Nothin but a Mutt 2

An: You guys wanted a sequel so I gave you one. Hope you like it.

Chap 1 Explanation

Joey kept running down the sidewalk to his house. He knew Kaiba would start bugging him about the whole dog incident. He wondered how his sister would react when he walked in the house after missing for three days.

"Joey where have you been?" Serenity asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he said.

"You can tell me anything," she said.

"O.k. but you are going to have to sit down," he said.

He explained the whole thing to Serenity. He looked at her face change from a smile to a frown.

"You think I am going to believe you were a dog for three days and that Kabia and Mokuba adopted you?"


"Your crazy," she said.

"I turned back into a human today and I didn't have clothes so I borrowed Kiaba's so-,"

"Joey until you tell me the truth I want you out of here," she said.

"Your kiddin right sis?"

"I am not kicking you out I just need time to take this all in now go,"

Joey got up and left his house so Serenity could think about what Joey said. He decided to head to the game shop to see Yugi. When he opened the door to the shop Yugi ran over with his arms open.

"Joey where did you go?"

"Well it is a long story," he said.

"I have all day," Joey began his tale of how he was a dog and then adopted by Kaiba and Mokuba. Yugi looked at Joey as if he was crazy.

"Don't give me that look Yug,"

"Then what look should I give you?"

"You have to believe me,"

"I can't believe what you are saying and I am really sorry,"

The shop door opened making a dinging sound. Bakura, Ryou, Tirstan, Tea, Duke, Malik, and Marik walked in. Joey began to tell the story to them but of course he got the same reaction he got from Yugi. They didn't believe him either. What had to happen for them to believe him? Suddenly Mokuba walked in the shop holding flyers in his arms.

"Hey Mokuba," they all said.

"Hi guys," he sadly said.

"Why such the long face?" Tea asked.

"My puppy Little Seto is missing," he said.

"That is really sad," Yugi said.

Joey stood up ready to tell Mokuba the truth.

"Don't be sad I am Little Seto," he said.

"No you aren't," "Yes I am," "No you aren't,"

"Yes I am,"

They were interrupted when Kaiba stormed into the store.

"Eeep!" Joey yelled as he ducked behind Yami.

"Where is that mutt? When I find him he is going to die,"

"Why?" Tristan asked.

"Why? Why? He –he-was the dog the whole time and- I am going to kill him for that,"

"You believe that crap to?" Bakura asked.

"Crap? It is true. I was taking the pup a bath today and then I got a phone call. When I came back I found out it wasn't the pup but Joey in the bathtub. The whole time I was taking Joey a bath," he said.

Yugi began to laugh along with the rest of the gang except Joey.

"You are saying Joey was a puppy for three days?" Duke asked.

" Had fur and a tail and ears?" Tristan asked.


"You are joking," Yugi said.


"I think that you have gone mad," Ryou said.

"Big brother Joey can't be Little Seto he is a boy," Mokuba said.

"He changed back into a boy,"

"Come on big brother you can help me put up flyers," Mokuba said taking Kaiba's hand.

"No I tell you all it is the truth," he said as Mokuba dragged him out of the door.
The rest of them decided to go to the arcade. On their way there a boy of about fifteen ran into Ryou.

"Watch where you are going weirdo," the boy said.

Ryou shoved the boy into the wall and began to beat him up. The whole gang watched because they thought it was weird that Ryou was beating someone up. When Ryou stopped the boy ran down the sidewalk so fast he bumped into a lady carrying groceries.

"Next time watch where you are going punk," Ryou yelled.

Everyone turned to look at Ryou especially Bakura.

"Let's go to the arcade shall we?" he asked so nicely.

The first thing that was completed in the arcade was eating. Which was something they always did first because Joey was always hungry.

"Ryou tell me how you learned to fight like that?" Bakura asked.

"Oh well I guess from you," he said.

Joey was eating away when he thought he saw something outside. He got up and went out the door taking a right he ran into a well. Not just any well he was sure this was the one from the park. This creeped him out so he decide to go inside. When he opened the door a man who owned the arcade shooed him out. Confused Joey walked down the sidewalk. He crossed the street to the pond. Looking in what he saw freaked him out even more.

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