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By on the day of Christmas eve, Leo had started to show signs of improvement. His temperature began to go down, and the pain began to lessen.

Splinter walked into Leo's room and was surprised to see him sitting up. "Leonardo? What is it, my son?"

Leo looked at Splinter. His eyes were still a bit hazy and he was a bit pale, but he looked much better. "You shouldn't be taking care of me, Sensei. You look tired."

Splinter chuckled, before sitting down onto the bed, next to Leo. "My son, I will not lie to you. I am tired, but not tired enough for me to collapse. You are in much worse of a condition then I am."

Leo looked away. He sighed. "Okay." He whispered, before looking back up at Splinter. "How are the others?"

Splinter sighed. "They are fine. But they are bored. They miss the elder brother."

Leo laughed, before looking serious again. "Today's Christmas Eve."

Splinter nodded. "Yes, it is."

Leo looked up at Splinter. "With us sick and all, I don't think you had time to get presents. Did you?"

Splinter sighed. He had been expecting this. Nothing could get past Leo. "No. I did not."

Leo looked away before hinting towards his desk. "In that drawer, I have something. Can you get it? It's the only thing there."

Splinter looked at Leo in mild confusion, before nodding. He got up and looked in the drawer that Leo hinted to. His eyes widened as he took out a wallet. "Leonardo...where did you get this?"

Leo laughed. "I found it, Sensei. Don't worry. I was helping you search for things in the sewers one day, long ago, when I found this on the ground. I've been keeping it ever since just in case."

Splinter said nothing, but opened the wallet. Inside, he found five dollars.

Leo looked up at him. "It isn't much, but could you buy something for the others? They've been really good for the past year, really. I don't need anything, but I think the others should get something..." Leo trailed off as he looked back down at the covers.

Splinter felt tears trickle down his face. He swiftly made his way over to Leo and drew him into a big hug. "It's more than enough, my son." He whispered. "More than enough."


Mikey yawned. He was bored. "When's it gonna be Christmas?" He asked excitedly, looking up at Don who once again was reading a book.

Raph groaned as he looked up from the tv. "You've asked that about---um—about..."

"about ten times already." Donny finished for him. He looked proud. "I counted."

Raph growled in frustration, throwing back his head to look up at the ceiling. "Great. You counted it. Great!"

Donny grinned. "Yeah! I think so too!!!"

Raph rolled his eyes. "Man! I miss Leo!!!"

Mikey sighed as he threw down his comic book. "yeah. This is no fun without Leo."

Don looked sad. "But he's sick. He needs to stay in bed. At least, that's what Splinter told me..."

The others sighed.

Then, they heard footsteps coming towards them. They all looked up, and from the hallway came Splinter, and he was carrying Leo!

Mikey jumped up and ran over to Splinter before jumping around them. "Yay!!! Leo!!!"

Splinter chuckled gently, while Leo grinned at his little brother's silly antics.

Raph jumped up as well, followed by Don. "Yay!!!" Raph said happily, "Ya all better? Can we play?"

Mikey immediately nodded. "Yay!!! Hide-and-seek!!!! Hide-and-seek!!!! I'm gonna hide and Leo's gonna seek!!!! 'Kay Leo??"

Leo just smiled sadly before curling up in Splinter's arm. Splinter sighed. "I'm afraid that Leonardo cannot play hide-and-seek, my son. He is still not well and very weak, I'm afraid."

Don looked from Leo to Splinter. "Then why's he out here? Shouldn't he be in bed?"

Splinter chuckled. "True, Donatello. But I need to go out for a little while and I need someone to keep Leonardo company." Splinter smiled down at them.

Mikey grinned. "We'll keep him company, Master Splinter!!! We'll make very good company!!!" He said sincerely, looking innocently up at Splinter.

Raph nodded. "We'll take good care of Leo, just like he does to us!!!"

Splinter chuckled gently while Leo grinned. "Alright. Be good."

Raph put his hands on his hips and looked up at Splinter defiantly. "Since when are we bad??!!"

Splinter chuckled quietly to himself. "I will be back in a short while." He said, putting Leo down onto a couch and then putting on his coat and walking out of the Lair, clutching the five dollars.

Don turned to Leo, looking worried. "You okay?"

Leo smiled and nodded before answering. "I'm fine Donny. Just a bit weak."

Mikey trotted up to Leo and looked at him seriously. "We'll take real good care of you, Leo! Just like you always take real good care of us!"

Leo had to laugh at that. "Thanks Mikey."

Mikey grinned, before trotting off to his room, only to return a few seconds later with a box labeled 'chutes and ladders'. Leo had found it last year in the sewers and had given it to Mikey. Mikey immediately took to loving the game, even though some of the pieces were missing and it was soaked and all. Now he handed Leo the box. "We're gonna play this!!!"

Raph and Don groaned. "Not again Mikey!!!" They said at the same time. Mikey looked upset. He dropped his head and reached for the box again. But Leo stopped him. "I'll play Mikey."

Mikey immediately brightened and clapped his hands. "Yay!!!"

Leo turned to look at his other two brothers. "You guys don't have to play if you don't want to."

Raph and Don brightened, while Mikey looked sad again. "Aww!!!"

Leo smiled, but looked sternly at Mikey. "You know that they don't have to Mikey...Just like you don't have to play some things we want to do."

Mikey sighed before nodding. "'kay." He said, before setting up the game.

&&&&& (ten minutes later)

Raph and Don were watching an action movie. Leo silently envied them, because Mikey had insisted on playing the game about five more times. This was the sixth time they were playing it.

Leo suddenly felt very cold. He didn't know why, but it felt like the temperature had suddenly dropped 100 degrees! Leo shivered and his teeth began to chatter.

Mikey looked up. "Leo? You okay??" When Leo didn't answer, Mikey stood up, looking worried.

"Donny??!!! DONNY!!!!!!" He yelled, staring at Leo, wide-eyed.

Don sighed, but didn't look away from the tv. "What is it Mikey?"

Mikey was panicking. "Don, is Leo's skin supposed to be blue?"

Don looked over the couch at Mikey. "What?? Why??" then he saw Leo. "Oh my god!!!" He hissed, jumping over the couch and rushing over to Leo.

"LEO!!! LEO!!!!!" He yelled, reaching over to grab Leo. But before he even touched Leo, Leo began to cough again. He kept coughing until blood began to trickle down from his mouth. But the coughing still did not stop.

"What did you do to him???!!!" Raph hissed, completely forgetting about the movie and instead running over to Leo.

Don shook his head. "Nothing!!! Um...where's master Splinter??!!"

Mikey looked afraid. "He's gone out, don't you remember?"

Don began to panic. "No!!! Damn it!!!"

Mikey looked at his brother with wide-eyes. "Ooh...you cursed!!!!"

Raph hit Mikey over the head. "Shut it Mikey!!! Don's thinking!!!"

Don suddenly looked at Mikey. "Mikey, get a rag. Raph, get a bowl of water and a rag too. NOW!!!"

Both of them jumped into action. Donny looked at Leo, who had by now stopped coughing. "Don't worry Leo. I'll take care of you..." He whispered.

Leo smiled at his brother before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell forward. Don caught him just in time, and dragged him back onto the couch. "MIKEY!!!! RAPH!!!!!! HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled.

Raph arrived first, carrying the bowl of water and the rag. He hurried so much, that the bowl was only half full when he arrived. "Here!!!" He said, holding the bowl out to Don. Don nodded his thanks before taking the bowl and placing it beside him. Mikey, just then, came running in with a rag. He accidentally tripped over his leg in his hurry, and sprawled onto the ground. But he quickly got up and handed Don the rag.

Don nodded his thanks again, before taking the wet rag that Raph brought him and putting it onto Leo's forehead and then taking the rag that Mikey brought him and gently wiping the blood off of Leo's face.

Mikey began to cry. Raph looked at him in confusion. "Why're you cryin'?"

Mikey began to bawl. "Leo's gonna die..." He whimpered over and over again.

Don shook his head defiantly. "He's not gonna die, Mikey."

Mikey stopped crying and looked at Don. "he's not?"

Don shook his head. Mikey looked down at Leo. "Then why's he like that?"

That was when the door opened, and Splinter came rushing in.

Raph quickly began to explain that Leo wasn't well and all.

Splinter nodded. "I know, my son."

Raph looked confused for a second, before understanding. Splinter, like Leo, could feel when they weren't well. None of them could explain how or why, but it was like that. However, Leo's feelings weren't limited. Splinter could only feel when they weren't well, but Leo could not only feel that, but also track them and know where they were.

Splinter quickly knelt beside Don. Don looked at him sadly. "I'm sorry, Sensei. I tried to do what I could—"

Splinter nodded. "It is okay, Donatello. You did well." He whispered, taking the wet cloth from Don and placing it onto the table. He then lifted Leo up and carried him back to his room.

In Leo's room, Splinter placed Leo back under covers before checking his temperature. His temperature had shot up again. Now it was dangerously high. Splinter quickly rushed to the kitchen to get some ice. But when he returned, he realized that Leo had stopped breathing.

Splinter dropped the ice. "No..." He whispered, before checking Leo's pulse. It was still there, but diminishing fast.

Splinter then began to perform CPR.

&&&&&(Leo's POV)

Leo opened his eyes. He looked around confused. How did he get here?

He was in the most beautiful place he had ever seen. There were mountains in the background, lush green forests, small creeks running through the woods, and green grass all around him.

Leo blinked. It was all so beautiful, but how did he get here? He had been with his brothers just a few moments ago...

Leo sighed before sitting down. He was tired for some reason. He yawned.

Everything around him was so peaceful. It made him want to fall asleep and never wake up...

Leo was about to close his eyes when he felt something watching him. He sat up, wide awake. He looked around and saw that a bit further from him crouched a Raven.

Leo cocked his head.

The Raven mimicked him.

Leo bobbed his head.

And again the Raven mimicked him.

Leo laughed. "Why are you coping me?" He asked, not really expecting an answer.

But the Raven opened its beak and mimicked his words exactly.

Leo sat there stunned before laughing again. "Stop that!"

The Raven cawed and mimicked him again.

Leo looked back at the Raven. "Why are you here?" He asked seriously, forgetting for a moment that the Raven could only mimic him.

But the Raven opened its beak and squawked. Then it answered. "Why are you here?"

Leo blinked. For a moment he thought that the Raven had mimicked him, but the more he thought about the question, the more he realized that the Raven wasn't mimicking him.

Leo shook his head. "I don't know."

The Raven shook its head. "I don't know." Then it cawed again. "Why are you here?" It asked again.

Leo shook his head, feeling tears run down his cheek. This was getting scary... "I don't know!!!"

The Raven looked at him with big, black eyes. "I don't know!!!!" It squawked.

Leo stood up. "Quit mocking me!!!!"

The Raven flapped its wings. "Quit!!! Quit???!!!"

Leo looked confused. "No, I'm not quitting..."

But the Raven just kept squawking. "Quit? Quit? Quit?"

Leo shook his head, feeling frustrated. "No! I'm not giving up!!!"

The Raven bobbed its head. "Quit? Give up? Quit?"

Leo thought for a second before nodding. "Yes. Quit means give up!!!"

The Raven ruffled its wings. "Yes, Give up? Yes, Quit? Yes, yes?"

Leo suddenly realized what was going on. The Raven was asking him whether he wanted to die...the Raven was death...

Leo quickly shook his head. "NO!!!!"

The Raven then bobbed its head. It seemed pleased. The beautiful place they were in flickered and faded out of sight. Leo looked around. They were floating in darkness. The Raven looked up at him. "No give up. No quit. No."

Then the Raven squawked. "Why are you here?" It asked, before it too, faded out of sight.

Leo blinked before the darkness around him began to disappear and instead, his room began to reappear.

&&&&&(with splinter)

Splinter was beginning to believe that Leo was gone for good, when Leo suddenly began to cough and then began to take in big gobs of air again.

He opened his eyes and looked dazed around the room. When he saw Splinter, he smiled.

Splinter stood. "It'll be alright now, my son."

Leo smiled.

&&&&&(the next day)

Splinter had finally agreed to let them spend Christmas in Leo's room. Leo had been very happy about that.

His temperature had gone down quite a lot, and his coughing stopped. The worst was over and now he was getting better.

Splinter had managed to buy a small pack of crayons for Mikey (.25 cents), a small car for Raph (1.00), and used the rest to get a book for Don (used, 3.75).

They had been really happy about the presents, no matter how small/cheap they were.

Leo had also been very happy about the sword strap, even though it turned out to be too small for his sword. He fell asleep clutching the sword strap.


After a week or so, Leo had gotten incredibly better.

And even after a whole bunch of years, Mikey still kept the box of crayons, Raph still had that little car, and Don's favorite book was that little book he had gotten.

And Leo still had that sword strap.


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