Lying in the blood of tragedy and evil, under the bodies of hope and love, our savior shall come.


Metroid is owned by Nintendo and Retro Studios Inc. The only things I own are the Chaos Suit, the ideas for Quadraxis X and the planet Hydra (Hee-dra), Lieutenant General Devin Hamilton, and the "prophecy" above.


The purpose for this expository "essay", if you want to call it that, is to get these ideas outta my head and to maybe give some lost info from the games.

Many of the events and ideas you will read of later in this essay never happened in the games, but were the product purely from the deepest part of my imagination. Also, many of the normal "enemies" in the games will be actual characters in the trilogy; such as a Lumigek will permanently alter the future of the war. In addition, if you were expecting this to be a clean-cut movie with no swearing or profanity and/or blood and gore, you will find yourself surprised. If ever made into a movie format, I want it to be rated "R", due to language, violence, blood and gore. However, there will be no sexuality in the movies, not even a sexual reference, like PMS, boobies, or "whackers".

Reviewing is only for critiquing my ideas, not spelling and that other crud. My email is and/or