My Time Has Come

Summary: Daniel struggles with his hatred towards Apophis
Written by: Lonie
Created: October 2000
Spoilers: Serpent's Song
Category: Poem
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Rating: PG-13

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Pacing back and forth outside the infirmary door,
Trying hard, but failing, to calm my anger growing ever more
Questions about So'kar should be easy to answer, for the bum
But so close to finding Sha're, my time has come

I brush past the guard, nodding my head as I enter the room
Startling slightly at the sound of my name, hissed with a snakes tune
The monster, the beast, the slithering creep, the scum
But so close to finding Sha're, my time has come

Autopilot engaged, the pen and pad ready
I ask him some lame question, fighting to keep my voice steady
He mocks me, throws his so called love for my wife in my face, the son...
But so close to finding Sha're, my time has come

My rage full blown, as the words leave my mouth
"If you don't tell me where she is, I'll kill you myself. Right here, right now."
My body trembles with the urge to strangle him to death, and be done
But so close to finding Sha're, my time has come

He laughs at me, finding all of this an amused thrill
He says to me, "You have neither the strength, nor the will."
I glare at him, ready to snap his neck, when Sam's voice drums
But so close to finding Sha're, my time has come

Blinking back the anger, realizing I'd almost failed
So close to murdering a human being, a trapped innocent man, to no avail
When so close to finding Sha're, I'd almost forgotten whom I was
For the end of my desperate search for my beloved wife, had nearly come.

-- The End --

last revised: July 2004

End Notes: Well, as with all of my other poems, I've dived inside of Daniel's head, yet, again. ;) Who would've thought Daniel had such dark thoughts? (hee-hee) Anyway, I'm not too happy with this one. In fact, I think this revised version (as well as the previous version of this fic) is utter crap. Though, some may believe otherwise. I just can't explain it.

I guess, it's because I've never really been that good when it comes to writing poetry. Now a novel, I'll tackle a long, drawn out story any day. ;) But poems? Yueck! But hey, it doesn't hurt to try. As long as I'm keeping my imagination going, who really cares how bad the poems may, or may not, come out to be. Besides, practice makes perfect (or rather in this case, major improvements ;)