The Old Enemy

Chapter 1

Danny stumbled out of the taxi, gave the driver some money and dragged himself to his front door. After a couple of minutes he got the door open and stumbled in to his apartment.He feel into his bed, sleeping before he hit the bed.
A few hours later his cell rang, with a hoarse voice he answered:
"Danny here"
"Thank God, we need you here at work" Mike said. "One of the security guy is sick and Ed want you to come and work instead."
"OK, I will come as soon as I can get out of this bed" Danny answered.
"Fine, but are you in bed? It´s late you know....."
"I Had a late yesterday, if you know what I mean...."
"Ok, I need no more, see you soon, stud!!!" Click.

Danny sighed, it was much easier to imply to Mike that Danny had got laid than explain that he was really drunk yesterday and had been in a fight with two other guys. He didn´t really remembered what the fight was about, only that they had kicked their asses with some little help from Frank, one of his oldest friends.
He stood up, he was a little bit dizzy and his left arm hurt pretty much, but he will survive, took a shower and dressed and went to work.

Danny liked working at the Montecito, the crew he worked with was almost like a family. Nessa "The Ice-queen" was really nice and funny most of the time and Sam had her days also. Mary and Mike were old friends and it was always funny to see them.Ed was another story, Danny liked him most of the time but it was hard to fill up to his standards sometimes. Especially right now after working the floor a couple of hours, hungover and a aching arm, he was almost feed up with it.
His cell phone rang:
"Danny, what are you doing man??" Frank said.
"I´m working an extra shift, how are you feeling today??" Danny answered with a smile. He and Frank always drank much when they got together and they had tendency to get in trouble.
"Um, great. You know those two guys we............."
"I don´t really remembered who they were and why there was a fight" Danny said. "Why? You didn´t get me involved in something , did you?"
"NO! Not really.....
"Oh no Frank, why did we fight with them, don´t tell me they were some mob guys or something liked that...."
"No, Danny I didn´t know them.I don´t think they cause trouble for us"
"Yeah right, I really hope so" Danny said."Well I have to work now or Ed is going to kick my ass, see you around"
"OK, bye Danny"
Danny put the cell in his pocket looking around, when he saw Mary walking toward him. "Hey beautiful" he said to her.
"Hey yourself." She answered with a smile. Then she took a really good look at him." You were with Frank yesterday, wasn´t you."
Danny looked at her with innocent eyes, she didn´t really like Frank. "How did you know??"
"You look a little bit, what should I say, HM, off or hungover......"
"Does it really shows that much?" Danny looked a little bit worried.
"Not to the others, but to me who knows how you look like when you had an all-nighter" she said with a laugh."He didn´t get you in to trouble, again?"
"No, no we had fun, drink to much as usual, you know" Danny said with a smile.
"Yes, I know. See you later."

Finally his shift was over and he was going to go home to his bed, Danny was so tired and his arm and feet were aching constantly. It was really dark outside and the parking lot was almost empty when he started to go to his car.Suddenly he stopped, he looked around but didn´t see any suspicious and he started to walk toward his car, with a feeling of being watched or followed. He shrugged it off,thinking he was really tired if he thought that someone would try anything on the Montecito grounds.
He reached for his car keys and something really hard hit him in the neck and sending pain down his back and then he hit the ground hard and it all went black.

Ed sat in his office thinking about the phone call he just ended.This was not good the "professor" was out again and was out after Ed and his MonteciotCasino. But what will he try with this time?
Ed didn´t know, he looked at the monitor and tried to see anything that wasn´t as it should be, but everything looked normal and he saw how Danny´s car drove out of the parking lot. Ed thought about give him a call to warn him that the ""Professor"" was out again, but he could let it wait until tomorrow. He sighed, took a look again then he left for home.............