to linger on that sentence remembering all the things he's seen. He snapped himself out of his perverted trance and stared back at Naruto.

"But anyway, I could sense that you two were having problems."

"Problems? But we're not even together…"

"If you two aren't together, I don't know what you'd call it. You're just confused…" Kakashi patted the blonde on the head but Naruto shoved his hand away and pouted.

"He's afraid that Sasuke doesn't truly love him, and he's unsure if he can really ever feel love for his friend..." Naruto sniffed turning his gaze to Iruka.

"Jeez, how'd you know?"

"Naruto, you are my son. And it is my duty as a father to know his son. You've grown so much and I've guided you through your problems, witnessed your weaknesses and helped you work with you're faults. It is my responsibility and joy to know and understand you…Because you are my son." The blonde couldn't remember what happened next but he heard a loud 'thunk' from his cup hitting the ground while he ran into Iruka's arms. To hear Iruka call him his son and tell him that he was his father was the most wonderful thing he'd ever heard.

"Naruto listen to me…do you love Sasuke?" He shuddered when he heard the word 'love' slip through Iruka's lips. It wasn't a word he'd ever taken lightly.

"I don't want to get hurt…" This time Kakashi intervened.

"Stop it, you're not going to be hurt. Sasuke loves you, and you know it. And if anyone ever tried to hurt you we'd all be there for you, but you have to take that final step…you need to submit to your feelings and realize you love this boy. Now I'm going to ask you one time…Do you love Sasuke?" Naruto shivered and felt his tears roll down his cheeks dropping onto his fathers' arms.

"Yes…I love him…" The rain outside was pouring almost as hard as Naruto's tears. He'd wanted to tell Sasuke before but he was so afraid of rejection. He'd never been loved by anyone before or at least he was never willing to be loved. But now for some reason, it wasn't so hard to let go.


"I'll get it." Kakashi sighed and released Iruka and Naruto. He opened the door slightly and laughed lightly eyeing the soaked Uchiha shivering from the rain.

"How appropriate that he would be here in Naruto's midlife crisis."

"Is Naruto here? I thought that since Iruka…" Kakashi smiled through his mask and pushed the door open to reveal the two.

"Come in Sasuke…" Iruka ushered with his free hand. Naruto's eyes widened as Sasuke slipped through the door gladly taking the towel Kakashi offered him. Naruto softly pushed himself away from Iruka and ran towards his love jumping into a deep embrace.

"I LOVE YOU SASUKE!!! I LOVE YOU! I'M SO SORRY! I WANTED TO TELL YOU FOR SO LONG BUT I COULDN'T! FORGIVE ME!" Sasuke stood still for a moment shocked but then relaxed and hugged Naruto tightly.

"It's alright…all that matters is that we're together now." He took Naruto's chin and brought the boys' lips to his own. Naruto moaned into the kiss pushing his warm chest again the other boys soaking wet shirt. Sasuke moaned back deepening the kiss. And as much as Kakashi wanted to keep watching as did Iruka who wouldn't dare mention it both decided on making sure the boys did that on their own time.

"Hey, hey if you're going to do that wait till you get to the bedroom. Guess you boys will be staying here tonight." Kakashi separated the two boys and looked over at Iruka whose blush was covering his entire face.

"Uh, yea! Kakashi's right, you boys are going anywhere in this storm. You'll have to stay here tonight." After they were lead to their room Iruka brought in fresh dry clothes for the boys and kissed them softly on their foreheads. Kakashi smiled at Iruka's display of affection and lowered his mask imitating his lover's action. Kissing the boys softly, Naruto and Sasuke gasped as they saw Kakashi remove his mask. They couldn't even comprehend the man's beauty. They looked over at each other and smiled wondering why he didn't keep the mask off all the time. But the thought was soon dismissed when Kakashi bid them goodnight after reaching to close the door while his other hand was busy smacking Iruka's bottom. Iruka squealed and protested but Kakashi smirked and winked at the boys shutting the door to run after Iruka.

"So…" The silence in the room was awkward but after Naruto's hearty confession neither of the boys knew exactly how to react. Naruto fidgeted every time Sasuke would attempt to touch him, all seemed lost until Sasuke laid Naruto on the bed to claim his prize. He parted Naruto's lips with his own carefully pushing his tongue into the blonde's mouth. Sasuke broke the kiss gasping for air.

"Gawd, I love you so much Naruto."

"I love you too Sasuke, and…I think I'm ready."

"Ready for what?" Naruto sat on his knees and placed his hands on Sasuke's shoulders.

"I want you to make love to me…is that how I say it?" Sasuke laughed at Naruto's naivety once again from the last time they were in this situation.

"Yes, that's right. But do you understand the difference between this time and the term you used last time?"

"I do, and I want to form that special bond between us."

"Ok…then if you're ready." Sasuke pushed Naruto back on the bed and straddled him. First he leaned in to kiss his neck lightly biting and sucking leaving small marks and patterns along his lovers' skin. Then he traced his tongue from Naruto's neck to his collar bone sucking harder waiting for Naruto's moans of pleasure.

"You like that?" Sasuke smiled noting every one of Naruto's responses.

"Yes…please keep going." He slowly moved from Naruto's collar bone to his nipple. First flicking with his tongue and pinching softly, then repeating his steps with more force. Sasuke then sat up and pulled down the zipper on Naruto's pants with his teeth, watching as Naruto arched happy to be rid of them. Sasuke stroked Naruto's legs and his inner thighs with his tongue inching dangerously close to his privates.

"Please Sasuke, please…" For some strange reason Sasuke's heart was beating faster then it ever had before. As he looked at Naruto's naked body he paused to admire his beauty. He felt something drip down his cheek and his vision clouded.

"What the hell is this?" he lifted his hand to his face to wipe away the liquid and brought it back to his face to stare at.

"Am, am I crying?" And he was in fact crying. He couldn't believe that he was crying. The last time that had happened was when Itachi killed his family and ran away. And after that he swore he'd never cry again, but now all because of this boy, Uzumaki Naruto. He brought out all his inner most thoughts, feelings and fears. And for the first time, Sasuke felt at peace.

"Sasuke are you crying, what's wrong?" Sasuke shook his head.

"Don't worry, I'm alright."

"Good, cuz this is going too slow. Take off your clothes." Sasuke didn't really know how to react before his shirt was lifted over his head and his pants were ripped off his legs revealing his very hard member. Naruto bent his head down taking Sasuke's entire length into his mouth.

"Ah! Naruto!" The blonde rolled his tongue over the tiny slit on the head, every once in a while rolling small circles with his thumb around the slick head then licking the shaft and taking it into his mouth licking up the pre cum. Sasuke stopped him in the before he came close.

"What's wrong, am I not doing it right?" Naruto looked up at Sasuke with giant blue eyes that almost made me melt.

"No, you're doing just fine." Sasuke panted. "But I want to make you feel good at the same time." Sasuke laid down on the bed on his back and motioned for Naruto to get on top of him, which he did.

"No, not that way. Flip around so your head is down there." Naruto was a bit confused at first, why would Sasuke want Naruto to be facing away from him.

"Sasuke I don't understand why are we doing this?" The Uchiha laughed at the blonde.

"Wow, you really are naïve about all this stuff aren't you?" Naruto pouted and pinched Sasuke's thigh. Sasuke jumped but continued laughing.

"Well what the hell am I supposed to think? Why would you want my ass in your face, it doesn't make sense!"

"You ever heard of 69 dobe?" Naruto paused.

"As in the number?"

"No baka, as in the sex position. You're head is down there so you can suck me off, mines up here so I can do the same, in a different way that is. Get it now baka?" Naruto blushed violently and looked away from Sasuke and gazed at the hard penis in front of his face.

"Oooh…ok. I think I understand. So all I do is this?" Naruto leaned down and again took Sasuke into his mouth. Sasuke moaned arching his body into Naruto's stomach. He then raised his head to Naruto's ass, rolling his tongue around Naruto's entrance, he felt Naruto jump but then slightly lean into his tongue. Sasuke then took his right hand and began to jerk the blonde hard. Naruto cried out and in an attempt to silence himself filled his mouth with Sasuke's hard penis. Sasuke hissed and bit at his own fingers which suddenly gave him an idea. He sucked on his fingers until they were completely soaked with saliva and pushed his index finger into Naruto.

"Ah! Sasuke!" He continued fucking Naruto with his finger, gingerly picking up the pace with every one of Naruto's moans. He then inserted another finger, then a third. He explored his lover, he was so tight and warm like pure silk. He'd wanted his cock inside the boy. He grabbed Naruto's waist and rolled him on his back. Sasuke shoved his fingers inside again and explored his lover's chest with his tongue, moving from his chest to his neck sucking hard and leaving his marks all along Naruto's soft pink skin. Sasuke stretched his fingers inside the blonde and grazed against Naruto's prostrate. Naruto arched and came hard over Sasuke's stomach.

"Haaaa…aah, sorry Sasuke…"

"Don't be, I'll make a note of that spot…but it won't be my fingers that hit it next time, it'll be my cock." Naruto closed his eyes and moaned at Sasuke's words. He pushed his ass down onto Sasuke's hard erection which was already slick with pre cum, begging to be finished.

"I'm ready Sasuke…"

"Alright." Sasuke wanted to make sure he didn't hurt Naruto but he was already aching with anticipation. He didn't think he could hold on much longer, things were turning blue. He lifted Naruto's left over his shoulder and rested the other one on his upper thigh next to his waist. Sasuke felt as if his heart was about to leap out of his chest, with every beat his body shook. His gaze never left Naruto's. The blonde lifted his hand to Sasuke's face and stroked it with the back of his hand, he smiled and rested it over Sasuke's forearm.

"Still waiting…" The Uchiha snorted and positioned himself between Naruto's legs. Naruto groaned when he felt the shaft push against him. His mouth was quickly covered by Sasuke's sweet lips. He screamed into his lover's mouth as his swollen head penetrated him.

"Oh fuck…" Sasuke slowly pushed his hips further to gain more access to inside of Naruto. He panted and gasped when he was finally buried inside of the blonde.

"Sasuke it hurts…" Sasuke drew his eyebrows together in concern but his eyes were completely fogged and his head was an ocean of emotions and sensations. He shifted pulling out of Naruto and slowly pushing back in. Naruto's eyes flew open as he gasped.

"There…right there Sasuke."

"Am I doing ok? Harder?"

"Harder gawd damnit." And apparently those were words of a new seductive jitsu Naruto had learned because with in a few seconds Sasuke was pounding into the blonde. Naruto tried his best to keep his eyes locked with Sasuke's but the fight was hard. He could hear Iruka and Kakashi upstairs and they're moans of ecstasy only made Sasuke push harder. As soon as Naruto felt his body getting closer Sasuke leaned down over Naruto and captured his lips in a deep kiss. He clung to his beautiful lover and cried out as he erupted, enjoying the breathtaking feeling of being filled with Sasuke's seed. Sasuke clung to Naruto's shoulders burying his face in his hair as aftershocks raged through him. He slowly pulled out of Naruto and rolled on his back taking the smaller boy with him. Naruto stroked Sasuke's chest as they're heartbeats calmed and their breathing returned to normal. Just as Naruto was about to fall into a deep sleep Sasuke nudged Naruto softly.

"What is it Sasuke?"

"I wanted to know if what it was you wished for your birthday came true." Naruto paused, that was months ago and Sasuke still remembered. Naruto smiled and gazed up at Sasuke.

"Yes, it came true…" he stopped there, he could tell from the look on Sasuke's face that he was waiting for Naruto to reveal the secret, but only if Sasuke asked first.

"I was wondering…you said that you'd tell me if it came true." He paused and averted his eyes then looked into Naruto's again.

"What was it you wished for?" Naruto's breath hitched as the tears rolled down his cheeks. He lifted his body up so his lips were against Sasuke's ear.

"I wished for you, I wished that you would be able to return my love." Sasuke's eyes blurred but he refused to let the tears fall again. Somewhere in his soul he'd already known what Naruto was going to say, he just needed to hear it for himself. They began to sink into sleep but the door busted open revealing Kakashi in his nude glory with several poppers in his hand. He yanked the strings as they exploded over the two boys. Sasuke was hardly amused as coughed one of the streamers out of his mouth. Iruka was behind Kakashi with a party hat over his pony tail and a kazoo in his mouth as he struggled to keep the sheet over his waist.

"Yaaaay! Lookit Iruka, our little boys are all grown up and making love now, o that's hot."

"You're right Kakashi, no longer are they cursed with the condition that is…VIRGINITY!" They laughed as they poked their tongues out at the boys and closed the door.

"Wow…just…wow that's all I have to say." Naruto glanced over at Sasuke who was still struggling to pick a streamer out of his hair.

"It sure was something…" He shook his head and laughed tossing the streamers aside cupping Naruto's face with his palms drawing him into one last kiss for the night. They fell asleep in each other's arms and for once in both of their lives, they were at peace with the world and themselves. Everything came together perfectly, and so it would remain.

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