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The Sins of Drink and Gambling

"Are you sure you want to raise the stakes, General Solo?" asked the rather sinister looking card dealer.

"So far," he added, a slight menace in his voice, "you have lost everything to us apart from your ship, if you can call it a ship, I personally would call it a hunk of tin, and your family." He laughed and raised his eyebrows mockingly.

Another sabacc player grinned broadly and drawled, "Nobody's ever heard of a mercenary settling down and having kids! You're history in the making! Even I thought you could at least have made a better choice when you picked a wife!"

At this point in the conversation, Han was too drunk to understand anything that was going on- except one thing.

He ceased hitting his head off the sabacc table and looked up. Nobody had ever got off with insulting his-


Leia was the only exception, and maybe Luke, but not some random people during a game of sabacc!

"All right!" he said, words slightly slurred. He had had one too many Corellian Whiskey's. "I'm in!"

"But you see that's the problem, Solo; you have nothing left to bet with! Unless you are going to forfeit the Millennium Falcon?"

"Not on your life!" Han's brain was working too slowly, because of the alcohol, so he turned his luck to the latter of the two options he had been given.

"I bet my twin kids!"

"Their names?" asked the dealer.

"Jaina and Jacen."

Another better said something that made everyone's heads turn in interest.

"I always thought that there were three Solo kids?" It was more a question than a statement.

Han replied by brandishing a finger at the speaker and saying, "Don't push your luck, Pal!"

"Okay!" cried the dealer. "Let's get this started before Solo here, is out for the count.

"You never know," said another person to him, Han didn't know his name, but he did know that he was quite possibly the best sabacc player in the universe and he had won the previous eight hands that had been played. "You might win everything you have lost tonight back! I mean, the chances of me winning nine hands in a row are one hundred and thirty-one thousand and seventy-two to one against me!"

"Have you been talking to See-Threepio?" Han asked blearily.

"Why, yes! I won him! Remember?"

"He won't in the morning!" cackled the dealer, gleefully.

Han smiled sarcastically then looked at his cards.

The smile dropped, but he brought it up quickly again for a bluff.

The only other competitor in this hand looked at the smiling Solo and briefly hoped that this relatively good draw of cards would be enough.

On the outside, Han Solo was smiling, but on the inside all he could think was...


A.N. This is our first Star Wars fanfic and it is pretty crazy. Personally we can't really imagine Han betting his beloved kids, but hey! It's the holidays! We'll do whatever we want! It's our fan fiction, after all!

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