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This is all Naruto's fault.

Sakura doesn't know how it becomes his fault, but she knows that it is his fault somehow.

Okay, so she was the one who suggest having a picnic after their training.

She's the one who brought the food.

She's the one who invited him.

But the one with the original idea to see Kakashi-sensei's face when he eats was Naruto. So it is his fault … right?

Sakura groans and buries her face in her pillow, trying to erase the vivid image of Kakashi's handsome visage.

Damn, it's a sin to hide such a beautiful face under a tasteless black mask.


No, no, no. She means it's a sin for Kakashi-sensei to show his devil smile at his young, innocent students. They're going to be scarred for live now. Even Sasuke and Naruto gaped when they saw his face.

At least, now they all know Kakashi-sensei doesn't have fish lips. Definitely not fish lips. They looked so soft and inviting…

Sakura shakes her head harshly. Okay, let's not think about that.

She picks up a scroll and starts reading it to learn any new jutsu that doesn't require much chakra. She knows that her chakra limit are way below Sasuke and Naruto so it would be better if she becomes a strategist or a medic nin later.

Half an hour and two other scrolls later, Sakura finds herself angry beyond belief.

When she read the various fire jutsu scroll, she imagined her teacher's mask was burned off, showing his face to all the girls in Konoha who turned into rabid, vicious fangirls in matter of seconds.

When she read the Konoha's history –stopping at the ANBU's part since her daydream started at that point- she imagined a younger Kakashi in his ANBU uniform. He looked dashing with his sleeveless ANBU white vest and tight uniform that hugged his tall and lean body. No head protector covered his sharingan eyes, making her shivered when his mismatch eyes locked with her own. And for the sake of her hormonal imagination, his mask was off once again.

She thanks God that no one can see her drooling in her room.

The ANBU Kakashi hugs Sakura and whispers with his sexy, sexy voice. Or as sexy as Sakura can imagine anyway.

"My place or your place?"

Haruno Ayame can only blink when a hysterical scream, come from her daughter's room, makes her drop the cup she was holding. Pity, it was Sakura's favorite too.

End ch 2