Pain of the Heart

Summary: Sha're thinks about Daniel and makes a decision
Written by: Lonie
Created: September 2000
Spoilers: Children of the Gods
Category: Angst, Poem
Warnings: Suicidal themes
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Rating: PG-13

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There she was, standing in the cold night
Contemplating memories of when her life was just right
Thinking back, to when her heart was strong
Trying hard to forget, the day it all went wrong

That day, when one so evil came
Kidnapped her brother and made her his queen
The pain, the agony, this feels like a dream
No! Get it off, Dan-el forgive me

Sure enough, Daniel was the man of her dreams
So loving, so strong, and so caring
Always there in the mist of problems
Holding her close, he could easily solve them

Yes, only he held the key to her heart
His words she'd hear, "Nothing could keep us apart"
Words so true, she could believe
Their love so strong, it could never be breached

Oh my Dan-el, your love for me is true
While again the demon sleeps, we're trying for a new
The evil one has again hidden me away from all
I am so alone, so afraid, wishing you would come call

I stand here staring, knife in my hand
I have again unwillingly betrayed you, still you wish to be my man
I can no longer fight, can no longer bear
To be apart from you, for too much I care

So I lay me down, on their royal bed
Thoughts of my love for you, fill my head
I hear your words, "I love you my dear"
As I set us free, "I shall always be near"

Daniel jerked awake in his apartment bed
Covered in sweat, as a whisper lingered in his head
He pulled his knees close, wrapped his arms, and buried his head
Tears fell freely, the truth, for which it said

He knew that she was gone, gone for all time
He clenched his fists in anger, while narrowing his eyes
"Apophis will pay, for I swear my amour
I will destroy him myself, for my wrath he shall endure."

-- The End --

last revised: July 2004

End Notes: Not much to say about this one. Other than, I actually liked writing it back in the day. Even back then, I had a feeling that Sha're was going to meet the grim reaper, I just didn't quite know how she was going to go. ;) Anyway, tell me what you thought. Your critiques/reviews would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!