Tim Rascone walked out of the car, watching Ed closely as they walked up to meet each other. Mike and Luis watched as the two old enemies looked at the other as two wild lions about to fight. The tensed feeling lied thick in the air, you almost could sliced it with a knife.

"Where is he?" Ed asked.

"Where are my money?" Tim asked with a smirk on his face.

"You will get them, when Danny is free."

"Okay, I will let you see Danny boy. Then we will see what will happens next....." Tim said.

Ed thought he saw Tims smirk grow bigger, but he wasn´t sure. He wanted to see Danny alive.

"Get your boys to back up and hold their distance."

"Mike, Luis back up..."

"But Ed...." Mike tried.

"Do as I says!"

Mike and Luis started to back up and slowly walked away so they couldn´t here what Ed and Tim said to each other.

"Steve, come out and take the kid with you!" Tim yelled when he was satisfied with Mike and Luis distance.

The back doors opened and Ed watched as a big man jumped out of the van and Danny came stumbling after him. Ed watched as Danny feel to the ground and the boy hit it hard, his hands all tied up so he couldn´t catch his fall.

Ed was about to go to Danny and help him up, but was stopped by Franks outstretched arm, Ed hadn´t notice him getting out of the drivers seat.

Tim walked up to Danny and helped him stand on his feet.

"So, here we all are." Tim said.

"And so are I. Let him go, you bastard and you will get your money!" Ed said with a angry and demanding voice. He was getting tired of Tims games and he was worried about Danny.

"Watch your mouth or the kid will suffer more." Tim said, taking Danny by his injured arm twisting it a little. When Danny tried to hide the pain, Tim grabbed hard and almost lifting him up. Danny cried out almost hyperventilating from the pain.

Ed gritted his teeth, feeling helpless. Tim watched Ed closely and smiled when he saw Eds face, this was really fun.

Meanwhile Mike and Luis tried to see what was happening at the van, both stepping a bit closer as they saw Danny and when they heard his cry. But what could they do?

"Ok, it´s about time we cut thru the chase and get down to business." Tim said watching Ed and Danny. "This is the deal: I will let our Danny boy watch when I put a bullet in you and after that we will see who will live...."

Danny couldn´t believe his ears. No way was he about to stand still and watch as this psycho shoot Ed, never! He saw Tim taking out his gun and aiming it on Ed.

The next thing that happened, happened fast. Danny had gathered his last strength, using it to jump Tim, just as he was about to fire at Ed. Luis and Mike had sneaked up on Frank and Steve about the same time and took them down easily, when they heard a shout.

They looked up and saw Tim holding Danny in front of him as a shield, Ed was now holding the gun aiming it at Tim and Danny.

"Let him go!"

"How sure are you with a gun, old Ed?" Tim said.

"Pretty sure." Ed said with his poker face.

"Are you willing to risk his life?" Tim said twisting Dannys arm once again to show his power and how vulnerable Danny was.

"Don´t hurt him!" Ed said watching Tims every move.

Tim twisting Dannys arm more and Ed could only watched as Danny started to hyperventilating because of the pain in his broken arm. Tim was to occupied watching Ed and the gun and didn´t notice as Danny gave in to the pain and fainted.

Ed saw the kids eyes roll up and the one second Danny started to slip down, Ed fired the gun.

It was warm and Danny lied on something soft and it was warm, he thought he heard voices around him. He tried to open his eyes but it was difficult, he felt a hand on his forehead, the hand was soft and careful. He opened his eyes slowly to see who it was.

"He is awake! Mike go and get the doctor and daddy!"

"Hey...." Danny tried to say but his throat was to dry, it came out as croak.

"Wait, I will get you some water." Delinda said and leaving the bed.

"You scared the begeeses out of me!" Mary said while trying to hug Danny.

He hissed a little out of pain, when she touched his sore ribs, but welcomed the hug. He looked around and saw the rest of his friends sitting around his bed, everyone with smiles on their faces.

"Out people, give the boy some room!" The doctor came in with Ed on his tail.

"Good to see you awake, kid!" Ed smiled, he sat down next to Dannys bed giving him some water to drink, while the doctor ushered the others out of the room.

"Nice to see you too, Ed."

Ed stayed with Danny thru the doctors quick but painful examination. After the doctor left the others came in, but Danny was to tired.

The next time he woke up, Ed was the only one in his room. Danny watch Ed sleeping in a chair next to his bed. Danny tried to grab a cup of water on the table beside him, but his fingers was a bit fumbly. Ed woke up with a start when the glass hit the floor.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Ed mumbled, picking up the glass filling it with water and helped Danny drink.

"Sorry." Danny smiled and drank some more water. "Ed, what happened after I passed out?"

"I shot the bastard in the shoulder......"

"Did you kill him?" Danny asked, he knew that Ed could lose his temper to the point the he could kill a person.

"Not this time. Luis and Mike talked me out of it."

"Good, I don´t want you killing people because of me..." Danny said relived.

"But I can´t promise whats gonna happen if I see him again!" Ed said gritting his teeth.

"Hopefully we will never see him again."

The End

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