Being on the outside

As everyone left Jay and Julian approached Scott and the other teachers in the room.

"Ah Mr Guthrie, Mr Keller we've been expecting you. I see you have patched up the relationship" said Scott.

"Yes sir we have" said Jay

"let me guess you have come to ask if Julian can move into your room with you?" asked Scott.

"How did you know?" asked Julian

"I'm gay, and you too seem to be at the stage. We will let Mr Keller move in with you till the end of term on a trial, if there is any trouble during that time he will be back in the dorms next term understood?" asked Scott.

"Yes sir" they both said as they took each others hand.

"Now go on its too nice a day to be inside, go have fun and we will see you at 5.00 pm for you intro to the school" said Scott as the raced out.

"Ah to be young again" sighed Gambit

"And in love" added Storm with a smile

Everyone stood there thinking of their happy childhoods memories.

"Ok break it up before I vomit" interrupted Logan

"Always the romantic" laughed Scott as he put his arm round Logan.

Outside Kurt was sat on top of the main entry roof of the school. He sighed as the new kids came out and Nightmare walked away from them. Shaking his head he teleported to meet the other teachers. Nightmare found himself a quite place were he started to practise his fight skills. From a distance Kurt and the others watched Nightmare.

"Poor kid, feared even by his own kind" said Beast with a sigh

"Not by everyone" said Kurt with a smile as he pointed over to where Nightmare was. Everyone turned to see Sooraya sat on a rock beside were Nightmare was practising.

"Hello" said Sooraya

"What do you want?" growled Nightmare, never breaking his concentration.

Sooraya said nothing instead she just sat and watched Nightmare. It was getting late when a breeze blew past causing her to shiver.


She looked up and was surprised to see Nightmare holding a blanket. Slightly surprised but gratefully she took it.

"Come on" said Nightmare as he offered her his hand, taking it she got up.

"Where are we going?" asked Sooraya as she followed Nightmare

"You are heading to the dining hall to eat, me I'm hitting the showers" said Nightmare as Sooraya and him arrived at the Dining hall.

Nightmare went to leave when Sooraya grabbed him

"Thank you, for making me feel less like an outsider" said Sooraya as she went in to the room.

"No thank you child" said Nightmare to himself before heading to the shower