New arrivals

The school stood quietly as the early hours of Saturday morning creped through out it. Logan sat drinking his coffee in the reck-room as the rest of the school slept in. The only other people up were the other two members of the X-men Scott and Ororo who had left on a mission earlier. It had been over a years since Jean's death. He knew that Scott had done all he could to save her but Scott still blamed himself. Logan knew that since her death Jean had hunted Scott's dreams making it impossible for him to sleep. Logan and Scott's friendship had started to grow and then had developed in to their newly formed relationship. As Logan laid back and closed his eyes the sound of the Professors voice filled his head. Logan headed to the Professors office were he found Scott and Storm were already there.

"What's going on?" asked Logan Scott turned to face Logan, "Storm and Scott have just brought in the new students, here are the files on them. Logan this year you will join the faculty as the advance defence and weaponry training teacher" said the Professor as they took the files, Logan didn't argue as he followed Scott out of the room. "Scott wait up, how are you holding up?" asked Logan. Scott smiled "as good at I can" said Scott. The two of them walked to Scott's classroom, Logan sat down on Scott's desk. "So looks like I'm going to be looking after the kid too this year" said Logan "yeah, well for a start you'll have to give those things up" said Scott referring to Logan's cigars.

"Who's going to stop me bub?" laughed Logan "I won't even try" laughed Scott. "Nice to hear you laughing Cyke it's been a while" said Logan as he put his arms round Scott's waist. "Not now Logan, my class will be arriving and I have to brief Colossus my TA before we meet the new students" said Scott. "So who are they?" asked Logan "have you even read the files?" asked Scott. "Why should I when you will tell me" laughed Logan. Scott hugged Logan and smiled. Once they were finished they headed down to meet the students. As they heeded out on to the grounds they saw Storm and the new recruits.

"Welcome to Xavier's Institute for gifted children, I'm Ororo Monroe, codename Storm, this is Scott Summers and Logan codenames Cyclops and Wolverine" said Storm as Logan and Scott stood at her side. "Thanks Storm, ok that's our intros over role call.

David Alleyne"


"Sofia Mantega"


"Laurie Collins"


"Josh Foley"


"Noriko Ashida"

"Noriko Ashida has anyone seen Noriko Ashida" asked Scott suddenly a flash of blue light raced in front of them. "Noriko Ashida I presume?" asked Scott. "Yeah kinda got lost" said Noriko. Scott just glared "Ya ok kid, we all get lost in this place" said Logan as he put his hand on Scott's shoulder. Scott relaxed "If ya finshed with them Storm can get them settled?" said Logan. "Almost" said Scott

"Jullian Keller"


"Cessily Kincaid, Santo Vaccarro"



"Jay Guthrie" "Yes"

"Sooraya Qadir"

"Yes sir"

"Ok Storm their all your" laughed Scott as Storm showed the kid around.