Title:  Dreams

Author:  WesFan1234

Summary:  AU, after a demon war breaks out on the West Coast, Wesley, Faith, Connor and Dawn run to safety only to find they may have left people behind.

Pairing(s):  the only ones so far are Wesley/Faith and Dawn/Connor.  Don't know right now the others.  Although many other characters make appearances

Rating:  R, for strong language (we all know that Faith would), and some adult situations (later on, I'll warn you), and some violence (fighting, for the moment)

Disclaimer:  Here I go, messing up the sandbox.  Sadly, I can only do it here.  Joss is the man.

Note:  This is an AU story that takes place in Season Four Angel.  It turns AU shortly after Connor kills Jasmine.  Instead of Angel making the deal with W&H, Connor runs away before trying to kill Cordelia, so no deal with the devil.  Also, the events on Buffy take place as is.  Otherwise, season five doesn't happen either.  And Wes doesn't die in this (unless I change my mind).   I already have over 50 pages of typewritten text, so I'll update often as I review it.  So if there's something you would like to see, it may not happen until later on. 

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Chapter One--Destruction

"Goddamn fucking prick," was all Wesley could yell, watching the vampire advance toward him.  At least the demon could have waited until his arms weren't full of looted food before appearing.

He threw the food at the vampire, distracting him for a moment.  That was all he needed to pull the stake out of his back pocket to plunge it into the thing's dead heart.

The food lay scattered in all directions.  Not much was left at the looted and half-burned mini-mart, but he'd take anything he could get.  He had found some dented cans and some chocolate bars underneath a display case that had been smashed to bits.  Obviously no one had been desperate enough to wade through the broken glass to find these treasures.  Wesley was just that desperate.

He hadn't eaten in nearly two days.  This would be a meal fit for a king.  He had also found some bottled water, medicine and a few toiletries.  Gathering supplies while he could was better than starving.  But not taking too many chances.

Not sensing any more activity, he gave the place a once-over, just to make sure he hadn't missed anything.  That's when he found the two bodies behind the counter.  No wonder the vampire was still there in the building.  Easy pickings for anyone who stopped.

From the looks of them, the people looked to be dead only a couple of days.  Must be why he didn't smell them.  Or he was getting too used to the smell.  A man and woman, early thirties, both lifeless, staring up at him.  Good for them, he thought.  They'd lasted this long.  Not many people had.

He had lasted though, mostly because he traveled alone and off the beaten path.  No one to impede his progress.  No one to protect but himself.  He'd been doing it for months now.

As he gathered up the rest of his bounty and carried it to his large, black SUV, he sighed.  He had acquired this a couple of weeks ago when he found it along side the road, with a family of six still inside, quite dead.  Some demon had ripped all their throats out, then left.

He had cleaned it out the best he could.  The only problem was the gas mileage sucked.  But it was black and large.  Much more protection than his motorcycle.  And a lot more storage for all the looted items he could find.

Luckily, this mini-mart also had gas left.  Since it was daylight, he was able to fill the tank up without much hassle.  No monsters around until nightfall usually.  By then, he'd find a nice, quiet spot to hide the vehicle and bed down for the night.

He had the routine down for a while now.  Drive some (not easy with all the destruction on the roadways), find a place to get supplies, drive some more, then find a place to spend the night.  He only slept a couple hours a night, but for now, he'd make due.

Wesley kept thinking that at some point in time his body would just crash.  Sleeping only a couple of hours a night for three months would just catch up with him.  It hadn't yet.  He dreaded when it would.  He'd be dead if it did.

At least he had food now.  He climbed into the vehicle and opened up the first can.  Beans, he thought.  Oh yum.  But it was food.  Nurishment that he hadn't had for a while.  Down to the last powerbar, he was saving it for that night if he couldn't find anything.

His stomach no longer grumbled anymore.  It finally figured out that it would get food when it got food.

Starting the ignition, he looked in the mirrors for trouble, and then pulled away.  He didn't know quite where he was at the moment, only that he was somewhere between Mojave and Bishop in California.  He had already tried several routes to get out of Los Angeles, but this was the only one not too crowded by demons.  Not that many humans to feed on, he thought.  Most had already left for better pastures.

Sweat trickled down his back, the heat of the October sun beating down on the dry earth.  He hadn't wanted to turn on the A/C, thinking it might save on some gas.  The next gas could be more miles down the road than a full tank.

He also needed a shave and a shower.  It had been over a week.  He could feel his skin crawling sometimes at night, and it just wasn't because of the fear of being spotted.

He drove until he saw the sun starting to set over the mountains.  One, maybe two hours tops until it was officially sunset.  No one in front of him and no one behind him.  The loneliest road in the world right then.  That suited him just wonderfully.

To the right in the distance, he spotted an old, abandoned building right near where there once stood a lake.  Los Angeles had drained the lake some time ago.  But the building looked habitable.  He could also hide the big vehicle in the back, maybe sleep inside a real building for once.  The motorcycle was so much better at being hidden.

As he pulled off the highway and around the back of the building, the place seemed deserted.  Didn't mean it always was though.  In the three months he had been on the run, nothing was ever what it seemed.  Even humans had turned on each other, trying to survive.  Oh, how he missed his friends.

Stopping the vehicle, he took some deep breaths and listened, trying to feel with his mind if there was anyone or anything inside.  The terrain was rocky and bone-dry.  He'd hear someone approach.  But being exhausted made the spell he tried to perform difficult.  Well, he'd find out soon enough.

As he stepped out of the vehicle, he hesitated again.  Not because of the threat of danger, but because he was weak.  Weaker than he thought he should be.  He'd have to find more food in the next couple of days, or he'd be sorry.  It had been over a week since he'd found meat decent enough to eat.  He wondered if he could catch anything around here.

His well-worn boots crunched in the gravel.  Oh well, so much for the element of surprise.  If anyone was in the building, they certainly knew he was coming now.

He'd check the place out, then unload his sleeping bag and food.  On the dinner menu tonight were exquisite pinto beans.  At least they had some protein in them.

The door was locked, of course.  Which meant that no one had broken in.  Grabbing a backpack out of the front seat, Wesley found his lock pick set.  Thank goodness he had the sense to grab that along with his weapons before he had abandoned his apartment.

To sit on his couch with a cup of tea, reading a book would have been lovely.  He'd settle for a nice, cool corner and maybe some running water.

The lock came undone easily under his ministrations.  When he entered the place, he felt the cooler air rush to meet him.  He was right about how much cooler it was.  The building was half-buried in the ground, hopefully hiding his SUV from the road.

Wesley cautiously pulled his gun from his waistband.  Never could be too careful, even though he couldn't sense any demons.

The place didn't look as if it had been touched in quite a while.  And luckily, it didn't look as if there was any rodent activity, since he frowned upon being nibbled on by some rat.

He could feel the sweat on his black tee-shirt drying in the cool air.  His faded blue jeans were crusted with god knew what.  The other pair in the SUV wasn't much better.

He nudged open the door of a room off to the side.  Nothing.  He looked in every other room.  Nothing.  Next, a bathroom he cheered in his mind.  Turning on the faucet, it actually came on.  Rusted water ran out at first.  Then it turned clear.

Wesley put his free hand under it and splashed his face and neck.  Second thing checked off his list.  Before he moved in though, he needed to explore the rest of the place.  No surprises.  This place was too good to be true.

Edging out of the bathroom, he explored the rest of the rooms.  Old furniture dotted the once offices.  He noticed the further he headed into the building, the cooler it became.  Also the darker it became with no windows to speak of.  He found nothing on the lower level.  Heading up to the upper level, he could tell that it was lighter and much hotter than below.

There was a span of windows that looked out over the highway.  No furniture was evident.  One large room with several doors in the back.

Wesley stuck to the back, along the wall.  He opened all the doors on that floor, but found nothing.  There were two more bathrooms.  One actually had a shower.

Satisfied that he was alone, Wesley made his way back downstairs to his vehicle.  He pulled out his sleeping bag, food and extra clothes.  He would definitely take advantage of the shower in the upper level, but only after dark.


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