To Love Oneself

To Love Oneself

She rocked back and forth, in the old rocking chair by the fireplace. Gently she rubbed her protruding belly and sighed. Any day now.

A knock on the door announced the other visitor she was expecting. She brushed back her violent red tresses from her sparkling ruby eyes and smiled. "Lina-san, you came!"

"Of course I came. I wasn't about to leave you in your time of need." Lina told her very pregnant shadow. "You mean too much to me," she added softly.

Lina sat down at her shadow's feet, resting her head against her lap. "Liny-chan... aren't you scared. Even a little?" she asked as the girl began to slowly brush Lina's hair with gentle loving fingers.

"Yeah a little." Liny confessed and closed her eyes, "but it'll be our baby, no matter what." she finished dismissing the memories of the bandit attack, the disgrace she felt in their hands as they raped her, and the knowledge that her body was still too underdeveloped to carry off a successful pregnancy.

Lina sighed in acceptance. "Its funny, ya know. I never imagined I'd end up falling for myself. But nothing feels as good, as right like being here with you Liny-chan." she said gazing up at the woman she loved.

Liny smiled serenely and kissed the red haired girl before her. "Let's go to sleep.. Lina-san."

The labor was hard and intense. The poor girl cried out in pain, causing her lover to echo her with her own sorrow. Lina stood by Liny's side, holding her hand, as the midwife struggled to bring the stubborn newborn into the world.

Liny screamed once more as her daughter was finally freed, and relaxed as her pitiful strength continued to ebb away. "Its a girl." the midwife proclaimed, handing the infant to Lina.

Liny panted, short of breath, and offered the two females closest to her heart a smiled overflowing with her love, then passed on. "The poor wee thing.. too young... 'tis mighty sad." the midwife mourned and covered the deceased with a sheet.

Lina shook and mewled in distress, as she felt a part of herself die. Liny-chan.. she thought pitifully as tears rolled down her cheeks. She looked down at the curious bundle in her arms. She had a small pink fuzz blooming across her tiny scalp, and sparkly red eyes. Her eyes... my eyes... our eyes. Our baby girl! Lina thought and began to smile.

She idly brushed her beloved's face under the cloth, in fare well, and left allowing the nurse to handle the details with the body. "Come little one." Lina told her daughter, "Let's go destroy some bandits."

Lina's eyes gleamed with her thirst for blood, and strangely enough, so did the eyes of her child.