VT: Hello everyone! In the mists of writing two other stories, I've decided to do this one... No, I still don't know what's wrong with me. Anyway, I was trying my best to sleep last night, but my mind thought that it would be better to let this idea demon plague my mind. Enjoy!

WARNING: This fic contains a bit of light yaoi between Jounouchi Katsuya and Kaiba Seto. If the idea of them being together doesn't make you want to ravish something, then I fear I must hate you.

DISCLAIMER: Takahashi-sensei and I are deliberating via e-mail. He's pretty big on the Yami/Yuugi pairing but not so much others. We're still in the discussion stage; until further notice, Yuugi-ou is not mine.

Quote of the Hour: "RYOU!! THE SKY IS SMITING ME WITH SMALL DROPLETS OF UNKNOWN MOISTURE!" -Bakura Rivalry of the Heart -x-

Birthday Something or Other

First Person- Seto

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but somewhere amongst the insults, arguments, and one-sided duels I found that Jounouchi Katsuya wanted to be my friend. And amongst the group lunches, strangely friendly talks, and study sessions I found that Kaiba Seto wanted to be much more.

Yes, that would be me: Kaiba Seto, CEO of Kaiba Corp, hopeless romantic. Don't worry; I'd laugh too. I worked hard to earn my reputation as a cold- hearted businessman; I'm not letting something as insignificant as reading Gravitation in my spare time impugn my honour. After all, who's going to cower in fear or bow at my feet if they knew my favourite movie is Steel Magnolias?

Sometimes I just laugh at myself. The mask I wear is utterly ridiculous, but I still wear it for lack of any other alternative. I have a company to run; that's my excuse.

So here I am, walking-- no-- striding down the halls of Domino High, glaring at anything that moves, because that is how I've been programmed. Which is rather absurd, because it's an hour before school starts and anything that moves can't see straight anyway. And no, I'm not here for tutorials, if that's what you're thinking. I have an intelligence quota of 388; most teachers here haven't even reached double digits yet. I have other reasons for coming to this hellhole early. Beautiful, loud-mouthed, blonde reasons that come in for tutoring every Thursday.

"Oi Kaiba!"

What the hell? Jounouchi should be inside the math classroom trying to comprehend some painfully simple algebraic equation. Okay, quick-- act disconnected and aloof; maybe he'll leave you alone.

"Man, here you are Kaiba; I thought I saw you." Damn, that only helped him recognize me.

"What is it, mutt?" Just because I perchance, feasibly, maybe, conceivably, possibly, could, perhaps, have a slight attraction to him doesn't mean I'm going to give up on my favourite past time after Duel Monsters. He twitches slightly at the nickname, which makes my day, and hands me a slip of paper. "What's this?" I find myself asking before even looking at the paper.

"It's an invitation to my birthday celebration. I thought I'd give it to you before I started second-guessing myself. After all, we are friends now, right?" He smiles as I nod. I find he smiles around me now, and I find that I'm most pleased with that. Only one complication:

"Pup, I don't know if your leash is on too tight or something, but your birthday is January twenty-fifth. We're in the middle of July."

"Kaiba, I know when my birthday is." I try my best to look surprised; he rolls his eyes. Two points for Seto. "My dad is visiting my aunt this weekend, and I have the house to myself. So Honda, being the party animal he is, suggested celebrating my birthday now. Genius, ne?" Must... suppress... laughter... "Man, I gotta get to the math room; you coming?"

"To the math room?" He chuckles lightly. I don't know whether to be angry that he's laughing at me or ecstatic I made him laugh. So, I'm trying to look slightly peeved.

"Nah, to my party this weekend." Well, what have I got to lose? Ah yes, all of my dignity. I look at his hopeful honey eyes, and whatever other activities I could partake in this weekend are absolutely eradicated from my mind. I guess it couldn't be that bad.

"Sure." He smiles again and waves as he heads for the math classroom, leaving me alone in the hallway. And as I stand only one thought is present in my mind: what the hell am I going to wear? -x-

VT: That's it for now. I'm not entirely pleased with it. I really wanted to go in a different direction with Kaiba, make his outer and inner personalities clash completely. I mean, he has to different on the inside, right? ::Starting to sound like Barney:: Why would Gozaburou have to train him, if he was as ruthless as Noah was from the beginning? Well, that's my thought process, should I even have one. I love that Kaiba knows Jou's birthday. ::Happy Dance:: Well, I'm expecting one more chapter for this before it's completed. -.-U School is already getting in the way, and it hasn't even started yet. Anyway, please tell me what you thought!