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Disclaimer: Don't own the turtles. Especially not Teenage Mutant Ninja ones. :)

Warning: Cute-ness, and maybe some funny parts, but also some angst. Hey, life ain't all fun and games now is it?

Takes place when turtles are 5.


"Man! I hate bein' sick!" A little turtle named Raph complained, hugging his blanket while sitting on a couch.

The four turtles and Splinter were all in the small living room part of the layer. Three of the younger turtles had all caught a moderate case of hypothermia while playing outside in the snow. Now, all three were bundled up in layers and layers and layers of blankets and sheets to keep them warm. The Layer was also being overly heated, so that it won't be cold.

Mikey groaned and began kicking off the blankets. Splinter immediately rushed over to Mikey and began to bundle him up again.

"Do not do that, Michaelangelo. You need to be warm."

Mikey looked up at Splinter a bit dazed. "But I'm not cold..."

Splinter gave him a pat on the head, but told him to keep under the covers. "Donatello!" Splinter then chided, "Eat your soup!"

Donny looked at the soup and then pushed it away. "No!"


"I don't care! I'm not hungry!"

This outburst caught everyone by surprise. Donatello, one of the most obedient turtle was acting like Raph??!!!

Raph began shivering violently under the covers. "Damn! When's th...this...go...gonna...sssss...stopppp??"

Splinter sighed and bundled Raph in more blankets, before turning to Leonardo, who was standing behind him, holding a tray of tea.

Taking the cup of tea, Splinter sat down in one of the vacant sofa's. "Thank you, Leonardo."

Leo smiled and silently walked back to the kitchen to check on the soup. Splinter sighed and got up again. "Stay my sons." He told the three turtles before going into the kitchen.

"And how are you?" He asked Leo, who was currently stirring the soup.

Leo turned to face his teacher. "I am fine, Sensei. You?"

Splinter smiled and picked up a dirty coat that he had found one day in the sewers. "That is good that you have not caught the hypothermia, my son." He said. "I, myself, am fine as well." With an afterthought he added, slightly chuckling, "I find it rather difficult to catch anything with all this fur!"

Leo chuckled gently at this remark before looking sad again. "And the others?"

Splinter sighed. "They will be fine. Luckily, this is only a moderate case of hypothermia. It is bad now, but now it can only get better."

Sighing yet again, Splinter slipped on the coat. "I must go now Leonardo. I have stayed for three days now at home taking care of you all, but now I must take my leave if we are to eat."

Leonardo nodded and bowed. "I'll take care of the others."

Splinter nodded and scampered out of the Lair to look for food.

Leo sighed and made his way into the living room to check up on his brothers. When he stepped into the room, he was not quite surprised at what he saw. Raphael and Mikey were out of their "beds" and were chasing each other round and round the room, while Donny, who was also out of "bed", was cheering them on.

Leo rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. All three turtles froze at this and sheepishly looked up at Leo.

"Get back to bed, NOW."

With a lot of groaning and moaning, the three turtles scrampled back under the covers.

"Man! This ain't fun!"

Leo laughed. "Being sick isn't supposed to be fun."

Mikey sighed. "Wanna do somethin'."

Leo took pity on the three turtles. Then, a sudden idea flashed through his mind. "How about I tell you a story?"

All three turtles sat up at this immediately.

"Yay!!! A stowy! A stowy!" Mikey slurred a bit on the word 'story', but nonetheless, everyone understood.

Leo smiled. "Okay already! Now, what do you want to hear about?"

Raph immediately piped up at that. "Turtles! Three of 'em!"

Donny gave him a playful glare. "No...four turtles!"

"Why four?"

"'Cuz you forgot Leo!"

Leo giggled at his little brothers' logic. "Okay, then I'll tell you the story about..." Everyone quieted as Leo thought of a story, "...about the Four Turtles and The Big Bad, Sewer Gator!"

"YAY!!!!!" Three hoarse voices piped up at that.


Umm...yeah. Tune in for the next chapter.

Signs of MODERATE Hypothermia: Dazed consciousness

Loss of fine motor coordination - particularly in hands - can't zip up parka, due to restricted peripheral blood flow

Slurred speech

Violent shivering

Irrational behavior - Paradoxical Undressing - person starts to take off clothing, unaware s/he is cold

"I don't care attitude" - flattened affect

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