And The First Tear Fell

Summary: Daniel breaks down after Sha're's abduction
Written by: Lonie
Created: October 2000
Spoilers: Children of the Gods Missing Scene - what happened a few hours before Jack spots Daniel standing against the corridor wall
Category: Angst, Poem, Missing Scene
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Rating: G

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I stand here, staring at the moon
Wishing you were here, singing me a sweet Abydonian tune
I watch the stars twinkle, in our Earth's night sky
Thoughts of you in the morning, right before you arise

I lower my head, exhaling a deep sigh
When will this nightmare end, I close my eyes
Never have I felt this way, as strongly as I do
I just want it all to go away, return to the life we once knew

Angry, I snatch off my jacket, throwing it down
I snatch off my hat, stumping it into the ground
I bend down, grab my back pack, flinging it into the air
Books and loose papers scattering about, like I really care

Suddenly, I fall to my knees, gasping for air
I grab my stomach, roll over onto my back, and begin to stare
I place my hands over my face, rolling onto my side
Tuck my knees into my chest, trying hard to hide

Squeezing my eyes shut, as hard as I could
I feel the lump forming in my throat, "Not now, I promised I never would."
I taste the salt gashing within my mouth
The tiny piercing ring in my ears, "I won't do it, I can win this bout."

I feel the tight knot strangling something within me deep
Like drifting in an ocean, or lost at sea
I let out a sharp gasp, as I feel the lump in my throat swell
I open my eyes, and the first tear fell

-- The End --

last revised: July 2004

End Notes: Well, if you read the OLD version of this fic, I think it's pretty obvious 'why' it was revised. Can we say crap. Oh my goodness, there were so many spelling mistakes in the older version that it wasn't even funny. (shakes head) Ya know, people are 'supposed' to tell you this stuff when they send in their feedback. (hint-hint)

Anyway, as it was one of my earlier fics in this fan fic writing game, I'm not that mortified that it was NOT a compliment to my original story, with the same name, that this poem was conjured from. Now though, at least in my opinion with the revised version, I think that it just might be near to holding it's own. (wink)