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Ami didn't know when she started being so "smart", so "efficient" to other people; how she had changed from a "regular girl" to a "bookworm". To herself, she was the same, given the fact that she wasn't a "regular girl", she was the Senshi of Ice but the other senshi didn't have any problems attracting guys.

Yes, the real reason behind her train of thought wasn't because of her own self-image. It was the male species. She didn't see any need for a boyfriend or any man for that matter but somehow her so-called "best" friends believed she did. Which is how she got stuck in this whole mess in the first place.

A Month Earlier

September 28th

"Happy Birthday Ami! You are finally 18, like the rest of us!" Serena said happily, handing her friend a long box covered in a mess of silver wrapping paper tied with a pink ribbon with several white ribbon flowers stuck on top of it.

"I hope you like my present. I wrapped it myself!"

Ami put the present in her lap, gently removed the ribbon and proceeded to slowly unwrap the present.

Unfortunately, Lita had other ideas.

"Ami, stop unwrapping the presents and tear it already!" I've watched you unwrap my gift, Rei's gift, Andrew's gift and Darien's flowers and I waited patiently because it was your birthday. But now, I must force you to tear at least two of them! We don't have all day!"

"That's right Lita! You have to put your leg down!"

"Mina! It's put your foot down."
"O well, I was closer than usual."

(Lita sweatdrops)

"Serena! It's so beautiful!" Ami held up a delicate blue silk dress.

"Well I saw it on the window display and it just screamed, 'Ami'! So I bought it"

"I love it. Thank you so much!"

Serena beamed, "See Rei, Ami likes my present much more than those pearl earrings you got her."

"Well at least my present was much more practical meatball head! She'll wear those earrings much more than that stupid dress of yours."

"Will not"

"Will too"

"Will not"


"Sorry to break it to you guys but Ami's going to like my gift much more than yours" Mina interrupted.

"O yea?" both Serena and Rei questioned.

"Yea" Mina answered whilst handing Ami a pretty blue bag with ribbon spilling out, "Here, happy birthday."

Ami peered inside the bag and dug for the present, finally she pulled out a card.

"Happy Birthday Ami, I hope you'll have fun with your boyfriend on this dinner for two." Then Ami pulled out a small bottle filled with pink and orange liquid.

"What kind of gift is that?" Rei exclaimed, "Ami doesn't even have a boyfriend."

"I know that!" Mina said, "Ami, my gift to you is true love! That bottle you're holding is a love potion. I'll help you find a boyfriend and after you get one, I'll treat you two to a dinner at the best restaurant in town!"

"Uh, you guys, um... I really don't..." Ami started to say.

"That's a horrible idea! Mina, your present is even worse than Meatball heads!"

"Well Rei, I actually think that is a good idea. I mean Ami hasn't had a relationship since Greg and that wasn't even one. We should totally hook Ami up with the guys we know! Mina, you're a genius!"

"You guys.... um..."

"Thank you, I agree"

"Rei, don't you think Ami deserves to have a boyfriend?

"I really don't need...."

"I think Ami deserves a boyfriend!" Lita exclaimed.

"I really don't need....."

"Well, if you want Ami to get a boyfriend, we have set her up, not go to any random club. You know Ami and clubs."

"Of course, pyro, Darien has a bunch of cool guys from his university."

"Well then that's a whole different story."

"I really don't need..."

"Then it's settled, we'll commence mission 'Find Ami a boyfriend' starting tomorrow!" Mina exclaimed.


"Of course you do honey. It's already settled!"

And with that closing comment began Ami's journey to this limbo.

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