Gateway to the Stars

Chapter One: tonamento (tournament)

Author: Lexandria

Summery: Yu-gi-oh Stargate Sg-1 crossover. The SGC discovers the existence of ancient weapons powerful enough to expel the goa'uld on earth may still exist, still on earth.

Author's Notes: my first fanfic ever.. or, rather, the first one good enough to type up to be posted.. At least, I hope it's good enough. I guess it's up to who reads it. Please review?

Timeline: somewhere in Season 4 for Stargate, after Battle City in Yu-gi-oh

Disclaimer: I don't own stargate or Yu-gi-oh, if I did, I'd have no reason to Wright fanfiction! and I can't remember how to spell some of the Japanese names for the YGO characters, and can't remember some of the Japanese words I should know, I must get myself an english-to-japanese dictionary…

Key: "word" : spoken

'word' : thought

-word- : another language

[word]: Hikari to Yami

[[word ]] : Yami to Hikari

o0O0o : starts/ends television programming

Translations (I just got an English to Japanese dictionary... some translations might not be exact, but should be close enough, if they aren't, then someone yell at me)

Chiisai Baka : 'little fool'- what Bakura called Ryou instead of Hikari or Aibou. Yes, Baka is supposed to mean stupid, but I loooked up fool and it said Baka.. so there you go

Niisan : elder 'brother' – almost like big brother, as Mokuba calls Seto in the American version.

Hai : 'yes'

Gomen nasai : 'sorry' or 'I apologize'

watashi wa yurusu kimi ga : basically, it means 'I forgive you'

Nai : 'no'

Iie : 'no'

Arigato : 'thank you'

Haka Goto : 'Tomb Robber'


Cheyenne Mountain

1400 hours




The blue puddle, that is, the stargate event horizon, explodes outward, instantly, the iris closes, needlessly, as it were, for as soon as it was completely closed, SG-1's IDC signal was positively identified and the iris re-opened to admit the four members of SG-1, Cournal Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c.

A short, bald, slightly round, little man, buy the name of General George Hammond, entered the room to meet them. After a brief discussion on how the routine mission had gone, he allowed them to clean up before the debriefing.


Jack sauntered into the debriefing room, last of course, and sat down leisurely in one of the nice, cushy chairs, leaning back and staring at the ceiling as Daniel gave his boring review on the rocks they had found on P3X-790. No locals to bother, happily no goa'uld, just plain old ruins and temples and rocks. Boring old rocks, that would, most likely, not give them any help what so ever in any way, shape or form, once Daniel or one of the other Geeks translated the scratchings on the tablet that had been brought back. Jack, however unenthusiastic about that, was looking forward to his vacation. All of SG-1 actually got a vacation once in a while, even if they, in the most cases, were disrupted by something or another... The asgard, or the goa'uld deciding to just pop up on earth, or, even better, Teal'c trying to run out on him when he took him fishing. Well, no fishing this time, though, sadly, that left more of an opening George to call him back in the middle of his vacation, he had something, almost as good, planned. Teal'c, however, still believed it was fishing, despite Jack's reassurances, and was attempting to wriggle his way out of it. (Wonder why?)

Now, being brought back to reality by General Hammond asking him about anything he wanted to add to Daniel's description of the mission. Jack, of course, being himself, replied, "it was boring" and smirked at Daniel, who was rolling his eyes. General Hammond, used to Jack by now (and happily not insane.. yet) nodded and dismissed them. Tomorrow would be the start of their, very small, vacation.


"Hey Danny," Jack poked his head in Daniel's office, grinning, "are you sure you don't wanna go? It's a Vacation! That means getting out of here and into the sunlight!" Jack said cheerfully.

"We go outside all the time, Jack" Daniel said, rather distracted, as he was attempting to translate the language on the tablet he'd brought back.

"On Earth Danny. Into our culture. Bet you don't even know what's new in our world! And I'm not even going fishing this time. Come on Danny, you need to get out more"

Sighing in frustration, Daniel turned to look at Jack "Jack, this could be important! The sooner I get it done, the sooner I…"

"The sooner you can get on to some other boring translation project, right? You're not even planning on leaving the base, are you?"

"Well.. no.. but I"

"But nothing! The definition of a vacation is a break from work, not more work faster! What ever it is, it can wait, Danny. It's not like the rock is going to grow legs and run off if you don't keep working on it!"

Scowling, Daniel refused, "I promise that when I'm done with this, I'll do something outside the base, happy?"

"No" Jack promptly, and happily, replied, "but it works, I'll be checking up on you to make sure you actually leave too!" he grinned and walked off to find and torment Carter before taking Teal'c off base.


After bothering Carter, and finding Teal'c (who was attempting to hide in the commissary), he was off. Teal'c, still apprehensive, asked Jack "O'Neill, where are you taking me?" phrasing it as if he were a hostage or kidnap victim of some sort "are you taking me fishing again?" with this 'please, god, no' look on his face (only not, if you don't know teal'c... it's all in the eyebrow)

"Nope! I told you already, we're not going fishing. Have you been watching that TV I got you a few years ago?"

"Not frequently, O'Neill. However, the Science Fiction Channel is most entertaining, they have many showings of Starwars"

Smirking slightly, and fighting the urge to laugh, Jack continued "There's this new game that's been being played in Japan for a few years, called Duel Monsters, and they're having a tournament in the United States this year, first year, sense it just caught on here a few years ago, really interesting game. They have these stadiums where the game is played, with holographic projections. Apparently some kid in Japan is way ahead of us, developing holograms, if Carter were going with us, she'd go nuts! Some of the kids from Japan, including the World Champ, and the head of the company that developed the holograms, are gonna be competing, it should be interesting to watch, don't you think, Teal'c?"

Teal'c was just kinda sitting there, taking all this in, and figured it was best to just agree with O'Neill and nodded, "Interesting... Where is this competition held, O'Neill?"

"In Las Angeles.. The city of Angels"


Somewhere above the Atlantic



Kaiba Private Jet


"Niisan, Niisan! Look! You can see the City now!" Kaiba Mokuba (when not in America, or not speaking English, the Yugioh characters will be referred to last name first) yelled excitedly, looking out the window of his older brother's private jet. Kaiba Seto, looking up from his laptop, nodded, "we're almost there, Mokuba, you should sit down about now, we'll be landing soon.

"Thanks again, Kiaba, for letting us on your jet with you" Motou Yugi said softly, smiling at him from his own seat.

"yeah, it was human of you, Kaiba" Jounaushi (I don't remember how to spell it) Katsuya said, waking up at Mokuba's happy shouts and still blinking groggily.

"don't think I did you a favor, puppy. I'd have been paying the air-fair anyway, to get you to the United Sates, since all the best duelists were invited. It's just easier this way, sense I'm going too and there's enough room for more then just Mokuba and myself. Cost efficient as well."

Jou scowled "can't even do one nice thing, can you, Kaiba? All we did was thank you and you just have to make it into some kind of an insult, typical."

"oh, did I disappoint you, puppy? I don't live down to your expectations"

Yugi grabbed onto Jou, trying to hold him back as he lunged angrily at Kaiba, a vein sticking out of his forehead. Now, Yugi, being as small as he was, wasn't all that great a restraint, but it did get though to Jou, as he sat back down and grumbled to himself.

"Jou, you must learn to control your temper" Bakura Ryou said in his soft, English accented, voice.

"Says the guy with a psychotic spirit in his necklace" Ishtar Malik smirked from across from Ryou.

"He's under control now, Malik" Yugi cut in, not wanting anyone to aggravated after they had been doing so well on the trip over. "right Ryou?" he added, looking back over at Ryou, who nodded a little bit.

"have you found a U.S distributor for your technology, yet, Seto?" Yami, taking over for Yugi, asked, Kaiba, his rival, in a non-challenging manor (surprise! O.O)

"not that it's any of your business, but no, I haven't. I believe I'll just set up a branch of Kaiba corp. in the United States instead."

"hai." Yami nodded as they were advised by the pilot to sit down and buckle up, as they were landing.


"wow…" Yugi said softly, looking around in awe at his and Ryou's room. It had been decided that leaving Ryou and Malik in the same room would be a bad thing, so Jou was sharing a room with Malik.. on second thought, it might have been better if he(Yugi) and Malik were in the same room.. Jou and Malik might tear each other's heads off before dinner.

Ryou, not knowing of Yugi's train of thought, nodded in agreement, his eyes about as wide as Yugi's. Yami separated from Yugi and looked around, stretching slightly "nice" he said, turning around once to see everything before flopping down on the bed "that flight took for ever.. humans were not meant to fly! If we were, we'd have wings!" he blinked up at Yugi, who looked astounded "what are you talking about?! You slept almost the entire way!!!"

Yami shrugged "so? It shows how boring it was!" Yugi rolled his eyes and started to unpack. Ryou was almost done unpacking, though he did greet Yami after he and Yugi were done talking about his sleeping habits. His own Yami, on the other hand, was still asleep, as a matter of fact. And would probably stay that way until night, when he'd try and sneak out. One of the precautions of having Yugi as his roommate, Yami would most-likely catch Bakura (as he called his Yami) trying to sneak out and make him go to sleep or something.. maybe challenge him to a duel to keep him occupied.. or argue, that was the most likely outcome, actually. Hopefully no one would be woken up, seeing as they had interviews (oh joy) to prepare for tomorrow.


Los Angeles

11:00 am


Set of some American News program (couldn't think of one)


"so, we're going to do individual interviews, then a group one with all of you at the same time. Do you need anything? Mr. Kaiba, you're to go first, do you need your little brother to go to our Daycare services?" asked a perky blond assistant, bouncing about in a bright pink business suit with a white blouse under the jacket. She was speaking at a high speed, so she didn't forget what she was going to say, and still bouncing around, waiting for a response.

"No, I'm sure Yugi wouldn't mind keeping an eye on him while I'm in the interview." Seto replied icily, not waiting to see if Yugi would mind or not, or if he had even understood the high-speed English that had been spoken. Seto was the most fluent, besides Ryou, who's first language was, of course, English, Yugi was second most fluent, Malik third, Mokuba and Joey tied for basically none known at all. Yugi, however, had understood that he was supposed to watch Mokuba, atlest until Seto had returned. He didn't quite seem to trust his bodyguards to not do as Mokuba said, since they were also supposed to follow his directions, and just left them to guard his little brother. Ryou was busy translating to Joey, who wanted to know what was going on.


Los Angeles



Jack and Teal'c's hotel room


"O'Neill, I would much rather watch StarWars on the Science Fiction Channel" Teal'c objected as Jack stole the remote and changed the channel, plopping gleefully down on the bed, like an over-grown child. Teal'c, used to Jack's mannerisms by now, waited patiently, with one eyebrow raised, for any sort of reply from his friend.

"There's interviews with the Duel Monster's champs on this news program tonight. It's an interesting game, Teal'c, I think you'd like it. I saw some footage of duels from Japan, though none of the tournaments, sadly... they didn't allow news cameras at either of the previous tournaments. They might have some of the footage from other Duels, though… I really think you'll like the game, Teal'c, and you're going one way or another, I bought tickets and everything."




The camera zooms in on a blond haired, blue eyed, typical reporter with the perky attitude and 'expressive' voice, standing in front of a lovely backdrop that has no bearing what so ever on the main story, it just makes for a lovely picture. The reporter then goes over a beginning speech (that the author is to lazy to make up) about what the story is, beginning with the main one on the upcoming first ever Duel Monster's tournament in the united States using the holographic technology developed by Seto Kaiba. Then she goes on to talk, briefly, about the champions she is interviewing, their history in the game and so forth, before a commercial and then, the first interview with Seto Kaiba…

Reporter: Mr. Kaiba, may I call you Seto?

Seto Kaiba: I prefer to be referred to by my last name.

Reporter: (perky as ever) As you wish. What can you tell us about this tournament?

Seto Kaiba: it's fairly simple, each person in the tournament is paired up, randomly, with another participating in the tournament, each person has to be defeated twice before being eliminated, until it comes down to the last four rounds, at which time it becomes a single elimination. The prize in the tournament is $100,000. As I will be participating in the tournament, it is only fair that, if I am the winner, the prize goes to the runner-up. A true duelist knows that the real prize is the title of Champion in this tournament.

Reporter: Can we expect more tournaments to be held in the U.S after this?

Seto Kaiba: that depends on how successful this tournament is, of course. This is the first time there is to be a live audience, of more then just the other duelists, at a large tournament such as this one. If it goes over well, I may be sponsoring more tournaments in the United States in the future.

Reporter: I'm told that your rival will be here as well, what are your feelings on this?

Seto Kaiba: I could not hold a tournament without inviting Yugi Motou, who holds the title of 'King of Games', to any prestigious Duel Monsters Tournament. And yes, he is my rival, though I still hold the title of World Champion, for he is the only person, besides Maximillion Pegasus, and I have been informed he cheated during our duel, to have beaten me. I have also invited Katsuya Jounaushi, Malik Ishtar, and Ryou Bakura to this tournament, as they all made the finals of my Battle City Tournament and are talented duelists (he's trying to look somewhat nice for the camera, he'd never be caught dead saying so other wise) who merit an invitation to this tournament. Mai Valentine (don't know her Japanese name) was also invited to the tournament, as was Ishitsu (dunno how to spell that either) Ishtar, but due to prior engagements, neither were able to attend. I do look forward to a rematch with Yugi Motou, however.

Reporter: One last question, Mr. Kaiba: When do you estimate your duel-disk, the portable holo-stadium, will be released in the U.S?

Seto Kaiba: again, it all depends on how well this tournament goes, I will not release them in the United States if there is no market for them. However, for the last few rounds of this tournament, the duel-disk system will be used instead of the Holo-stadiums, and all the participants in the last four rounds, who don't already have a duel-disk, will get to keep theirs, weather or not they win the tournament.

The station cuts to a commercial break, promising an interview with Yugi Motou, after the commercial break. After returning from the break, the camera cuts, once again, to the reporter on the back drop, reviewing, in about two sentences, the interview with Seto Kaiba, before changing to the interview with Yugi Motou. Yugi is sitting in a chair, much larger then he is, looking rather nervous and twitchy…

Reporter: Mr. Motou, may I call you Yugi?

Yugi Motou: H-hai

Reporter: That means yes, right? Do you need an interpreter?

Yugi Motou: Y-yes... no... I m-mean... I'm nervous... Gomen nasai… I apologize; I do not need an interpreter.

Yugi blushes in embarrassment and fidgets

Reporter: Alright. Yugi, I'm told you're sixteen years old… is that your actual age?

Yugi Motou: Y-yes... I'm just small for my age... I haven't grown much sense I was ab-about twelve.

Reporter: I apologize if I seemed rude

Yugi Motou: watashi wa yurusu kimi ga… gomen nasai… I m-mean, it is all right. Many people ask that.

Reporter: I see. Seto Kaiba, who is hosting this Tournament, has stated that you are his rival, the only one to fairly defeat him at Duel Monsters…?

Yugi Motou: Y-yes, we are rivals. We are also friends. We respect each other and our abilities as Duelists. I look forward to Dueling him again, he is a worthy opponent, it is an honor to duel him.

Reporter: I understand that you defeated Maximilan Pegasus, the creator of the Duel Monsters game, and the only other person to defeat Seto Kaiba, however unfairly, in a Duel. Is that true?

Yugi Motou: H-hai... I mean yes… I did defeat Pegasus-Sama (1) in a duel.

Reporter: did he cheat? The same way he did with Seto Kaiba?

Yugi Motou: He tried the same thing that he tried against Kaiba-kun (2) and I found a way around his… his form of cheating

Reporter: I hear that he hasn't been seen at all sense the Duel Kingdom Tournament?

Yugi Motou: Pegasus-Sama's company (3), I do not know what happened to Pegasus-Sama

Reporter: What are you expectations for this Tournament?

Yugi Motou: I think it will be fun, I enjoy Duel Monsters and Tournaments. I hope I meet new friends as well.

Reporter: Lastly, Yugi, are you aware that you have many fan clubs, both here and in Japan?

Yugi Motou blinked in shock for a moment, before blushing and giggling nervously

Yugi Motou: N-nai, I was not aw-aware…

At this time, the show cuts for another break, promising, next, the interviews of the last three Finalists at the Battle City Tournament, Ryou Bakura, Malik Ishtar, and Katsuya Jounaushi. After returning from the break, the reporter, again, does a small review on the interviews with Seto Kaiba and Yugi Motou, before focusing on Ryou Bakura, who, much like Yugi, looked nervous, and pale as well, especially with his white hair…

Reporter: Ryou Bakrua, may I call you Ryou?

Ryou Bakura: I... I guess, sure.

Reporter: Ryou, you participated in the Battle City Tournament, how do you think it will differ from this tournament?

Ryou Bakrua: W-well… the Battle City Tournament was p-pretty much a blur... I don't remember much from it, actually… I would guess it wouldn't be as complicated as the Battle city tournament... basically just an elimination set up really, Battle city used the Duel-Disks and had locator cards, the Finalist rounds were held on a blimp above the city. I don't expect the first United States tournament to be as extravagant as the Battle City tournament was. (4)

Reporter: I see. I notice you have an English Accent, how did that come about, if you don't mind my asking. You live in Japan, correct?

Ryou Bakura: I used to live in England before my father and I moved to Japan.

Reporter: Thank you, Ryou... I understand that your friend Katsuya Jounaushi isn't very fluent in English, would you care to translate for him during his interview? If you don't wish to, we have translators who would do it as well. I thought it might be easier for you to, seeing as you know him better.

Ryou Bakura: I'd be glad to. If Malik needs a translator as well, I wouldn't mind translating for him too.

Cut to Katsuya Jounaushi and Malik Ishtar in the interview room, with Ryou Bakura sitting next to then, still looking at little nervous…

Reporter: Katsuya Jounaushi, May I call you Katsuya? (This seems her favorite way to greet people and start the interview... she's so imaginative…)

Katsuya Jounaushi: No. Most friends call Jou.

Katsuya Jounaushi replied in broken, heavily accented English. Malik snickered slightly in the background.

Reporter: as you wish. Jou, what are your feelings on this tournament in the U.S?

There is a slight pause as Ryou Bakura translates for Katsuya Jounaushi. And a longer pause when Katsuya Jounaushi replies energetically, with gestures and the whole bit

Ryou Bakura (translating for Katsuya Jounaushi): I think it's going to be really fun, and I love another chance at defeating Kaiba. It's going to be great, with new people to meet and duel. I think we're all going to have a great time.

Ryou Bakura did not put any of the energy that Katsuya Jounaushi expressed into the translation, instead, just translating and making sure he got it all

Reporter: I see. Malik Ishtar, may I call you Malik?

Malik Ishtar: sure

Reporter: I understand that you did not participate in the Duel Kingdom Tournament. Do you think this effects your Dueling ability in any way?

Malik Ishtar asks Ryou Bakura something, apparently to clarify some of what the reporter said, then replies, a little heatedly, in Japanese, to Ryou Bakura, who translates politely

Ryou Bakura (translating for Malik Ishtar): Yugi wasn't known at all before he defeated Seto Kaiba in a duel, right before Duel Kingdom, and he won that tournament, and the Battle City tournament. I don't see how what Tournaments I've participated in effects my dueling ability.

Reporter: I apologize if I insulted you. How do you feel about the upcoming tournament?

Ryou Bakura (translating for Malik Ishtar): Apology accepted. I feel confident, I know I can beat Motou, and Kaiba isn't that hard.

If one knew Japanese, it was apparent that Ryou Bakura had cleaned up his response a bit

Reporter: what are your thoughts, Jou, on Malik's response?

Katsuya Jounaushi replied as soon as Ryou Bakura translated for him, headily while glaring at Malik Ishtar, Ryou Bakura's translation, however, was quite a bit shorter then Katsuya Jounaushi's response. Again, it was apparent he was cleaning it up a little.

Ryou Bakura (translating for Katsuya Jounaushi): I feel that Malik is to confident and shouldn't be talking like he's half as good as Yugi is. Or Kaiba, for that matter. He should prove his skills against them instead of talking like he already has.

Reporter: I see...

Reporter turns to the camera

Reporter (continuing): we'll be right back after this break.

There is a commercial break, before the station turns back to the show. There are some images of a duel between two people, the holographic technology used, before the reporter is back, taking about how there is a small group interview, just to see the differences in opinion. The camera then shows Seto Kaiba, Yugi Motou, Katsuya Jounaushi, Ryou Bakura, and Malik Ishtar siting in chairs with the reporter across from them…

Reporter: if you had to choose one that you think had the best chance of winning the tournament, not choosing yourself, who would each of you pick?

Seto Kaiba: Motou.

Ryou Bakura translates for Malik Ishtar and Katsuya Jounaushi

Katsuya Jounaushi: Yugi

Malik Ishtar: Bakura

Yugi Motou: I think everyone is skilled enough to win, and has an equal chance at it.

Ryou Bakura: I agree with Yugi, everyone has an equal chance at winning, they are all skilled duelists, after all.

After a few more questions, mostly the same ones asked previously by her, just to get a group reaction (a few that almost ended in fights between some of the boys) and a parting segment, the news program ended, with a reminder that their next viewing was on Monday at their usual time, 9:00pm…




Jack grinned and tossed the remote back to Teal'c "so, what did ya think?" stretching out, he leaned back on the bed, his arms behind his head.

"It seems most interesting. Those children are very young, they must be skilled to compete in such a tournament"

"they're great at stragities, planing attacks and stuff like that too" Jack sighed as Teal'c turned the channel back to the StarWars marathon, which was by no means close to over. Ever sense he'd shown Teal'c those movies, he had seen them way too often.


"O'Neill" Teal'c said, a little louder then last time, while attempting to wake his friend. When not offworld, Jack was a very heavy sleeper, as Teal'c had discovered. Blinking, Teal'c repeated himself yet again, even louder "O'Neill! You instructed me to awaken you at this time. We are going to be late if you do not wake yourself." That elicited little response other then him reducing his snores and rolling over, away from Teal'c's voice. "O'Neill!!!" that, got a somewhat better response. Jack rolled over again to get away and fell off the bed, effectively waking himself up.

"I'm up" : Jack grumbled sleepily, standing up and lurching into the bathroom. A few moments later, re-emerging, looking no less groggy, and demanded "where's the coffee?"

"we do not have any, O'Neill, perhaps we should go to the buffet this hotel has at this time, as you suggested last night" Teal'c replied calmly, not at all freaked out by Jack's zombie-like appearance. He just grabbed his beanie and assisted Jack down to the lobby and into one of the conference rooms where the breakfast buffet was being held. Jack, happily, practically ran to the coffee and poured himself a glass. Almost gulping all the seaming hot liquid in one go, like Teal'c did during the 'Urgo' incident. This was nothing, however, compared to Daniel when he didn't get his four glasses of coffee in the morning, and that was just to get himself aware of his surroundings… that's also why coffee is a must when going offworld, lots and lots of coffee. Or caffeine pills, those in water work rather well too. In any case, Jack started to function as a human being when he'd drank his first cup of coffee.

Jack piled food on his plate, as did Teal'c, and they found somewhere to sit down. They ate in silence for a while, before Jack said "do you excited about the tournament?" (why ask Teal'c that?) And grinned, eating his cereal, Captain crunch, if you must know. Teal'c raised an eyebrow and blinked "I believe it should be interesting, O'Neill"

"Yup! We need to hurry up too, if we're going to beat traffic and get our seats" Jack added, finishing his cereal and fruit and coffee and toast. Teal'c had already finished and had taken care of his dishes, as did Jack after a moment.


Las Angeles


7:00 am

Ryou and Yugi's hotel room


Ryou excited the bathroom, yawning sleepily and stretching a little bit, his hair slightly tousled, as he had yet to brush it, though he had gotten dressed, and headed over to Yugi's bed, to try and wake the teen up. Now, it is a widely known fact that Yugi is not a morning person, and that Yami is even worse, so Ryou had to plan this carefully [[Just push him out of bed!]] Bakura seemed to pause a moment to think [[Or better yet, just leave them here!]] [Bakura! I can't do that! I promised Yugi I'd wake him up, and even if I hadn't I still would because he's my friend and you don't treat friends like that!] [[I treat Malik like that all the time]] [Why do you think you fight so much?] [[Fighting's fun]] [Says you. You also enjoy stealing things. That's called Kleptomania, it's a mental disorder, you know] [[Ohh! Chiisai Baka's gotten bold]] [can you at least help me wake Yugi up?] [[Fine, but only because I want to piss the pharaoh off]] [Arigato Bakura]

Bakura separated from Ryou and looked at the sleeping Yugi curled up under the covers (cute!!!) and took his own advise and, before Ryou could stop him, pushed Yugi off the bed. With a soft thump, Yugi landed… and continued to sleep, much to the amazement of both Ryou and Bakura. Yami, however, had noticed the harm to his Hikari and separated from Yugi, scowling sleepily at Bakura, he scowled "leave my Hikari alone, Haka Goto!" Yami yawned and returned to his soul room, to tired to do more then yell at Bakura.

"Yugi, Yugi, wake up" Ryou said softly, shaking Yugi a little from where he sat on the floor next to the little hikari. Bakura, becoming bored quickly by this, yelled "WAKE UP!!!" almost in Yugi's ear ( poor Yugi –huggles- ) causing him to jump in surprise with a little shout and look around all wide-eyed and shocked. Yami, however, didn't take to kindly to this treatment to his Hikari, never the less that it woke him up again too, and separated again and lunged angrily at Bakura, growling in fury. Tackling the spirit to the ground, Bakura laughed "you'd be madder if we'd have left you behind, you know" and disappeared into the ring, making Yami land on the ground with a light thump, before he too, retreated into his soul room.

Yugi, oblivious to this, got up and stretched sleepily, shuffling into the bathroom to get dressed. Then he shuffled back out, found his bag, retrieved his cloths for the day and shuffled back into the bathroom again, shutting the door. When he emerged a while later, he looked much better, after a shower to wake him up, and getting dressed, he looked as alert and happy as he always did.


Jou snored and rolled over, while almost everyone else was up and getting ready, Malik was letting him sleep. Though not from the goodness of his heart, that was for sure. He was still mad at Jou from the interview, and after, when they'd gotten in a fight over just about everything. Order room service or not. What to watch on TV. When to wake up. Who was going to beat the hell out of whom. That sort of thing. So, Malik was getting ready without waking Jou up. Though he was having a hard time keeping his sanity with the repetitive, and extremely loud snores issuing from Jou's sleeping form.

As he was brushing his teeth, Jou continued to snore, though his volume seemed to have increased ten-fold. Perhaps it was the annoyance it was causing, or the fact that it was starting to make him go insane. Either could be true. In any case, against his better judgement, he smacked Jou upside the head hard enough to actually bring him from his sleep into the world of the waking. And straight into a fiery rage, expressed by the way he tackled Malik to the ground and punched him a few times before finally getting up and wandering into the bathroom, leaving a pissed-off Malik to pick himself up and see if he was bleeding. Luckily, he wasn't. it would look extremely bad if he were to show up at the tournament with a bloody nose or something of that sort.


"Niisan, Niisan! You have to hurry! We'll be late!" Mokuba was running around, bouncing off the walls. He was most definitely a morning person, unlike Seto, who could function normally at any time of the day, even if woken up from a deep sleep, though he may be unhappy about being awakened, he wouldn't let that stand in the way of his fury, you understand. Seto, however Mokuba may be implying that he's not, is ready and trying to get Mokuba to settle down enough to put his shoes on so they can leave, as Mokuba, unsurprisingly, will be accompanying him to the tournament and will get a 'ring-side' seat to the action.

Mokuba loved to watch his brother duel. He'd like to compete as well, but he knew he wasn't good enough, yet, to get very far in the tournament. He was working on it though, his Niisan was helping him get better, he might be ready by the next tournament, and he hoped so, anyway. Seto kept telling him he could compete now, if he wanted. He'd have reserved a place for him in this tournament, but Mokuba wanted to get better before he tried competing. He wanted to be sure he could do a good job.

"come on, Mokuba, we have to leave now if we want to be on time"

All three groups exited their hotel rooms at approximately the same time. As their rooms were right next to each-other, they basically moved in a big group to the lobby, where Seto called a limo service, and, once the limo had arrived, everyone got in, Mokuba and Seto first, of course.

As they drove to the arena area that had been set up, separate little conversations broke out. Well, Seto didn't speak much, except to insult Jou, but the others held conversations. Yugi and Mokuba and Joey, while Bakura, who had taken over from Ryou, and Malik talked. Soon, they were there.


Las Angeles


7:20 am

Some Highway


"O'Neill, are we lost?" Teal'c inquired, staring out the window at all the highways and streets and avenues and one-ways that there were around them.. it looked like a concrete jungle to him, a puzzle that had to be deciphered. And was totally confusing.

"No, Teal'c. I looked up the directions and memorized them. Don't worry. I know where I'm going. We're almost there, in fact. Probably about five minutes and we'll be able to see the arena-setups."

"as you say, O'Neill" Teal'c nodded slightly, feeling a little unsure about weather or not O'Neill could tell where they were in this mess of a roads system…


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