Gateway to the Stars

Chapter Four: ryoko (journey)

Author: Lexandria

Summery: Yu-gi-oh Stargate Sg-1 crossover. The SGC discovers the existence of ancient weapons powerful enough to expel the Goa'uld on earth may still exist, still on earth.

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Timeline: somewhere in Season 4 for Stargate, after Battle City in Yu-gi-oh

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate or Yu-gi-oh, if I did, I'd have no reason to Wright fanfiction! And I can't remember how to spell some of the Japanese names for the YGO characters.

Key: "word" : spoken

'word' : thought

word- : another language

'word' : Hikari to Yami

'word' : Yami to Hikari

o0O0o : starts/ends television programming

Translations (I just got an English to Japanese dictionary... some translations might not be exact, but should be close enough, if they aren't, then someone yell at me)

Chiisai Baka: 'little fool'- what Bakura called Ryou instead of Hikari or Aibou. Yes, Baka is supposed to mean stupid, but I loooked up fool and it said Baka.. so there you go

Niisan: elder 'brother' – almost like big brother, as Mokuba calls Seto in the American version.

Hai: 'yes'

Gomen nasai: 'sorry' or 'I apologize'

watashi wa yurusu kimi ga: basically, it means 'I forgive you' (I have already been informed this is an incorrect way for yugi to say it)

Nai: 'no'

Iie: 'no'

Arigato: 'thank you'

Haka Goto: 'Tomb Robber'

Kon'nichi wa: 'hello'

Jiichan: 'grandfather'

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Cheyenne Mountain



Major Samantha Carter's Lab

"Hey Carter, what-cha-doin?" Jack asked, leaning against the doorframe to her lab, smirking slightly, as he always did when he knew he was annoying someone and enjoying it greatly. Of course, his smirk could always be attributed to the obvious attraction he held for the younger Major, but one must assume that Jack is smart enough to keep such feelings to himself, especially on base with security cameras in the room.

Major Samantha Carter sighed as she looked up from the vo'cume she was trying to figure out. She had been working on it, off and on, ever since Apophis' 'SGX' team had given it to the SGC. "I'm trying to figure this device out, sir" Sam sounded exhausted, and, Jack observed, she probably hadn't slept for twenty-four hours, at least. She tended to lose track of time, just like Daniel, when working on a project.

"I thought you knew how it worked? I mean you took that video we have from when Apophis was dying and used it with the ball-cube you have there, to project it so all those guys could see it. Doesn't that mean you know how it works?"

"Not exactly, Sir. Just because I could integrate an image into the device for it to project, doesn't mean I know how it makes the hologram" Major Carter said, looking up at him, smiling slightly, rather fondly, for a brief moment.

"Why do you have to bother with that anyway? It's not like we don't already have the ability to make holograms" Jack grinned, thinking about the duel monster's tournament. He should have taken Sam with them, but he knew she'd refuse, so he hadn't bothered. Though that wasn't the only reason he hadn't asked her. How would it look to have him asking her to go with him on his vacation?

"The holograms we can produce are no where near the quality of the ones produced by the Goa'uld and Tok'ra technology, Sir. This could help us develop new technology." Returning to her work, Major Carter tried to ignore Colonel O'Neill's presence.

Blinking and feeling superior, O'Neill grinned "we have stuff that's way better then that. Some kid in Japan developed it. I can't believe you didn't know, Carter!" Jack grinned more as Carter spun around in her chair, literally, and jumped up.

"What? When did this happen? Why wasn't anyone informed?" her eyes were wide, and she looked a little frustrated.

"Uh…" was about all that Jack could say, not having expected such an energetic response from Carter, he was a bit taken back.

"I have to go see General Hammond, Sir" exclaimed Sam as she brushed past O'Neill, as he hadn't moved from his spot in the door.

'Maybe I shouldn't have told her…' Jack thought to himself as he followed after Sam. After all, how could he miss the confrontation between Carter and Hammond? This would be fun.

"Sir, were you aware that the Japanese have advanced holographic technology?" Carter exclaimed, bursting into General Hammond's office with barely any regard given to the usual procedures for doing so. Luckily, General Hammond wasn't as strict as other Generals, and he wasn't already busy with anything, so Carter was not reprimanded for her behavior. However, she did scare the poor General, causing him to slosh coffee onto his desk when he jumped.

"No, Major Carter, I was unaware of that fact.. how did you find out?" Hammond asked, rather calm for one who had just been startled into spilling some of his coffee.

"Colonel O'Neill told me, sir.. I don't know how he found out, though…" Unluckily for Jack, that was about the time he caught up to Sam.. and therefore had both Sam and Hammond gazing at him quizzically.

"What?" he whined, Carter was just scary when she found out that someone was withholding information from her.

"how did you find out about the holographic technology you told me about!" Carter demanded, and at that point, Jack decided that she had had way too much coffee and hadn't slept enough to be anything like her normal self.. she was impatient and shrill.. and Jack could see that Hammond saw it too, and was just as afraid as he was. (1)

"Uh.. remember that game I told you about? Duel Monsters? I went to a tournament with Teal'c for my vacation and they use the holographs to play the game"

"They.. They use advanced technology like that to play a game?" Carter looked like she was struggling between passing out and exploding from indignation, something that was rather scary to anyone witnessing this moment.

"Uh.. Carter? I think you should take a nap or something.. how much coffee have you had..?"

The look directed at Jack after that statement could be described as nothing less than burning, and not the kind of burning Jack wished the look held, but one that seemed to say 'you deserve to burn in the fiery pits of hell'. Apparently, he had angered her. "What.. What I mean is.. is that you look exhausted and.. and maybe you should take a break…?" of course this only angered her further, as, like many men in similar situations tend to do, he just had to keep talking, and digging the hole deeper and deeper and deeper.

Apparently, General Hammond noticed the warning signs, and, feeling sorry for Jack, suggested "perhaps you should go talk to the developer, Major Carter, would that satisfy your curiosity?"

"Thank you Sir!" Sam exclaimed, all traces of anger disappearing in an instant.

"And Colonel O'Neill? I would like you to accompany Major Carter." well, George Hammond didn't feel that sorry for Jack.

Domino City




"Kaiba-sama," the calm, yet respectful voice of one of Seto's personal secretaries stated over the private intercom to his office "You have a phone call, should I patch them through?"

"Who is it?" Seto was rather grumpy, he'd just returned from negotiating the establishment of a branch of Kaibacorp. in the United States, and was suffering from jetlag as well as insomnia, as he was never one to let a little thing like jetlag or lack of sleep keep him from work.

"I'm not quite sure, Kaiba-sama.. they are American.. and appear to be interested in some of our technology. I apologize, I am not as fluent in English as I should be"

"Fine, put them through" Seto snapped, picking up the receiver. What couldn't his secretary understand about the requirement for a second language? He had at least one secretary for every country he did business with, and they were supposed to be fluent in the dominant language for that country.

"Seto Kaiba? This is Major Williams with the United States Airforce. My commanding officer has some people on their way to see you, and I would like to know what time is convenient for them to meet with you? They will want to talk to you about your holographic technology and some of the other advancements you have made, and may wish to purchase or make arrangements for the acquirement of some of your technologies." The Major sounded somewhat aggravated that this was the task set to him by his commanding officer. Seto could relate, or rather, felt much the same way in that his secretary interrupted him for such a frivolous task as scheduling an appointment.

"Yes, I will see them, what time are they to arrive?" Seto sighed and rolled his eyes, displaying his peevish mood in only that fashion, and not in his voice.

"They should arrive later tonight"

"I will have them scheduled for tomorrow morning at ten-o-clock"

"Thank you, Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill will be there, thank you once again Mr. Kaiba." After Seto's reply, they both hung up, and Seto paged his secretary to have her schedule the Americans in to see him.

Somewhere over the Pacific

6:00 (Japan time)


"So Carter why exactly are you so excited about this hologram thing? You have Goa'uld-manufactured technology you can study, right on hand, you know"

"Sir, these holograms can have a slight effect on the environment around them, that is different than and Goa'uld technology I've seen. You noticed the shockwaves on the tape you showed me? With some improvement, modifications and so on, to the existing technology, we could use them to ambush the Goa'uld and stun them, at the very least."

Jack nodded, seeing, mentally, just how many ways he could trick the Goa'uld into an ambush with that sort of technology at his disposal.

"The advancements may also help us in the understanding of the vo'cume, and through it, other Goa'uld Technology!"

'And she's off' Jack thought to himself as Carter prattled on about all the advantages and advancements that may be possible with access to this holographic technology. Honestly, Jack thought she was dreaming, but he knew from experience that stopping Sam-on-a-rant was almost as hard as stopping Daniel-on-a-rant, so, naturally, he wasn't even going to try. The only bad thing was, he couldn't escape.. they were on a plane, after all. Instead he just got out his gameboy and started playing Mario.

Sam, on the other hand, had sort of trailed off and was currently recording her thoughts in her notebook, before she lost this train of thought. So caught up in it, she didn't even notice Jack wasn't listening, or that she had stopped talking. 'Scientists are like that' Jack thought, comparing Sam and Daniel's habits.

They still had a bit of a ways to go, and Jack, though enjoying being relatively alone with Carter, was glad she wasn't hurting his brain with her techno-babble.

As they arrived in Domino City, Japan, Major Samantha Carter couldn't help but be excited. Granted, she got this way whenever anything possibly groundbreaking, technologically or otherwise, was brought to her attention, but this time was different. For one, they were on their own planet, and, thus at a minimal risk for anything dangerous happening. And for another, their entire team wasn't present; in fact, it was only herself, and Colonel O'Neill. It was kind of nice, really. It wasn't as if she didn't love her other team members or anything, Daniel and Teal'c were the best friends she had. But it was nice to be with just Jack for once.

They were both tired, the trip was long and boring, sleep on a plane was just not the same as in a bed, on the ground. Jetlag would hit soon, she was sure, it appeared to have hit Jack already, she noticed, as they arrived at the hotel. They had been provided with two rooms that were connected by a door and shared a bathroom. (2) It was an actual hotel, somewhat small, but its rooms were spacious in comparison to some hotels in Japan, and it provided all the necessities.

Tomorrow they would be meeting Mr. Seto Kaiba. But for today and tonight, they would sleep and hopefully be refreshed and coherent in the morning. At least, this was Sam's hope as she all but crashed onto her bed, mirroring the action taken by Jack in the adjacent room.

Somewhere above Asia

Midnight (Japan time)


'Yami, don't you think you've bothered Murry enough?' Yugi asked sleepily, having just 'woken up'. Yami was still testing strategies with Murry, and had taught him to play Duel Monsters on the flight back to Japan. Jiichan was asleep, as was Dr. Jackson. Murry, however, didn't seem the least bit tired. Yugi found it odd, though Yami didn't notice much, for he didn't require much sleep either, when sharing Yugi's body. His consciousness would rest, as Yugi's had been just a moment ago, but he didn't require sleep as long as one of them was rested enough to control the body, which really needed very little sleep by itself.

'He doesn't seem to mind, and he's an excellent strategist, we could learn a lot from him, you know' Yami replied, while focusing on the current game he and Murry were playing 'besides, he doesn't seem the least bit tired, if he does, I'll quit and let him sleep, all right?'

Yugi sighed softly, at least mentally he did 'all right, Yami.. I'm going to rest some more' with that said, Yugi's consciousness became dormant once more, leaving Yami to return his absolute full attention to the game he was currently winning.

Teal'c was somewhat amazed by the child, Yugi Motou. He had been awake as long as himself, and yet, showed no signs of fatigue. Furthermore, he possessed a brilliant mind, and was almost impossible to defeat. Teal'c hadn't managed to get the best of him as of yet, and they'd been playing for quite a few hours. Everyone else on the plane was asleep, excluding the pilot, and yet this child was as alert as he, and never slipped up once in his game. Bra'tac would want to meet him, Teal'c was sure of that. Maybe Bra'tac would be able to defeat the child in a battle.

However, none of that was really probative to his current dilemma (a), for it had been a dangerously long time since Teal'c had last performed Kelno'reem, and he knew he must perform it soon.

"I apologize, Yugi Motou, but I must decline this next battle, I must rest now." Teal'c stated abruptly, when Yami asked for another duel. Yami was surprised, because Murry hadn't looked the least bit tired, but shrugged and curled up in the seat, closing his eyes and forcing himself to sleep.

Yugi was roused by a light shaking to his shoulder, Yami had retreated and left the body to Yugi, and thus was Yugi awoken by his grandfather. Blinking fuzzily up at him, Yugi was surprised to find himself on the couch in his own home. Wondering how he'd gotten there, when last he remembered being on the plane, Yugi looked up at Jiichan, his expression asking for him.

"-You were asleep, Yugi, and I did not wish to wake you. Murry helped carry all our, and his and Dr. Jackson's, bags, and Dr. Jackson carried you, because you know I can't carry you any more-" Sugoruku grinned at Yugi, his tone joking, but it was true, Jiichan's arthritis bothered his back much more then he let on, and when lifting heavy things, it acted up worse. Yugi counted as heavy, for he was already about as tall as Sugoruku was. "-Dr Jackson has some colleagues from the Air force that are in town, on unrelated business, and they are going to catch a ride with them back to the United States in three days. I'm having them stay with us, so they do not have to go to the trouble of finding a hotel room at such short notice. They will sleep on our beds, as our guests, and I will have the couch. Do you wish the couch or the chair, Yugi?-" Sugoruku continued.

"-I do not mind the chair, Jiichan. Thank you for waking me-" Yugi yawned, for though his mind had received rest on the trip, and his body needed little, it did nothing to change the psychological effect waking up in the middle of the night, or early morning in this case, to a dimly lit room.

Daniel listened to the exchange silently, not really wishing to eavesdrop; as he and Teal'c waited to be shown to the rooms Dr. Motou was lending them. Honestly, Daniel had tried to refuse the offer, he had definitely not wanted to intrude on Dr. Motou and his grandson, who he just now realized, lived with him permanently. It made Daniel wonder where Yugi's parents were, but of course, he would not ask such a tactless and intrusive question.

Yugi, meanwhile, hurried to his room and unpacked his things while Jiichan talked with Murry and Dr. Jackson.

'Yami?' Yugi asked softly, unable to tell, in his current state of distracted-ness weather or not Yami was asleep.

'Yes, Yugi? Is something the matter?' Yami asked, somewhat grumpily, because he had been 'asleep' but only just so.

'Murry and Dr. Jackson are staying for three days with us.. we'll have to be careful who we are and with who. Murry.. he knows you better then me, and Dr. Jackson, he's friends with Murry, so surely he would talk to him about how we act.. but Jiichan will notice if I am not me…'

'Don't worry so much about it, Yugi!' Yami exclaimed, once he heard the ever-increasing shrillness of Yugi's tone, as he became more stressed and worried 'I will work something out, all right? You sleep, and leave it to me'

'Thank you, Yami', Yugi sighed softly, though still worried, he hurried and got his stuff put away and dressed in his Pajamas before scurrying back downstairs so Murry and Dr. Jackson could get to sleep.

Teal'c wasn't particularly pleased.. he wasn't displeased, sure, but he wasn't pleased either. For three days, he would have to keep his head covered. For three days, he would have to answer to the name Murry. For three days, he had to keep his symbiote from escaping, without letting on to the two Tau'ri he was staying with. He had already successfully done so for six days, and, frankly, it was getting tiresome. Teal'c was not pleased.

Daniel, however, was very pleased. Sugoruku Motou was a genius! Absolutely brilliant, with an equally ingenious grandson as well. Tomorrow, he would have the pleasure of going though Sugoruku's notes from previous digs and research and the like, and he was looking forward to it more then he could say.

"You must be tired, Dr. Jackson, Murry.. I will show you to the rooms where you will stay" Sugoruku stated once Yugi came down the stairs in his pajamas and wandered into the kitchen for some water.

Daniel nodded as he was lead into, what he assumed, was Yugi's room. It was small and neat, with toys and puzzles on the shelves. Thanking Dr. Motou, he sat down on the bed and sighed softly.

Reception Area of Kaibacorp.

Domino City



"Hello? We have an appointment with Mr. Seto Kaiba" Sam stated to the receptionist, lucky for her, the receptionist did have some exposure to English and understood enough to page Kaiba's English speaking Secretary to escort them to the meeting they were to attend.

"You wish to study my holographic technology for use in the United States' Military, am I correct?" Seto Kaiba spoke coldly as he stared at this Major Samantha Carter of the United States Air force.

"Well, the air force portion, yes.. we have some comparatively primitive holographic technology already at our disposal, and it would be a great help if you allowed me to speak with the lead director of the project, or study one of the devices." Sam replied, outwardly as confident as ever.

"And what" Kaiba continued "would the United States' Air Force want with my holographic technology?" Kaiba didn't pause for an answer "I am surprised you even had the gall to suggest such a thing to me. I detest the military, and if I had not, I would not give my technology over to another government's military before mine. I am sorry you came all this way, when you could have gotten the same exact answer over the telephone. I would like to add that nothing will change my mind in this, so you have no cause to stay. If you will excuse me, I have a meeting to attend, my secretary will show you out."

Sam was disappointed, Jack could see that. She was more then disappointed, crestfallen, actually, her sholders drooped for a brief moment before she remembered he was there, and she released a soft little sigh of defeat.

"Don't sweat it, Carter, you've already got the other doohickey, so don't worry about this one, ok? You're brilliant enough to make one better then the one he has with a little time" Of course, Jack believed this, but mostly he said it just to make Sam feel better, because seeing her so down upset him more then he'd ever admit, even to himself.

Sam smiled a little "I didn't really expect him to just give it up, but I hoped he would have given me the chance to negotiate for even a little piece.." she sighed again "but at least we got a free trip out of it"

That, of course, made Jack grin in glee "We still have the rest of today and tomorrow before we have to go home"

Sam became a little worried at the devilish look on Jack's face.. not worried for herself, or even Jack, but for anyone who happened to try and get him to cut this impromptu vacation short.

Motou Residence

Domino City

2:00 pm


Daniel sneezed as he looked though another stack of Sugoruku Motou's old archeology journals, notes, and research. Dust and traveling.. why was he so plagued with allergies? His were especially bad because he encountered both irritants in his line of work, quite frequently too.

So far, they had found little. Honestly, if Daniel had known the name of the items he was looking for, things would be different. Sugoruku could have found exactly what they needed. However, there were many different ways to take Daniel's description of a number of similar items from the most ancient part of Egypt's history. That could mean just about anything, statues, jewels, tablets with writing on it.. anything really. Daniel didn't know the name of the set of items, he didn't even think to mention that they were a set, which made things more difficult. However, they stuck to it. Teal'c wouldn't be of much help, and would have taken up a lot of space in the small area of Dr. Motou's bedroom/study, so Teal'c accompanied Yugi to the arcade to meet his friends.

Teal'c didn't mind too much, his symbiote did not keep trying to escape when he was around Yugi Motou. Also, perhaps he could do battle with Yugi Motou once more, he quite enjoyed their battles on the plane.

As they neared the Arcade, Yugi Motou met up with another young Tau'ri, whom he gladly introduced to 'Murry'. Ryou Bakura was his name. This young Tau'ri had also been at the tournament and had done well, Teal'c remembered. Teal'c bowed, and greeted him in much the same way he had greeted Yugi on first meeting.

"It is an honor to make the acquaintance of a warrior such as yourself, Ryou Bakura"

Ryou, for his part, was somewhat startled by Murry's greeting, but he smiled and returned the bow "I am pleased to meet you, Murry" was about all he could come up with to say. In the back part of his mind, he could feel Bakura's glee at Murry's greeting.

With that, they entered the arcade, and Teal'c realized this was a place O'Neill would definitely enjoy partaking of. Yugi Motou and Ryou Bakura were speaking in the language of this country, he believed Daniel Jackson had called it Japanese. Teal'c could not understand what they were saying, but that didn't bother him all that much. What bothered him were the stares he got, for he was, clearly, the largest being in the building. He didn't particularly enjoy being feared as he had as Apophis' First Prime.

Soon after their arrival, other young Tau'ri arrived and spoke excitedly with Yugi Motou and Ryou Bakura, while shooting apprehensive looks to Teal'c where he stood just behind Yugi Motou. Eventually, one with blond-colored hair asked him something in a challenging tone of voice. However, it was in Japanese, so Teal'c was unable to understand.

"Iie, Jounauchi" Yugi Motou exclaimed, and continued in a rush of words, before turning to Teal'c.

"Murry, this is my friend Katsuya Jounauchi, we call him Jou, I'm sorry, he believed you were a bully. He knows now you are my friend."

"I remember many of your friends from the Tournament O'Neill and I attended, they are all great warriors and I am honored to meet them" again, Teal'c bowed while Yugi translated for Jou and Malik, whom he introduced next, and, of course, to whom Teal'c bowed to as he was introduced.

"you were at the tournament, Murry?" Ryou Bakura asked, tilting his head to look up at him.

"Indeed. O'Neill took me, it was vastly entertaining"

Ryou had been about to ask 'Murry' who O'Neill was, when someone yelled "Murry!" loud enough for the entire arcade to hear.

(1) she was impatient and shrill.. and Jack could see that Hammond saw it too, and was just as afraid as he was. (1) Ok, this is a little Sam bashing just for comedic purposes. I like Sam, she's great and inspirational and smart and.. well, great! Also, I am female, and this had nothing to do with a guy not understanding female problems/issues. I was making a point.. that was more how they (Jack and Hammond) saw as her reaction then her actual reaction. It was exaggerated. And I wanted Jack to dig himself into a hole, because that's just fun!

(2) They had been provided with two rooms that were connected by a door and shared a bathroom. (2) I am aware that hotels in Japan sometimes consist of only of a little tube-like-thingie where you lie down and can't move around much in. However, Domino is, I think, an relatively small town, and therefore has room for hotels with rooms and room to move around.

(a) However, none of that was really probative to his current dilemma, (a) Tongari mentioned he had a little trouble understanding the use of the word probative in this sentence. It means the same as 'none of that was really important to his current problem. The problem being his lack or Kelno'reem. I hope this clarify things.. I just really liked the way it sounded to I left it the way it was.

If you have any questions, ask me, I'll be happy to help!

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