A X-Mas Wish

Summary: While contemplating a previous mission, Daniel makes a wish
Written by: Lonie
Created: December 2000
Spoilers: References to The Gamekeeper, Holiday, and Forever in a Day
Category: Angst, Poem
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Rating: G

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Daniel sat with his arms crossed, staring ahead
Watching snow lazily drift down onto his window's ledge
A flickering reflection of yellow candle light could be seen
As he carefully shifted the position of his injured knee

A heavy sigh preceded thoughts of his injury
'How could things have gone so wrong?' he queried
'It was only a game, a game for fun
But here I am, cooped up on Christmas, without anyone'

'I could have gone to the party at Jack's
Like a few other SGC members, no harm in that
But I can barely move my aching body
For a party with dance, what good am I to anybody'

'I wish I had obeyed Jack's order back then
But how was I to know, I would get hurt in an aliens rendition of a game of Gin
Man this is awful, and it's Christmas Eve
How I wish someone would call, or just come visit me'

Daniel startles, as someone's fist banging on his door filters to his ears
"Just a minute, one second," 'man their banging so even the dead can hear'
He slowly, but painfully, limps his way over to the door
But before he could reach for the knob, it swings open with a roar

Daniel stumbles back, losing his balance and heading for a dive
When he's caught by someone who exhales a heavy sigh
Daniel's eyes were shut, dreading the pain that was sure to follow
But when nothing came, he opened his eyes and nervously swallowed

Jack helped Daniel to stand to his feet
Then patted him on his back and yelled for a beat
Soon, everyone from the party flooded his apartment singing NOEL
Even Tealc was singing, or talking, or whatever, and shaking a bell

Shocked out of his mind, and watching as his small apartment literally disappeared
He looked quizzically at Jack, while Sam whispered softly in his ear
"The Colonel's electricity was cut off and his heat as well.
He says he doesn't know what happened, but we think he forgot a couple of bills."

Daniel smiled, while nodding his head
As he let Sam help him over to his window's inside ledge
He sat down slowly, careful not to further his injuries
And thanked which ever angel was listening to his earlier wonderings

He went to turn around at the sound of his name
But stopped short, when he saw an unusual flake land outside his window pain
Something about it caused him to stare
Not only was it huge, but it had an extremely bright glare

He leaned in closer and his breath caught with a hiss
Was he going crazy again, maybe a trip to the infirmary could solve this
They smiled and waved at him while hugging one another
His beloved wife Sha're, his Father, and his Mother

-- The End --

last revised: July 2004

End Notes: For those of you who've read the OLD version of this poem, please note that it has been revised. (like damn near all of my earlier fics ;) I find it rather funny, especially now that my writing has improved (at least in my opinion ;) just how bad some of my earlier fics were written. What the heck was I on back then. (Sheesh)

However, one thing I can say about this poem, is that I feel it's one of the first of my poems to pen point when I began adding a tad bit more length to them. Especially, considering my nack for writing novel length fics that just seem to go on and on. ;) (like my babbling no doubt) Anyway, tell me what you thought. Your critiques/reviews would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!