Title: There Isn't Time... For You or Me

Author: SapphirexKat2

Rating: PG 13 (for now) Overall: R

Pairing: SatoshixDaisuke .

Warnings: Slightly AU; slash, but not much… YET.

Disclaimer: I do not own DN Angel. [pout]

Summary: Satoshi has to move to America for a while. He has exactly one week before he leaves. Can he tell Daisuke how he feels before then? How will he deal with the fact of leaving Azumano behind?

Status: incomplete series.

Prologue: How To Tell You

" We have to leave to America, Satoshi. Have your things ready by next Friday."

Hiwatari Satoshi's eyes widened in shock. His hand subconsciously gripped the phone receiver tighter, and his heart beat quickened. " L-leaving?" It was barely a whisper, and almost a squeak.

" Yes, Satoshi," replied Mr. Hiwatari firmly. " It's important. There's a special case here in Mississippi. I don't know how long it will be, but it's going to be a while. Not only do I not want to leave you alone, this will also be good training."

' You've always left me alone!' Satoshi inwardly argued. 'Let me stay in Azumano. I don't need any damned training.' A growl nearly escaped his throat at the bitterness rising in his throat, but he knew better than to complain. " Yes, father. I understand," he said.

" Good. I'll call you again on Wednesday." Click.

Satoshi still sat on the couch with the phone to his ear. Leaving? Azumano? His school; his job? He shook his head as he dropped the receiver onto the cushion beside him. Just like that, and everything he had ever come to know - maybe even love - was swept from underneath him. Again. This feeling was all too familiar. Although he forced himself to stay distant, it wasn't possible.

Especially when it came to him.

Not only was Satoshi leaving his home, he was also basically leaving his life. Since he was a boy, before his adoption, Satoshi remembered stories about a Phantom Thief named Dark Mousy, and how his family was responsible for his capture. Of course, he was too young to understand. But Mr. Hiwatari took him in and explained Dark in further detail. Obviously, Mr. Hiwatari wanted to capture the Phantom Thief for publicity and recognition.

But for Satoshi, it was pure passion. He had been waiting for the first moment to see Dark Mousy and maybe even catch him on the first try. However, he had remembered something interesting about the Thief. It was a faint memory, but Satoshi once heard of the name Niwa Daiki, and Niwa Emiko… and a grandson to come to 'inheritance'. Daisuke.

In all honesty, Satoshi enjoyed the late night pursuits and the daytime provoking. He took his job seriously (of course he wanted to protect the artifacts!), but he could admit that he abused his position as a Commander of a Police Department. It gave him an excuse to constantly 'harass' (as Dark called it) Daisuke.

Satoshi smirked wryly. Damn, he shouldn't be thinking this way, but it couldn't be helped. At first, he wanted Daisuke to just surrender and admit that he was the one stealing all those art pieces. But as the 'provoking' continued, Satoshi found that he liked the reactions he elicited from the innocent red head. When he had Daisuke pushed up against a wall, panicked and flushed, Satoshi had the sinful urge to do something else… so dirty… so obscene. For those long seconds that ticked by, he could feel the control over his hormones slipping like water in cupped hands. He could only resist by stepping away as soon as he'd gotten his point across; for if his mouth ran out of words to speak, they might do something else entirely.

Which brought another issue. How would he say good-bye to Daisuke? How could he? Gazing out between the verticle blinds over his window, the blue haired genius watched the rays of the orange setting sun.

" Daisuke," he whispered, almost unintentionally. It was as if his heart itself spoke up from within his chest, calling out for the one who could never be there.

====== ======

The next day at school Satoshi kept mostly to himself. Although he had the strongest urges to glance at the one and only he angrily refused to indulge in them. He had to get used to the lack of Daisuke's presence. There were approximately six days, eleven hours, and forty minutes until the Friday of departure. The sooner he started ignoring him, the better. Right?

The bell finally rang, signaling lunch, and the students eagerly got up to leave. Satoshi purposefully took his time placing his things into his bag. He didn't feel all that hungry anyway.

" Daisuke-kun, would you like to have lunch with me?"

Satoshi felt his heart clench in unrestrained bitterness.

Hesitance. " Harada-san, I would love to, but --"

" Great! Come on."

The shuffling of bags and feet, and they're gone. Satoshi waited until they left before he looked up into the empty classroom. He wondered how close they'll get when he's gone. No more snooping Satoshi to hinder Daisuke's plan in transforming into Dark to make Risa happy.

Just as he was about to leave he saw something white and fluffy on Daisuke's desk looking despondent and angry. Satoshi stopped and raised an eyebrow at the furball. " I thought this school didn't allow 'pets'."

With jumped slightly and turned to Satoshi with wide, panicked eyes. But upon realizing who was talking to it, With relaxed slightly and 'kyuu-ed' heavily.

' Hm, not running away? I wonder what's wrong with him.' Satoshi picked With up with both hands and studied the cute, sullen rabbit-like face. It looked like it was about to cry.

A voice came from outside in the hallway. " With! With! Where are you?"

The white creature instantly pounced into Satoshi's breast pocket, kicking out the two pens that were once clasped on. Satoshi waited with bated breath as the red head stood at the open doorjamb. It was like his breathing automatically became shallow.

" Oh, Hiwatari-kun." Daisuke looked mildly surprised. " You wouldn't have seen my… pet, have you?" He looked around the room, anywhere but at Satoshi. Didn't he know that he didn't have to pretend anymore?

Satoshi looked at his pocket as an angry ball with ears poked its head out. " Kyuu!" it called out in fury. " Kyuu! Kyuu! Kyuu! Kyuu --!" The mantra seemed to go on as if With was actually yelling at Daisuke. All the while, the red head looked apologetic.

Once the rabbit-thing was panting in exertion, Satoshi took it out of his pocket and brought him over to Daisuke. The red head extended his hands for With to transfer, but With merely nipped Daisuke's finger and ran off. Daisuke sighed and dropped his hands. Satoshi's arms fell quietly.

" What's wrong with him?" Satoshi asked in his regular monotone. He didn't realize it before, but he felt as if he didn't get enough air in his lungs. His heart was beating rapidly and begging for much needed oxygen. Satoshi, however, was afraid to breathe too deeply. Daisuke was so close. The faint trace of the other boy's strawberry and natural musk would send him into that trance again… to reach over and pull his collar to taste him… or to push him against the wall and crush their bodies together. Would Daisuke like it rough?

Daisuke didn't meet his gaze as he replied. " I- I have an idea. Just a case of Niwa-complex. He'll get over it."

' It seems to be going around.' " Jealousy?" Satoshi asked for clarification, seeming disinterested and acting as if it was the most ridiculous thing in the whole world. He knew that it wasn't, however. He felt that intense jealousy everyday.

Daisuke shrugged, laughing nervously as he continued to look at Satoshi's shoulder. His crimson eyes took a dare and moved up to azure ones. " Silly, right?"

Satoshi held his gaze for a moment. " What's so silly about that?" he asked seriously.

The red head blinked once; twice; then said, flustered, " Well, With, he's--"

" And if it were someone else?" Blue orbs gazed hard into Daisuke's soulful red eyes. ' If it were me?'

Daisuke flushed at this point, looking down as he stumbled for the right explanation. " Um, like who?" he asked, as if reading Satoshi's mind.

Right as Satoshi said, " Me," the bell rang loudly and clearly in the empty room and halls, drowning out his single word.

Daisuke looked relieved. He flashed a quick smile and wave before rushing out the door. " Oh, I gotta meet Takeshi. See you later, Hiwatari-kun."

Satoshi watched as the Niwa eluded him for the umpteenth time. Why couldn't he ever be happy and allow himself to love, just this once?

' I don't deserve it.'

Six days, ten hours remaining.

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