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x x x x x x x x - New Scene.

Rated: PG-13- Violence, blood, gore, angst, I think you get the idea...


Revised Version of the original Twisted Sight: Uzumaki Naruto was a casualty of his country, six years ago. His body disappeared, though this fact never was public. Now, years later, the Hokage is forced to reveal the mystery behind Naruto's 'death', or else face the consequences: Namely, a un-catch able, untraceable enemy to Konoha Village...

Twisted Sight: Reappearance

Revised version of the original 'Twisted Sight'

Chapter One

x x x x x x x x

Rain pelted the ground, something that was common where the village was located. The walls of the great village rose above the trees, a monstrous creation made by the small creatures known as humans. Powerful for their own pathetic size, but weak compared to the immortal beasts known as demons. Humans were intelligent, but sly; using their minds as weapons against each other without mercy at moments. Thus was their strength, and yet their greatest weakness.

Men and women alike guarded the great walls from their posts at the pinnacle. Even though their clothes were soaked from the storm's rain, they continued to act as if they were un-affected, whispering amongst themselves in hushed voices.

"Hokage-sama is still posting us out here, even in the rain." One complained, annoyed at being posted at such a wet time. "There's not even a point to posting guards here...There hasn't been an attack on Konoha since the brat left." The three others looked up to give the young man a stern look.

"Hush, boy," the oldest hissed. "Keep your mouth shu-" A gasp came from man who had spoken. His widened eyes held fear and pain in their depths. The silence that followed did not last long.

The youngster's head rolled to the ground like a slightly deformed bowling ball, a shocked expression on his dead face. The three others gurgled, blood foaming out of their mouths. Their bodies fell to the ground, a Katana pulled free from one. Feet dressed in heavy, black boots made their way expeditiously around the bodies. Five figures stood together in total, dressed in assassin gear, all wearing dark, hooded cloaks to keep rain from soaking precious instruments and clothes. The tallest stared out at the village before him, his eyes gleaming with a hazardous light. He turned back to the other four, looking at each, and then moving his gaze to the bodies at their feet.

"You two," his voice, a smooth baritone, rumbled out. He motioned to the men on his far right. "You know what to do. I don't want anything left here." They nodded. Then. Moving rapidly, they tossed the carcasses from the wall to the ground. Both then climbed down the wall, careful to remain silent

The leader looked at his two remaining companions, then turned around and jumped down into the village below. They followed silently.

x x x x x x x x

'You sent him away, her inner self-hissed angrily like it always did nowadays.

She closed her eyes and shook her head, trying to clear the image of a certain blonde haired youth. Even now, after six years, his face still made her twitch. She knew, from the stirring in her chest when she remembered him, she still felt some sort of affection for him, like the annoying little brother she always thought him as.

She remembered his hyperactive voice, always screeching about ramen and being the Hokage as it was. How his blue eyes were always seemed so clear, and full of life.

'But that was before he changed," the voice hissed. 'Before everyone killed that life, that light.'

A frown marred her young face; the voice was right yet again. The change had been slow, unnoticeable until it was too late. It must have started after Sasuke was brought back, back from Orochimaru- back from a life that had haunted Sasuke after the first twelve years. Naruto distanced himself, mumbled to himself, but only when he thought others weren't listening, snapped at those who even asked him how his day had been, but it wasn't until…Sakura shuddered.

Scorch lines shaped like spirals blackened the ground and trees; a unique trait that of the technique, Rasengan. Sakura sat next to Sasuke, both watching in growing horror as their team mate struck out at their teacher, copy ninja Kakashi. A third rasengan formed in the boy's hands, the first two having missed completely, spinning faster as the seconds ticked by.

'Naruto! Stop it!' Kakashi yelled, trying to avoid the boy's attacks.

'Kakashi-sensei! Behind you!' The jounin spun around, the spinning sphere glowed in his eyes. He stared at the 'real' Naruto in front of him, while his clone smiled with an insane look from behind Kakashi.

The students watched as their sensei was tossed backwards like a rag doll before catching himself and making a trench of his own in the terra firma. The real one in the attack destroyed the Naruto that had been in front of him.

'Dobe, what has gotten into you?!' Sasuke stood on shaky legs, his dark eyes smouldering darkly.

Sakura's scream echoed far into the distance.

That day had given her nightmares for months afterwards.

Blood splattered onto Sakura making her flinch.

Crimson eyes, different from a sharingan's blood red, burning more like hell's walls, stared down at Sakura from beneath blonde locks of hair. The Uchiha heir stood in front of him, but did not move. Naruto gave another twist of his clawed hand, watching the Uchiha shudder and choke on a scream. However, as soon as it had started, Naruto ripped away from Sasuke, his hand being wrenched free from its deep grasp in the boy's shoulder.

His body thrashed violently on the ground, screaming out words; it was like he was fighting something that no one else could see. A sob escaped his throat, before he fell still, his eyes closed.

What had really happened to him, she never knew. Tears swelled in her eyes remembering the times she had wished the younger boy would stop announcing his love for her and following like a lost pup…

Then again, he had been a lost pup. Her wish had been granted, but the way she had original thought, had originally wished.

Sasuke sat beside her in the waiting room of Konoha's hospital; he was still pale -or paler- from the stab on his shoulder, gauze wrapped over the wound to help prevent infection and bleeding. Sakura twisted her hands around a part of her dress, staring at the wall. It had already been three hours, yet still Naruto had not come out of the emergency room with a bounce in his step, and yelling out nonsense. He never came out.

He was announced dead the next day.

x x x x x x x x

-Defense always is an essential, especially in war.-

The three foreigners slipped stealthily past the few chuunin on duty, their cloaked bodies moving in fluid motions. Only twice did they have to slit the throats of three men, who happened to be unlucky enough to spot them.

-You just have to remember one thing:-

They moved out of the umbra, a ponderous building before them; one of the prides of Hidden village of the Leaf: the Hokage Tower.

-There will always be a flaw-

The leader looked up, rain hitting his face. Three pairs of hands moved in harmony with each other, until the last seal was created. The two on either side of their commander stepped forwards and sunk into the walls' structure itself, leaving only a ripple behind. The commander watched as the last wave vanished before gazing up once more and slipping through the partition himself.

-And the enemy will always find a way to break through.

x x x x x x x

Blood leaked through the bandages wrapped around fisted hands that were continuously pounding into the indentation they had created. A crack was slowly forming along the tree's trunk.

Pain flared to life, searing his bones and muscles. He could feel each claw-like nail, each place they were, gnawing like half-starved dogs on his flesh. He bit back a pain- filled cry. It was probably of the shock more than pain that made him shudder.

Seeing the crimson eyes, so full of hatred and an insane glint, he realized that this was not the Naruto he knew. He gasped for air again, biting his tongue as the claw-like nail twisted up and pulling fiercely away. He stared into the eyes of his rival, Sasuke's blood dripping from his hand. Nevertheless, it was the words that the kyuubi holder had whispered that burned into his mind.

'If we ever meet again-' Naruto's lips pulled back over his teeth forming an insane and murderous smile. 'I will kill you.'

The tree cracked in two.

x x x x x x x x

The Anbu could feel it in his bones: something was not right. He backed up against the wall, it being the safest place, leaving his back protected with the solid barrier behind him. Unfortunately-

The wall purled, but made no noise. A hooded head emerged followed by a pair of gloved hands -to leave no fingerprints- and lastly, a thin, cord of metal pulled taut between clothed fingers.

A shocked gasp escaped the Anbu's lips, the wire cutting into the flesh of his neck before cutting through his jugular. The two humans struggled, one pulling a metal string back while the other tried to pull free by grabbing the wire itself.

It did not last long.

The Anbu's mouth hung open in a silent scream; his mask had shifted from his face, tilting to the side of his head…

Hooded black eyes stared out at nothing, the light dead within them. Blood dripped from his sliced throat, splattering on the ground in droplets, and forming a deep, red puddle of dead man's blood.

Nevertheless, it was the manner in which his corpse was left that was strange.

From his right shoulder blade down-

-Had disappeared-

Into the wall itself.

Only one emerged from the back of the office, looking more as if he had come forth from a pool of water. Something which defied all laws of physics. The wall stiffened back to its regular stature, like a hidden door no one else could see. He looked around the office, seeing neat stacks of documents cluttered around a dark mahogany desk and a half- eaten dinner of sushi rolls. However…

It was the woman sitting in a plush office chair, with her back to him that caught his attention. She mumbled under her breath reading over a paper before writing down some notes on the pad by her elbow. Her blonde hair was tied back into two low ponytails; the ends disappear from view behind the top of the chair.

Silver glinted off the blade; the cloth wrapped around his pale hands was black just like the rest of his outfit. He slinked closer to her, watching her movements with cold, calculating eyes. The kunai was pulled back like a cobra ready to strike.

x x x x x x x

Tsunade, the godaime, also known as the fifth Hokage, stared at the paper work in front of her, reading it over before writing down notes. The rain splattered against the windowpanes, growing more violent by the second. She sighed, rubbing her forehead, feeling her imagination getting carried away and forming an evil, phantom migraine.

Six years, almost seven now, had past since she had taken the job because of a silly bet she had made with a twelve-year-old boy.

'The very same one who put Konohamaru and Kakashi in critical condition.' She frowned at that last thought; why did it matter as of now? Her hand shook slightly as she grabbed another paper from the stacks.

A small droplet of red fell onto the paper in her hands with a 'drip'. She stared at the crimson circle, watching with fascination as it was absorbed into the paper.

A second soon followed close…

Then a third, fourth, fifth…

She furrowed her brows before looking upwards, her eyes widened with growing fear.

It should have been like every other day; the halls had been empty when she had arrived for guard duty in the Hokage Tower. That was until she found her squad leader sliced in two horizontally along the waist, his head missing. Something told her it was best to leave the area and call for help from the outside, but her legs carried her deeper inside. Duty called her with its taunting voice, whispering in her ear that the Hokage's safety was far greater than her own was. The chuunin bounded up the stairs, using her chakra to add an extra boost.

Faster and faster, the levels and distance were never ending, like a mouse in an endless maze. Her blood was pounding in her ears.

-Thump, thu-thump, thump-

Why did the last level seem so far away? Her panic and fear slowly tore away at her usual calm and collected mind. Fear sunk its vengeful fangs deeper, while her panic roared to life, making her body double its efforts until ripples of exhaustion filled her.

She threw the door throwing it open, finally catching herself before hitting the wall head on.

-Thump, thump, thu-thump-

Her lungs burned with a fiery anger, she hissed out a ragged breath. Looking up, she finally noticed one thing, just like the ones before her, other than the lights, which had gone out in a power surge. The number in the right hand corner was the same.

-It was still the first floor-

If anyone were thinking with a rational mind, the answer would have been obvious. A simple genjutsu, one meant to confuse an enemy until they were worn down to exhaustion. Simple but slow in process, one would have to be patient until it was time to attack.

The hallways lengthened before her very eyes, shadows darkened to nothingness. From the black 'abyss' rolled an object sluggishly moving towards her, though it was not perfectly round like a ball. Then…it stopped.

Her legs moved on their own accord bringing her closer step by step at a slow pace. Something about it seemed familiar, even as her brain went over weapons of every type. Her mind was coming up with blanks.

On either side behind her exposed back, the walls came to life with movement, dark cloaked beings walking through them like they were never there.

She swallowed hard, crouching down in front of her item of curiosity. Reaching out to grab the dark surface, feeling a cooled liquid drying along its surface, and the slight roughness of hair, that of a humans'.

Her captain's slashed up face stared up at her just as the two foes stood behind her, one crouched in a similar position to herself.

'This shall be a gift for your Hokage-sama.'

Tsunade stared at her rookie chuunin guard- the irises of her brown eyes had rolled up into her skull. Her feet disappearing into solid stone of the ceiling, one are sucked in as well, only leaving the left arm to dangle free. Her tongue was lolled out, swollen by chemicals designed to stop her breathing. Slashes covered her from head to toe as far as the medic-nin could tell. But it was her forehead, or rather what was on her forehead, that frightened and enraged the Tsunade even more.

They held her body pinned to the ground with chakra binds, her mouth covered. One of the two cloaked Nins pulled out a knife hidden beneath his clothes. The second was holding the young woman's head in place. Neither flinched even as her cries echoed in their minds. The knife tore at her skin with a strange searing feeling, Slipping deeper into the fleshy canvas, the art carving a grim leaf.

They hung above the Hokage like bats, placing the girl's body quietly above Tsunade just as they were ordered to.

The Konoha symbol was carved crudely into the once perfect skin, blood still dripping at a leisurely pace from the cut marks, more splattering onto precious documents based on enemy and allies movements. None of which mattered to the older woman. She pressed her hands down onto the desk, ready to stand.

She froze, not daring to breathe. Her heartbeat, however, made up for the absence of sound her breathing would have made with its ever quickening pace.

Cold metal pressed against the delicate skin of her neck, though it never actually pierced the thin layers.

-Thump, thump, thump, th-thump-

A warm breath tickled her ear softly, the knife pressing deeper until a single drop of blood came forth and slipped along the edge. The hairs on the back of Tsunade's neck bristled, the room temperature dropping slowly until goose bumps rose across her skin. A deep throaty chuckle revealed the presence behind her to being male.

"Hello, obaasan…"

x x x x x x x

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